English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 778

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Hukamnama today is on Ang 778 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji by Guru Arjan Dev Ji.

raag soohee chhant mehlaa 5 ghar 2||
Satgur Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj speaks to us today in Soohee Chhant in four parts, Ghar 2 - in the second house.

ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad.||
There is only one eternal creation nourishing and destructive being who is found through the grace of the true Guru. Guru Sahib Ji after themanglacharan - after the introduction says:

gobind gun gaavan laagay||
I have laagay- attached myself into gaavan - sing the gun - praises of gobind theat creator of the universe, Waheguru. And then what happens?

har rang an-din jaagay.||
jaagay - I am awoken from the sleep of maya. I have awoken from the unconscious state of being engrossed in just the material world and awaken to, got the presence of all places. an-din day and night har rang I am awake and aware in the rang the love of Hari, Waheguru.

har rang jaagay paap bhaagay milay sant pi-aari-aa.||
I have been awakened with the rang the love ofWaheguru, paap bhaagay my sins havebhaagay - fled, they have left, there is no name left of the sins, they have gone completely. milay sant pi-aari-aa, By being with the saintly, beloved Gurmukh piaaray who attach me to Waheguru.

gur charan laagay bharam bhaagay kaaj sagal savaari-aa||
By attaching myself to the Guru's charan feet, the Guru's wisdom, the Guru's words, Guru's command my bharam doubts have bhaagay - fled, left as well. kaaj sagal savaari-aa All of my affairs, all of the things that I do are embellished. savaari-aa means embellished. God has graced me in everything I do, embellished everything that I do, blessed me with His love.

sun sarvan banee sahj jaanee har naam jap vadbhaagai ||
With me ears, I sarvan, listen to the banee, the Guru's words. sahj jaanee, And through peace, throughshantee, sahj complete poise and balance,jaanee - I have come to know Waheguru. har naam jap vadbhaagai, I am with vadbhaagai - great fortune, I jap I meditate uponn thenaam name of Waheguru, Hari.

binvant naanak saran su-aamee jee-o pind parabh aagai. ||1||
binvant naanak, Nanak offers his prayer, saran su-aamee - into the protection of my su-aamee - my Lord Waheguru ;jee-o pind parabh aagai my soul - jee-o; pind - my body parabh aagai - I lay it in front of the Lord for the Lord's service. aagai literally means in front.

anhat sabad suhaavaa.||
I have been made suhaavaa beautiful with theanhat - that cannot be destroyed; sabad melody of the Guru's word. That un-struck primal sound, that naad of Ik-Oankaar, from which all of the planets, all of the solar system, all of them have been created, whole world is created. That sabad is within me, is beautiful.

sach mangal har jas gaavaa.||
I find such true mangal - joy by gaavaa - by singing Waheguru Ji's praises. Satguru Ji is saying here that eternal joy is only found through God's praises and nowhere else. Satguru Ji says to us when we ask how can we remove the pain from our lives. Satguru Ji says to us very simply in this line: sach mangal har jas gaavaa If you want thesach mangal,anand - true contentment and pleasure which never ends, then, you can only find this by meditating upon Waheguru Ji. Just as Guru Arjan Dev Ji says on Ang 210 of Guru Granth Sahib JI - sukh naahee ray har bhagat bina Without loving meditation upon the Lord there is no sukh, there is no happiness.

gun gaa-ay har har dookh naasay rahas upjai man ghanaa ||
By singing the praises of har har Waheguru, all my dookh - pains have beennaasay fled - gone. rahas upjai and I have within me peace blossom, upjai literally means to blossom. Peace blossoms within me. man ghanaa - ghanaa means countless; this countless peace, amazing feeling is borne within me.

man tann nirmal daykh darsan naam parabh kaa mukh bhanaa ||
When I am blessed with the darsan beloved vision of my Waheguru, my Satguru, my true Guru, my mind and my body are nirmal - purified. My mind is purified through Simran and my body is purified through Sayvaa. naam parabh kaa mukh bhanaa, And the name of Waheguru,prabhu, my Lord is bhanaa - means chant; mukh means mouth, tongue. With my mouth, my tongue I chant the praise of my beloved Lord, Waheguru.

ho-ay rayn saaDhoo parabh araaDhoo aapnay parabh bhaavaa. ||
Guru Ji tells us the way to live our life. Those people who are controlling their minds ho-ay rayn saaDhoo those people who have done saadhana of their mind, who have conquered their mind, ho-ay rayn have become the dust of their feet. parabh araaDhoo meditate upon the Lord, Prabhu. aapnay parabh bhaavaa, This is the way bhaavaa - pleasing aapnay your Lord, Waheguru.

binvant naanak da-i-aa Dhaarahu sadaa har gun gaavaa. ||2||
Satguru Ji says I offer this prayerbinvant means prayer - bayntee; bless me - Dhaarahu with your da-i-aa - with your Grace. sadaa Forever and forever I may sing your praises. har gun gaavaa.

9:47gur mil saagar tari-aa.||
mil Meeting the Guru, I havetari-aa, I have crossed the saagar - ocean of this world.

har charan japat nistari-aa.||
By meditating upon the charan - the lotus feet of Waheguru I have been nistari-aa - saved from this ocean. By meditating upon the Shabad; Shabad is WaheGuru Ji'scharan. That is what we have to get hold of.

har charan Dhi-aa-ay sabh fal paa-ay mitay aavan jaanaa ||
Meditate upon Waheguru Ji's charan, lotus feet, Shabad. sabh fal paa-ay you will find all fruits - fal of your mind's desires. mitay aavan jaanaa; aavan jaanaa - coming and going from this world; Reincarnation will be erased, eradicated.

bhaa-ay bhagat subhaa-ay har jap aapnay parabh bhaavaa ||
Guru Ji says color yourself with bhaa-ay - with love and bhagat - and devotion. subhaa-ay - when you immerse yourself in these two things you will effortlessly - without any effort, you will engage yourself in jap - meditation upon Waheguru. aapnay parabh bhaavaa - Guru Ji says again this is how we can please Lord Waheguru.

jap ayk alakh apaar pooran tis binaa nahee ko-ee. ||
I meditate upon that One, ayk who isalakh beyond the knowledge of our mind;apaar - who has no end; pooran - perfect in all places and residing, pervading through all. tis binaa nahee ko-ee - without Him there is no other.

binvant naanak gur bharam kho-i-aa jat daykhaa tat so-ee. ||3||
Satguru Ji offers his prayer - binvant naanak, Guru has completely bharam khi-i-aa - eradicated my doubts. jat daykhaa tat so-ee; jat means wherever; tat means in all places; so-ee - I see that one Lord Waheguru.

patit paavan har naamaa ||
The name of the Lord is paavan is pure to the sinners. Quite often we right off people who have sinned but Guru Ji says no, the Lord's name can purify those people. Do not right them off, have faith.

pooran sant janaa kay kaamaa. ||
Whatever the saints do, whatever their affairs are, whatever tasks they do they are pooran - they are blessed by the Lord. The Lord carries them out with His own Grace. And kaamaa also means any of their desires, they are also fulfilled. As Bhai Gurdaas Ji says, bharee katori Naamdev Lai thaakur nu DuDh Pee-aa-e-aa, gayeen mu-ee jeeva-lay-un Naamdev da chhapar chhu-aya, phis dehura rakhee-un chhar varan lai pairee paa-e-aa, sant janaa da karay karaa-e-aa Bhai Gurdaas Ji gives three examples of how Waheguru Ji saves His saints. How Waheguru Ji drank milk that Bhagat Naamdev Ji offered. How Waheguru brought the dead cow back to life, fetched the house of Bhagat Naamdev Ji and how Waheguru Ji turned around the temple to face towards Bhagat Naamdev Ji. And in the end Bhai Ji says sant janaa da karay karaa-e-aa Waheguru Ji does what His beloved saints say, just as i this line Guru Ji says: pooran sant janaa kay kaamaa.

gur sant paa-i-aa parabh Dhi-aa-i-aa sagal ichhaa punnee-aa.||
gur sant paa-i-aa I found the saints of the saints - the Guru. parabh Dhi-aa-i-aa Meditate upon the one Waheguru, sagal ichhaa punnee-aa All of my desires are punnee-aa - fulfilled.

ha-o taap binsay sadaa sarsay parabh milay chiree vichhunni-aa.||
taap - Fever of ha-o - ego has binsay - is removed. sadaa sarsay - Now forever I am in bliss - sarsay; parabh milay chiree vichhunni-aa I have met my Lord from who I was long, from much time - chiree, separated - vichhunni-aa.

man saat aa-ee vajee vaDhaa-ee manhu kaday na veesrai. ||
man - In my mind; aa-ee - come; saat - peace. And in my mind there are vajee vaDhaa-ee congratulations bursting in me. And with Guru's Gracemanhu kaday na veesrai from my mind even for an instant,kaday never, veesrai forget the name of the Lord.

binvant naanak satgur drirh-aa-i-aa sadaa bhaj jagdeesrai. ||4||1||3||
Satguru Ji offers His prayer, drirh-aa-i-aa truly implanted this within me and that is sadaa foreverbhaj meditate upon jagdees - the Lord of this world, Waheguru. May Guru Arjan Dev Ji bless us and may Satgur Sahib Ji give instant wisdom to implant this into our hearts. May that be the prayer of this day.

man saat aa-ee vajee vaDhaa-ee manhu kaday na veesrai ||

binvant naanak satgur drirh-aa-i-aa sadaa bhaj jagdeesrai. ||

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !


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