The Karma Game is no longer able to run on most computers due to Adobe Flash being retired in modern browsers as of December 2020.

We loved this game and would like for it to continue, however it would take too many resources to try to re-build it in another platform. The Karma game may be gone...but it's not forgotten. Thanks for being a part of the SikhNet family.

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Karma Game Credits


Guruka Singh Khalsa : Master of Fun, Executive Producer & Lead Game Designer

Gano Haine :  Co-Producer, Lead Game Designer

Rick Hocker : Technical Director, Lead Content Programmer

Joy Steuerwald : Art Director, Character Designer, Background Painter

Harijot Singh Khalsa :
Voice Director, Sound Effects, Music Director, Sound Editor, Musician, Avatar Names

Hargobind Singh Khalsa : Server Side Programming

Arthur Koch :  Special Effects Animation Director, Ogre Animation

Gurujot Singh Khalsa :
Village Character Animation, Gatka Game Animation & Bangra Sequence, Musician, Gatka Mini-Game Designer

Matamandir Singh Khalsa : Background Music Composer & Lead Musician

Harimander Singh Khalsa : Background Music Sound Engineer

Hari Bhajan Kaur Khalsa : Meditation Mini-Game Mantra Vocals

Karen Snave (Sparkling Dove of Integrity) : Background Painter

Eric Luther : Gatka Mini-Game Designer

Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa : Badge Master, Game site design management

Jane Scolieri (Gleeful Believer of Bliss): Sound Designer


Game Design Team, Character Creators

 Guruka Singh Khalsa, Gano Haine, Gurujot Singh Khalsa, Harijot Singh Khalsa, Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa

These are all the people whose voices you hear for different game characters

Sarbjot Singh Jessop : Player

Harijot Singh Khalsa : Uncle Harjinder “Harry”

Guruka Singh Khalsa : Ik Jyot

Harimandir Jot Singh Khalsa : Sherwanee

Meeri Peeri Singh : Swami Seethrudoti "The Sadhu"

Shabd Simran Kaur  : Auntie Charanjeet

Meeri Peeri Singh : Auntie Gurujeet

Hargobind Singh Khalsa : Rinku

Guru Darbar Singh Khalsa : Rumta

Guru Prakash Kaur Khalsa : Shannu

Hari Mandir Singh Khalsa : The Ogre

Ravi Kaur Khalsa : Mataji

Harsangat Kaur Khalsa : Love Bird

Parbinder Kaur : Milk Mujh

Dr. Japa Kaur Khalsaa : Mother Cobra

Gian Dharam Kaur Khalsa : Wilson (the Sadhu's basketball)



Web Design Birmingham


Dhan Dhan Ramdas Guru - Bibi Amarjit Kaur

Saachi Preet - Bhai Niranjan Singh (Jawaddi Kalan)

Mai Naahi Prabh Sabh Kichh Tera - Dr. Gurnam Singh

Jap Man Sat Nam - Guru Raj Kaur Khalsa

Kaisi Aarti Hoaa - Bhai Amarjit Singh Taan

Mitar Piyaare - Chitra Roy

Guru Merai Sang - Gurujot Singh Khalsa




Ad Sach Kaur

Anahat Kaur Kalra

Anuraj Grewal

Darshan Kaur

Gurushabd Singh Khalsa

Harimandir Singh Khalsa

Harimitar Singh Khalsa

Himmat Singh Khalsa

Ishleen Kaur Girgla

Japman Kaur & Triman Singh Khalsa

Jatinder Kaur

Johan Larsson

Kudrat Kaur Kalra

Navpreeth Kaur Gihair

Parminder Jassal

Prateek Singh

Roy Wroth

Sarbjot Singh Jessop

Ravleen Kaur Girgla

Shabd Singh

Siri Dharam Kaur

Waheguru Singh



The Espanola, New Mexico Sangat -- loving support, background research

Siri Singh Sahib Ji -- Who told Guruka Singh many years ago, “We should make a Sikh adventure game.” Thank you for a lifetime of guidance, leadership and strength


Karma: The Ogre’s Curse

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