English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 887


Raamakalee mehalaa 5 |
Sathiguru Arjan Sahibjee Maharaj is blessing us with blessed hukamnama sahibjee today. Sathiguru jee begins the shabad,

Than thae shuttakee apanee dhaaree |
That sense of apanee - that sense has dhaaree - has been enshrined within me, of I am this, I have this much, that sense of ego that has been shuttakee - I've been freed from this than - from this body, my body: my spiritual and my physical body, I've been freed spiritually and physically from that constant sense of ego which I had in my mind. When that sense of ego goes then,

Prabh kee aagiaa lagee piaaree |
Then the aagiaa - the will, the command of prabh, of Waheguru, of God lagee piaaree - seems sweet to me. Only when that sense of ego leaves can we come to accept the will of God, Guru Sahibjee is telling us.

Jo kish karai s man maerai meethaa |
Jo kish karai - whatever Guru Sahibjee does s man maerai meethaa - seems sweet, seems blessed to my mind, whatever god does.

Thaa eihu acharaj nainahu ddeethaa |1|
Only when I have this sense of acceptance, this sense of love thaa eihu acharaj - then this wondrous Waheguru, Lord God nainahu ddeethaa - I saw Him with my eyes, then I had that realization, then I had that enlightenment, that blessing of spiritual wisdom.

Ab mohi jaanee rae maeree gee balaae |
Ab mohi jaanee rae - O rae - O brothers, O sisters ab mohi jaanee rae - I have jaanee - understood this; I've been blessed with spiritual wisdom. Maeree gee balaee - when I can to accept the will of God, when whatever God does seems sweet to my mind then maeree gee balaae - the demons I was haunted by: the desire, ego, attachment - all of these things have gee - have left.

Bujh gee thrisan nivaaree mamathaa gur poorai leeou samajhaae |1| rehaao |
Which two demons does Guru Sahibjee specifically mentions here? Bujh gee thrisan - the greed within me, that fire of greed bujh gee - has been extinguished, nivaaree mamathaa - that attachment has been nivaaree - has been removed. Gur poorai leeou samajhaae - the Guru gave me His spiritual wisdom, the gurmat - the Guru's wisdom. The poorai - the perfect Guru samajhaae - blessed me with this understanding. Rehaao - pause and think about this, Guru Sahibjee says.

Kar kirapaa raakhiou gur saranaa |
Guru Sahibjee has blessed me with their kirpaa - with their grace, raakhiou gur saranaa - have kept me in their protection. How? At all times I have the Guru's words with me, the Guru's commands. I keep, I adhere to the Guru's commands then I am always in the protection of the Guru.

Gur pakaraaeae har kae charanaa |
In this way the Guru has pakaraaeae - has attachment me to, has put into my grasp har kae charanaa - the feet of the Lord. What are the feet of the Lord, the Lotus Charan of the Lord? - The shabad, the Word of the Guru, the mantar of the Guru, the Gurmantar and the moolmantar - I hold on to these tightly.

Bees bisueae jaa man theharaanae |
Bees bisuaea can be translated as hundred percent completely, bees bisueae means absolutely completely, like we say 10/10, like 100% - there is complete, utter sense to the meaning of that it is 100%. Jaa man theharaanae - when my mind theharaanae - came to rest at the Guru's feet, came to be still.

Gur paarabreham eaekai hee jaanae |2|
How did it come to be still? Gur paarabreham eaekai hee jaanae - when I knew that the Guru and paarabreham - the Lord is one and the same. When I understood that then my mind was completely at peace.

Jo jo keeno ham this kae dhaas |
Waheguru, whoever you created ham this kae dhaas - I the servant, I am here to serve all, I am here to serve You and You live within all, within all life forms.

Prabh maerae ko sagal nivaas | My prabhu, my Waheguru ko sagal nivaas - is living within all.

Naa ko dhooth nehee bairaaee |
There is no dhooth - there is no enemy of me, there is no bad eye, no adversary to me.

Gal mil chaalae eaekai bhaaee |3| Gal mil - arm in arm chaalae - I walk with everyone eaekai bhaaee -
because we are all sons and daughters of that One Akaal Purakh, One Lord, One God.

Jaa ko gur har dheeeae sookhaa |
Those who are blessed through the Guru with the ultimate happiness of Oneness of Hari, oneness with God,

Thaa ko bahur n laagehi dhookhaa |
- they are not afflicted by dhookhaa - by pain ever again.

Aapae aap sarab prathipaal |
Waheguru Himself is the One who prathipaal - who cherishes, who nurtures, who nourishes all.

Naanak raatho rang gopaal |4|5|16|
Sathiguru Sahibjee says, I am raatho - I am imbued in, I am colored in the rang of the Love of the gopaal - of that Lord God who created this earth.

Aapae aap sarab prathipaal |
Naanak raatho rang gopaal |4|5|16|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!

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