Celebrating the 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Celebrate Guru Nanak Dev Ji with SikhNet and our global community. Find out what's happening online and locally around the world.

Event Coverage in India

SikhNet Sultanpur Lodhi Live Event Coverage

Just released! Japji Sahib – Full Path in English

Full-length recitation of Japji Sahib in English to better understand.


Other Online Resources

Guru Nanak The Film

This documentary will educate Americans about Guru Nanak and about his vision to create a more equal society. In addition, the documentary will show examples of Sikhs making a difference in the lives of many people here in America and other parts of the world by following the teachings of Guru Nanak! The documentary will air on PBS in early 2020. Learn more 

Guru Nanak the Magnificent

A beautiful new children's book - just released by Mighty Khalsa. Learn more

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Guru Nanak 550 Worldwide Tree Planting  – 1820 locations worldwide! Learn more