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Ang 817

Raag bilaaval mehalaa 5 dhupadhae ghar 5
Sathiguru Arjan Devjee Maharaj is blessing us today. Sathiguru pathshahjee is blessing us in the bilaaval raag, dhupadhae - padhae literally means feet, dhu means two. In this case it means two parts of the shabad, two padhae. Ghar 5 - to be sung in the fifth house of rhythm and beat. Sathigurujee begins with the shabad,

Ik oankaar sathigur prasaadh |
There is One eternal Waheguru, Lord God, who is found through the grace of the eternal Guru, who is found through the blessings of the eternal Guru. Sathiguru patshah jee begins the shabad,

Avar oupaav sabh thiaagiaa dhaaroo naam laeiaa |
Oupaav means effort, avar means other, sabh means all, thiaagia means to give up. I have given up all other efforts and dhaaroo naam laeiaa - I have taken the name of God as my medicine. Guru ke piareo, usually what we see in the world is that only when all else fails do we turn towards naam, the name of God, do we turn towards baani - the romanized. But Guru Arjan Devjee says, avar oupaav sabh thiaagiaa - I've given up all other hopes, dhaaroo naam laeiaa - I am taking the medicine of God's name. Then what happens?

Thaap paap sabh mittae rog seethal man bhaeiaa |1|
Those people who give up all other hopes and put all other hopes into God's name, what do they get? Thaap paap sabh mittae rog - sabh means all, mittae means eradicated. What is eradicated? Their thaap - fever, paap - their sins, rog - their diseases. Gurujee says if you were to put your hopes in the name of God, if you were to put all your faith in the name of God, if you were to take the name of God as the true medicine which can take away all diseases then what will happen? All of your diseases, all of your sins will be taken away. Seethal man bhaeiaa - your mind will become completely cooled, completely soothed, in complete peace. If you just put your hopes, your faith in the name of God, renounce putting your faith and hope into other, put it instead into Waheguru. Take the name of God as the ultimate medicine and that will cure you of your diseases and you will have peace, this soothing coolness in you.

Gur pooraa aaraadhiaa sagalaa dhukh gaeiaa |
By worshipping pooraa guru - the perfect guru, sagalaa - not one, not two but all of my pains are gaeiaa - are gone. By meditating upon the Guru, by worshipping upon the perfect Guru all pains, all diseases are eradicated.

Raakhanehaarai raakhiaa apanee kar maeiaa |1| rehaao |
Someone who has experienced that level, who is at that level where their diseases, their pain has been eradicated, what do they say? Gurujee says raakhanehaarai raakhiaa - they do not says that it was because of me, it was because of I, they do not speak of ego. They say raakhanehaarai raakhiaa - the protector, the saviour, the liberator, that Waheguru whose nature it is to protect, who is the protector, Wahegurujee raakhiaa apanee kar maeiaa and blessed me with that grace. Rehaao - pause and think about this today.

Baah pakarr prabh kaatiaa keenaa apanaeiaa |
Sathiguru Patshahjee says what did Wahegurujee do when I started putting my faith and hope in Wahegurujee, completely into the naam, 100% into the naam, 100% in the name of God. Baah pakarr prabh katiaa - Wahegurujee pulled me out, how? by pulling my arm, pakarr means to grab hold of, baah means arm. Waheguru grabbed hold of my arm. Keenaa apanaeiaa - not only did Wahegurujee pull me out by my arm but Wahegurujee made me His apanaeiaa - His own. What does this mean to pull by arm? If you put your faith in the naam, if you put your faith in the Guru the Guru will take you by the arm. The Guru will as we say, as we read in the vaaran of Bhai Gurdaasjee

Charan saran gur eaek paiddaa jaae chala
Sath gur kott paiddaa aagae hoe laeth hai |

If you one step towards the Guru, the Guru will take millions towards you. What does that mean? To take one step towards the Guru means to put your feet on the path. Once you put your feet on the path of God, God will take you. He will pull you by the arm. We may be surrounded by darkness at certain times in our lives but amongst that darkness if you light the candle of God's name within your, if you put your hopes upon that Waheguru, Waheguru WILL take you out by the arm, Guru Arjan Devjee Maharaj says.

Simar simar man than sukhee naanak nirabhaeiaa |2|1|65|
Simra simar - by meditating, by reciting the name of God, many times we ask how are we going to recite the name of God? It's very simple, recite the name of God with your tongue and listen with your ears to the name of God. Reciting the Waheguru mantar with our tongue and listening with our ears, listening to every single syllable of the word - that is the way of naam simran. We can begin form 5min, 10min, 20min whatever it is that we can. Simply to recite the name of Waheguru with our tongue, what will happen? Man than sukhee - inside your mind there will be peace, the peace of mind which you've been looking for all over the world. You won't get it there, you will get it in the name of God. Not only will your mind be at peace but your body will be blessed as well.

You will feel the power of God not just within your mind, but within your body as well. Just like when you get angry, you can tell by looking at someone's face that they are angry, why? Because their eyebrows bunch up, because you see the redness in their eyes. If someone is stressed you can tell because their face goes pale. In the same way you if you meditate upon the name of God, if you have support of God it will show in your body. That glow will come from you mentally, it will come through you verbally in everything you say. It will come through you physically by those who look at you. Sukhee - means to have peace, you mind will be at peace, you body will be at peace. Naanak nirabhaeiaa - by meditating upon the name of God all of fears will be eradicated and the greatest fear, the fear of death even that is eradicated by meditating upon timeless God Waheguru. Baah pakarr prabh kaatiaa keenaa apanaeiaa |
Simar simar man than sukhee naanak nirabhaeiaa |2|1|65|

Waheguru jee ka khalsa, Waheguru jee ki fateh!


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