ONE -The experience of Camp Miri Piri 2008, Singapore.

Camp Miri Piri is designed to give a powerful spiritual experince as well as how to live as a highly inspired Sikh to do...

Beloved lovers of this path, I hope this story finds you in Cherdi Kala.By the grace of mighty Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji,we had a real and potent experince at Camp Miri Piri 2008,at St.John's Island,surrounded by trees, animals blessed by the presence of Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, and about 80 of us all in all.

Shanti Kaur Khalsa,mother of the Khalsa Youth from Espanola, inspired us by her presence,really gave us a deep meditative experince. The Camp theme this year was 'Facing Your Fears' and we certainly did.

The Camp started at 4 a.m with reciting of the 5 banis led by Shanti. Then we had physical exercise,yoga and meditation-simran from 5.30 about 7 a.m.The  participants really recited the 5 banis with gusto and love and the morning inspired many who could have never done the 5 banis before and the exercises and meditation opened the participants hearts and by 7 we felt the Camp was Done!

Shanti Kaur led the women's workshop with kick boxing and that workshop was really popular and the girls just took out their stress, laughed boxed and faced their fears in this uniquely designed workshop by Shanti.

The man had their workshop with Lion of Espanola - Gurutej Singh Khalsa founder of Akal Security-one of the largest security providing enterprise in America today and Gurutej goes out in America with untied beard and awe of a presence.Gurutej challenged the guys with physical exercise,meditation,straight talk about how to be a man and how to be a spiritual man and Khalsa.Gurutej presence many a times intimidated the guys.He delivered the workshops and classes with a staightforward talk of being Real and for us to face challenges head on. Gurutej is a tall,strong wears his bana and Dumala and reminds us of the Sikhs that battled by the side of Guru Gobind Singh and his forces.We love you Gurutej!

Dr.Jasbir Singh Khalsa also known as Scotland led and taught a workshop on being balanced in life.He has a witty way of capturing us an experince that was needed by the Camp and really reminded us of how to be balanced and how A Sikh sees and lives life.Jasbir is one of the piooners of Sikh Sewaks Singapore and has dedicated his life to inpire youth and families to who they are and our identity as Sikhs.

Camp Miri Piri this year was different in many ways and the last night we as a Sangat chanted Mul Mantra till Nanak Hosi Bhee Sach for one hour and then the participants were deployed out alone surrounded by jungle and vegetation and chanted mul mantra for another one hour. This happened after the whole day of program from amrit-wela till the night.This program captured the whole Camp.The participants will never forget the that night.St.John's Island is a real getaway for the Soul and the youth have a time to experince Camp Miri Piri in a unpolluted by politics,in an island surrounded by trees,jungle,beach,sand and the enviroment of the Camp and Guru.

Every evening we had one hour and fifteen minutes of Kirtan and Sharing by Shanti,Gurutej and us.

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Basically it breaks my heart that the camp ended and the participants became really close as a Sangat ,we will never forget the experience and we are deifinetly looking foward tor the next Camp in 2010.We had this camp the week School Holidays started but alot of the 13 and above had to go back for extra classes in the first week and we made a mistake in having the camp in the first week of holiday and at least 20 to 30 participants could not make it.In 2010 we will schdeule the camp at the Right Time.

In 2010 we have a surprise for you. Till then,look out for the next camp in Malaysia. Sikh Sewaks have been brought togther by the grace of this camp and the sewadars did an immaculate Job.One love,one time, Camp Miri Piri.

There will alot of members of the Sangat that sponsered this Camp and through the grace of Guru Hargobind Ji and the sangat we enjoyed this Camp deeply.

Camp Miri Piri is designed to give a powerful spiritual  experince as well as how to live as a highly inspired Sikh to do well in every way,confront our dualities and be successful in every way.Balancing the Spirit and the Earth.We are One in every way through the For more updates soon go to

Camp Miri Piri 2009 will happen in Espanola ,U.S.A and will return to Singapore in 2010.

Thank You, God bless you , Sat Nam.

Rajveer Singh


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