English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 744

Soohee mehalaa 5 |
Arjan Sahibjee Maharaj is blessing us today. Sathiguru Maharaj jee blesses us in the first line of this shabad,

Anmrith bachan saadh kee baanee |
Baanee means the Words; the Words that are spoken, bachan are the teachings, the instructions, the commands. Sathiguru Sahibjee, Siri Guru Arjan Sahibjee is saying that the baanee of Siri Guru Nanak Devjee Maharaj - the Saint of all saints, is anmrith; mrith means death, an means without - anmrith which takes you beyond death. Sathiguru Maharaj jee is telling the world, O people of the world if you want to go beyond death, if you want to taste immortality then connect with the baanee - with the Words of Siri Guru Nanak Devjee Maharaj, the teachings of Siri Guru Nanak Devjee Maharaj.

On another level, Sathiguru Sahibjee is blessing us and saying anmrith bachan saadh kee baanee - that all of the bachans, all of the Words, all of the teachings, all of the commands which come from the mouth of the saints, the Gursikhs, those who have walked upon the Guru's path they are anmrith as well. They can bring life into dead souls as well. Those souls which are dead from devotional worship, which do not engage in bhagti, which are dead on a spiritual level, their words infuse life into them. The Guru's baanee: Japjee Sahib, Jaap Sahib, Tva Prasadh Savayee, Chaupae Sahib and Anand Sahib mixed with the khanda - a double edged sword and a baataa - an iron bowl by Siri Guru Gobind Singhjee Maharaj which brought back the Panj Piarae to life. So Gurmukh piaareyo the Words of the Guru can spiritually, mentally and physically awaken us from our spiritual deaths and even physical deaths.

Jo jo japai this kee gath hovai har har naam nith rasan bakhaanee |1| rehaao |
Whoever japai - whoever meditates upon the Words of the Guru, and of His beloved Gursikhs this kee gath hovai - that person is liberated. Har har naam nith rasan bakhaanee - how can you tell about that person? Sathiguru Maharaj jee says you can recognize that person because har har naam - name of Hari, of Waheguru, of that Lord God nith - day in and day out rasan bakhaanee - He chants with His tongue. Rehaao - pause and think about this, Guru sahibjee says today.

Kalee kaal kae mittae kalaesaa |
If you attach yourself to the baanee of Guru Nanak then all of the kalaesaa - all of the arguments, all of the sufferings of this kalee - of this dark age and kaal - even the suffering of death will be mittae - will be taken away.

Eaeko naam man mehi paravaesaa |1|
What does the baanee do? The baanee eaeko naam man mehi paravaesaa - takes the One name of that eaeko - that One Name of that Akaal Purakh, of Lord God man mehi paravaesaa - Sathiguru Sahibjee's baanee, Sathiguru Sahibjee's gurbanee implants that name within our heart, in our minds.

Saadhoo dhoor mukh masathak laaee |
Sathiguru Sahibjee says that the dust of the saint of all saints - the Guru and His beloved Gursikhs mukh masathak laaee - I attach that to my face and my masathak - my forehead. What does this mean? Physically picking up the dust of the sangat and putting it to your forehead, what does that do? All of our fortunes are written upon our forehead. Taking that dust of the sangat and putting (smearing) it on our forehead changes our fortunes, blesses us with vaddhabhaag - blesses us with great fortunes, physically doing that, physically doing the joriyaan dee seva - the seva of taking the dust off the sangat's shoes. Mentally and spiritually what does it mean taking the dust of the 'holy ones' into our mind? It means taking the saakhiaan - the stories of Guru Nanak, the stories of great saints, the beloved's of Guru Nanak - those Gursikhs who are totally in Love with the Guru. Keeping their stories in your mind is taking the dhoor - taking the dust into our everyday life. So we carry a bit of their dust to wherever we go.

Naanak oudharae har gur saranaaee |2|31|37|
Sathiguru jee says I've been oudharae - I've been saved when I entered the saranaaee - the protection of my Guru who is completely at One with, who is completely the form of Hari, the form of Waheguru, of the Lord God.

Saadhoo dhoor mukh masathak laaee |
Naanak oudharae har gur saranaaee |2|31|37|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!


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