English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 721


Thilang mehalaa 1 ghar 3
Sathiguru Naanak Devjee Maharaj speaks to us today in the thilang raag, ghar theeja - in the third house of beat and rhythm. Guru Maharaj Sahibjee begins with the manglacharan,

Ik oankaar sathigur prasaadh |
There is One Creator Lord Waheguru who is the One who brings the Light to all, is the Light of all and is found through the Grace of the Eternal Guru - the Sathiguru. Guru Sahibjee begins the shabad,

Eihu than maaeiaa paahiaa piaarae leetharraa lab rangaaeae |
This body - eihu than, paahiaa - Guru sahibjee talks about this body like a piece of cloth, Guru Sahibjee says this body, this piece of cloth which we call the body is paahiaa. Before a cloth gets colored, before it's dyed a certain color it's conditioned that the dye will remain, what is the conditioner? What is used to condition this body fabric, this piece of cloth? Guru Sahibjee says maaeiaa - this illusion of the world, this illusion that this transitory world will remain forever, that is what has conditioned that body. This body is conditioned by that illusion. Piaarae leetharraa lab rangaaeae - what is it colored in? Guru Sahibjee says, that is is rangaa - it is colored in greed, greed is the color and this transitory world is what conditions us to be intoxicated in that color of greed. Think about it what conditions us in this transitory world every day in and day out, getting attached to more and more things, getting more and more greedy. We are getting because of the way we are conditioned, because of the way we are living in this transitory world getting more and more attached. But Guru Sahibjee says,

Maerai kanth n bhaavai cholarraa piaarae kio dhan saejai jaaeae |1|
O piaarae - O beloved beings maerai kanth n bhaavai cholarraa - this cholarraa - this dress of the human being, the clothes of the being n bhaavai - doesn't please maerai kanth - which means my husband Lord Waheguru. This cloth which is conditioned by the illusion of permanence of this world which has been colored in greed, it does not please my Lord. Kio dhan saejai jaaeae - how can this dhan - this human bride saejai jaaeae - go to the, literally to the bed of the Husband Lord. What does that mean? - To unite with the Husband Lord. How can this soul bride unite with God? Guru Sahibjee goes on to say,

Hano kurabaanai jaao miharavaanaa hano kurabaanai jaao |
O Guru Sahibjee I am kurabaanai - I am a sacrifice to you. Houn kurabaanai jaao - I am a sacrifice to you again, haun kurabaanai jaao miharavaanaa - O merciful Lord I am a sacrifice to Your Name. houn kurabaanai jaao - I am a sacrifice to You O Lord.

Hano kurabaanai jaao thinaa kai lain jo thaeraa naao |
I am a sacrifice to those people lain jo thaeraa naao - who take, chant, repeat Your Name.

Lain jo thaeraa naao thinaa kai hano sadh kurabaanai jaao |1| rehaao |
Lain jo thaeraa naao thinaa kai - to those people who take Your Name, who meditate upon Your Name thinaa kai houn sadh kurabaanaai - to those people I am a sacrifice again and again, thousands of times, repeatedly over and over again I am a sacrifice to those people. Rehaao - Guru Sahibjee says pause and think about this.

Kaaeiaa ranngan jae theeai piaarae paaeeai naao majeeth |
O piaarae - O beloved if this kaaeiaa - if this body becomes ranngan - means pot in which the man who colors the clothes, who dyes the clothes, the pot he uses, some people call it a vat, if this body is to become a vat in which we dye clothes, if it was to become that pot, that vessel and paaeeia naao majeeth - if we were to place in it the Name which is majeeth - which will never fade, majeeth means the color which is forever radiant, which never fades. So if in this body we put in the Name which is ever vibrant,

Ranngan vaalaa jae ranngai saahib aisaa rang n ddeeth |2|
- and if we have the dyer, who is the dyer? - That Waheguru, He is the One, Guru Nanak Devjee Maharaj, Guru Gobind Singh Jee Maharaj, if we are following what they are saying, what Guru sahibjee says, Guru sahibjee does bakhsish, He Blesses us, Graces us. Guru Sahibjee is the One who dyes us in the color of God's love, such a deep color, such a deep love cannot be seen anywhere else. There is no one else who can create that color, that deep color of God's love can only be created through the Guru's Grace.

Jin kae cholae ratharrae piaarae kanth thinaa kai paas |
O piaarae - O beloved ones those soul brides whose cholae - whose clothes are ratharrae - are colored in this majeeth - in this never fading, ever radiant color of God's love kanth thinaa kai paas - the Husband Lord is always with them.

Dhoorr thinaa kee jae milai jee kahu naanak kee aradhaas |3|
If I could get the dust of those humble beings, kahu naanak kee aradhaas - this should be your prayer, this is Naanak ki aradhaas. Guru Naanak Devjee says this is my aradhaas, this is my prayer, please to my jee - to my soul give me the dust of their feet. Why? Because their feet walk upon the path to the God, so if I get the dust of their feet, I get the dust of the path to God. What does this mean? Yes it is talking about physically taking the dust of the feet of sangath, the saints but it also means spiritually and mentally learning from the lives of those who walk upon the path. How do we learn from their lives? - By listening to the stories of their life, the stories from their lives are footprints on the path to God and if we can take those into our life then we can also meet with God.

Aapae saajae aapae rangae aapae nadhar karaee |
Waheguru is the One who creates us, He is one who colors us, aapae nadhar karaaee - He is the One who blesses us with His nadhar - with His Grace.

Naanak kaaman kanthai bhaavai aapae hee raavaee |4|1|3|
Sathiguru Naanak Devjee says that soul bride pleases her husband Lord who is colored by Waheguru jee Himself with His love, aapae hee raavaee - Waheguru jee Himself enjoys the soul bride, He merges in the soul bride with Himself. Guru Sahibjee says Waheguru jee Himself sits within the soul bride and enjoys this meeting.
So Guru piaareo Guru Sahibjee is saying today give up the color of maaya - the color of transitory pleasure and instead color yourself in the Grace of the Guru and the color of His naam.

Aapae saajae aapae rangae aapae nadhar karaee |
Naanak kaaman kanthai bhaavai aapae hee raavaee |4|1|3|

Waheguru jee ka Khalsa, Waheguru jee ki Fateh!