English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 857

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Hukamnama today is by Bhagat Kabir Ji in Biilaaval Raag on Ang 857 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj.

Bhagat Kabir Ji is speaking to us today in the Hukamnama Sahib. In the first line of the Shabad Bhagat Kabir Ji is answering a question. The question that was put in fron of Kabir Ji is, "Bhagat Ji,how has your fear of birth and death has been alleviated, how has it been removed?" And Bhagat Ji tells us:

janam maran kaa bharam ga-i-aa gobid liv laagee.
bharam I is important to understand this word, bharam means an illusion. What do we mean by that? Is is if we see a rope in the darkness of the night we think it is a snake but when the light comes we realize it is just a rope. In the same way Bhagat Ji says that there is this illusion of birth and death, of pain and happiness, of gain and loss but when I laagee attach my liv my consciousness, my focus to that gobid to the creator of this world, that Waheguru, the Lord God. When I attach my focus, my consciousness to the God then ga-i-aa - gone, what was gone?, bharam - the illusion of birth and death. I realized Ik Oan-kaar that One is pervading through all. There was no loss or gain, there was no sadness or joy at that point. There is that one Ik eternal Waheguru, Lord God. And this way the illusion of birth and death has been removed from my understanding.

jeevat sunn samaani-aa gur saakhee jaagee. ||1|| rahaa-o.
jeevat sunn samaani-aa Bhagat Ji says the one who is jeevat alive for this world, who is forever in our consciousness, the Lord God,and whilst I am jeevat alive I have samaani-aa merged with, been absorbed into that sunn - state of oneness, where there is no other, where there is no birth or death, no sadness or happiness, and how did you get this state, the deepest stage of meditation? Bhagat Kabir ji says through the gur saakhee, sakhee literally means the true testament of the Guru, what the Guru has said. The path of the Guru has laid out for us, by listening to the Guru's words, by understanding them and implementing them in my life. jaagee I was awakened from my deep sleep and then in the next two lines Bhagat Ji goes on to explain what the deep sleep is. rahaa-o Pause and think about this today what Bhagat Kabir Ji is saying. This is the crux, the center of the Shabad.

kaasee tay Dhun oopjai Dhun kaasee jaa-ee.
kaasee footee panditaa Dhun kahaaN samaa-ee. ||1||

kaasee literally means bronze, something made out of bronze, we will call it a bronze pot. And Bhagat Ji asks panditaa, so called scholars of the religion, so called scholars of the world, "O scholars of the world when I kaasee footee, footee, when I tap, knock something against this bronze object, that sound which is made by knocking into this bronze object where does it go?" Dhun kahaaN samaa-ee Where does that sound come from and where does it go? And Bhagat Ji explains this in the line before. kaasee tay Dhun oopjai That sound that is made by breaking or tapping or influenced by this bronze implement comes from that bronze through the vibrations that are running through that item. kaasee tay Dhun oopjai Dhun kaasee jaa-ee And when we stop beating that bronze object, pot, the sound goes back into it, merges back into it. And another question he put in front of the religious scholar when I break open the kaasee footee where does that sound go then? And now we need to understand which bronze pot Kabir Ji is talking about. Bhagat says kaasee tay Dhun oopjai what is the bronze pot in this case? The bronze pot is the spiritual ignorance which is a wall between us and the Almighty, which is a wall between our understanding and Waheguru. As Guru Nanak Dev Ji says in Japji Sahib, kiv koorhai tootai paal, that veil of ignorance which is upon our mind, that is the bronze pot. And what is the Dhun the sound that comes out is our ego, desires. These come out from our ignorance. Bhagat Ji is explaining to us the root of all our problems. The root of our problems is that spiritual ignorance, that distance from Waheguru, that veil of ignorance. Dhun kaasee jaa-ee All of these thoughts, all of the sounds of this is mine, this is mine, ego and desires. When the person dies he goes back into that ignorance and comes back in another life. We have to understand the sounds of ego, desires, all of that is coming from the bronze pot, of spiritual ignorance. Bhagat Ji is saying O religious scholar, O panditaa, kaasee footee I have broken open this bronze pot, I have broken this veil of spiritual ignorance, the ignorance of the Almighty. Dhun kahaaN samaa-ee- And where has the sound gone? Bhagat Ji is asking a rhetorical question. You cannot hear the sound of the ego, the webs of desires, they are all removed if we remove the veil of spiritual ignorance, Bhagat Ji is saying. And he goes on to further explain in the next line.

tarikutee sanDh mai paykhi-aa ghat hoo ghat jaagee.
tarikutee In the three qualities of the world; satoo the saintly and lowly quality; rajoo the kingly, princely quality; tamoo the quality of inertia; the one who is sanDh pervading through all of these, the one who is pervading through the three spiritual channels of the aeyRhaa, pingalaa, Sushamanaa, that Waheguru who is pervading through all, who is sanDh among all of those, mai paykhi-aa with His grace He has shown me that He is pervading through all. ghat hoo ghat jaagee I have seen that Waheguru in my ghat, in the heart of my own soul; ghat jaagee and when I was awakened I saw that Waheguru is pervading through all. ghat hoo And in my heart the quality arose, jaagee came up to, ghat means to ghataa to take away, to take away this din, the sound of this desire of the ego. The Guru awoke me up and through this awakening I endeavored to take away the sounds of ego and desire and they left.

aisee buDh samaacharee ghat maahi ti-aagee. ||2||
aisee buDh samaacharee, samaacharee means I have been blessed with this buDh understanding, this intellect, ghat maahi ti-aagee and all of those points within me ghat maahi, inside me, I have ti-aagee I have given them up.

aap aap tay jaani-aa tayj tayj samaanaa.
Through seeing that Waheguru pervading through my soul tay jaani-aa I have come to know and understand and then be blessed with merging with that soul. How has that happened? Bhagat Ji tells us tayj tayj samaanaa like light merges into light. Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj explains this to us in Sri Akaal Ustat Sahib, jaisay ek aag tay kanooka kote aag haray ni-aaray niaaray ho-ay phir aag meh samaa-ay-gay My little flames come out from one big fire and they all may go into different directions but they fall back into the fire again hand in the same way my fire has emerged with that eternal light.

kaho kabeer ab jaani-aa gobid man maanaa. ||3||11||
Kabir Saib Ji says ab now I have jaani-aa known, being blessed with this understanding, gobid man maanaa how, when my mindman came to maanaa accept, vow before, follow Guru's teaching and therefore merge with Gobind, the creator of this universe.

aap aap tay jaani-aa tayj tayj samaanaa ||
kaho kabeer ab jaani-aa gobid man maanaa ||

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !


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