English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 826


Bilaaval mehalaa 5 |
Gurmukh piaareo Sathiguru Arjan Sahibjee Maharaj is speaking to us today. Sathiguru Arjan Sahibjee blesses us and Sathiguru jee says,

Paarabreham prabh bheae kirapaal |
When paarabreham - that supreme Lord Waheguru who is beyond all, paar - all limits of this earth, breham - the creator of this earth, Akaal Purakh, prabhu, my lord master was kirapaal - blessed me with their grace. When Guru Sahibjee blessed me, when Guru Sahibjee uplifted me, when Akaal purakh Waheguru, Lord God brought me into their protection, they blessed me, what happens?

Kaaraj sagal savaarae sathigur jap jap saadhoo bheae nihaal |1| rehaao |
That eternal Guru, Siri Guru Nanak Devjee Maharaj has savaarae - doesn't just mean to arrange but it means to embellish. Guru sahibjee has arranged and embellished everything, sagal means all, karaj - affairs, all of the affairs of this world and the next. Now what does that mean? The Guru has set everything into place, in this physical world I live according to the hukam of the Guru, everything I do is colored with the love of the Guru. Spiritually Guru is taking me into His arms. Jap jap saadhoo bheae nihaal - by meditating on the Guru internally and externally, mentally, physically and spiritually saadhoo bheae nihaal - those beings, saadhoo means someone who is trying to control their mind, saadhoo means someone who is controlling their mind, controlling their thoughts, bheae nihaal - haal means pain, ni means without. By meditating upon the Guru those saadhoos who come into the sangat, those gursikhs who are following Guru's path, who are walking upon this path of conquering their desires and the five thieves of ego, lust, greed, attachment and anger, those saadhoos, those gursikhs, by meditating upon the Guru they've become nihaal - they've become full of joy. All of their haal, all of their pains have been taken away.

Angeekaar keeaa prabh apanai dhokhee sagalae bheae ravaal |
If you meditate upon the Guru, what happens? Angeekaar - Waheguru jee takes you into His own self, my prabh - my Lord, my God has made me His apanai - has me me His own. Dhokhee sagalae bheae ravaal - all of my enemies have been reduced to ravaal - meaning dust. Now what does this mean? This means all of the enemies which were inside me, Waheguru jee blessed me with His grace and I meditated upon Waheguru in the sangat, in the congregation and Waheguru jee blessed me so much and all of the enemies which were inside me, which enemies? - lust, ego, anger, greed, attachment - these enemies have been destroyed.

Kanth laae raakhae jan apanae oudhar leeeae laae apanai paal |1|
Waheguru took me into His grace, raakhae jan apanae - and protects His jan - His humble servants and has made them His apanae - His own. If you make the Guru your own, then the Guru will make you His onw. Oudhar leeeae - Waheguru jee saved us, laae apanai paal - Waheguru jee attached me to His paal - the hem of the robe. How can we grab the hem of the robe of the guru? Grabbing hold onto the hem of the robe of the Guru means grabbing onto Guru's Words, taking on Guru's baanee into our minds, hearts and souls, grabbing onto each word of the Guru. Just like a boat going by if we are drowning in a river, this is just an example to help us understand, someone throws a rope and we hold onto the rope those in the boat will haul us up. In the same way if we grab hold of the Guru's Words whilst sitting, whilst walking, whatever we are doing, if we grab hold of the Guru's Word, just like that rope pulling us out of the water, the Guru's Words will pull us out of our deepest, darkest desires, our deepest, darkest feelings of desire, ego and greed. The Guru's baanee has that power. What happens if you grab hold of hem of Guru's robe?

Sehee salaamath mil ghar aaeae nindhak kae mukh hoeae kaal |
I return to my true ghar - to my true home. I realize that Waheguru lives inside me, that the true place of rest is inside me, if I want to experience the greatest peace of mind I don't have to wander across the world. I've realized everything is inside me. Sabh kish ghar mai bahar nahi - Gurbani tells me, everything is within this body. Sehee salaamath - the closest translation which we can put for easily understanding is sehee -means right, approved, blessed, salaamath - means literally whole. The Guru has made me whole, the Guru has looked after me and blessed me. Ghar aaeae - has brought me into the house of myself, has made me understand that Waheguru jee is inside me. nindhak kae mukh hoeae kaal - those people who slander, (those Gurmukh piaare who are meditating upon the Guru) their faces are blackened. What does that mean? Their faces are blackened with slander. If you slander those people who are walking upon Guru's path you are putting that black mark upon your own face, Guru is saying.

Kahu naanak maeraa sathigur pooraa gur prasaadh prabh bheae nihaal |2|27|113|
Sathiguru Arjan Devjee is saying my eternal Guru is pooraa - my eternal Guru is perfect, gur prasaadh - only through the guru's grace I've met Lord God and I've become nihaal - I've become rid of all of my pains, I've become totally full of eternal joy, not the joy which will end today or tomorrow, a joy which will remain forever and ever.

Sehee salaamath mil ghar aaeae nindhak kae mukh hoeae kaal |
Kahu naanak maeraa sathigur pooraa gur prasaadh prabh bheae nihaal |2|27|113|

Waheguru jee ka Khalsa, Waheguru jee ki Fateh!


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