Stories from 1984 and Akal Takhat

Today we remember the days around June 6th 1984 when thousands of innocent Sikhs were killed and the Akal Takhat was Mar...

Today we all remember the days around June 6th 1984 when thousands of innocent Sikhs were killed and the Akal Takhat was Martyred. Every 6th day of the month we gather in our sangat for a special Gurdwara to remember the sacrifices that were made during this time.

Tonight in Gurdwara Shanti Kaur told some inspiring and educational stories related to the events before, during, and after Operation Blue Star. As she told the stories I was transported to another time, and listened with all my full focus, trying to hear all the details. I was living in India at the time, but I was still young and didn't understand the extent of what was going on.

Luckily I had the computer at the SikhNet office already setup to record the Gurdwara, so I am able to share the recording of what we all listened to earlier tonight.

I think it is important that we remember this event and share the stories with our family and children who might not know about what happened. Though it is a terrible tragedy that these events even happened, it is important for us to move forward and not get stuck in the past. We need to lead our families forward to make a better world for tomorrow, to ensure that this never happens again. Many people look at having a homeland for the Sikhs (Khalistan) as the solution to all the problems, but I think that we need to look even wider and know that Khalistan is wherever a Sikh is, in his heart. Not on any one piece of soil. There is much work to be done, particularly in inspiring each other to live and experience this beautiful path of Sikhi. Let's join together and share the love, and take a break from all the judging, criticizing and picking that so often just pushes people away and divides us all. Let us rise together as Khalsa; as sons and daughters of Guru Gobind Singh, as the peaceful, saintly warriors of tommorow.

Ps. I was just reading another article on SikhNet about 1984 and I think Prabhu Singh's comment ("playing politics") is so right on.


Shanti Kaur telling stories from 1984 and the Akal Takhat

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