English Hukamnama Katha - Ang 703


Jaithasaree mehalaa 9 |
Sathiguru Tegh Bahadur Jee Maharaj, in this shabad today, the first tuk of the shabad Guru Maharaj jee says,

Har joo raakh laehu path maeree |
Usually in Punjab we say jee, out of respect and love, but in the area of Patna Sahib the term joo is used. So if you read Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj's banee, Guru Gobind Singh Jee says, prabh joo to keh laaj hamari - prabh joo - Oh respected Lord Waheguru, to keh laaj hamari - in the same way Guru Tegh Bahadur jee begins with this tuk - har joo - Oh Hari, Oh Waheguru raakh laeho path maeree - please protect my honor, path means honor, raakh leahu means to protect, maeree means mine. O God, O Waheguru, O Hari - the one who nourishes and looks after all, the one who brings life to this whole world, please protect my honor, please protect me O Waheguru. This topic of path runs throughout Siri Guru Granth Sahib jee Maharaj. If your read Guru Granth Sahibjee's banee there is a salok that comes up and that salok is:

Salok ma 5 |
Praem pattolaa thai sehi dhithaa takan koo path maeree |
Dhaanaa beenaa saaee maiddaa naanak saar n jaanaa thaeree |1|

Siri Guru Arjan Devjee Maharaj jee says on Ang 520, O Waheguru, you've given me this prem pattolaa - you've given me this gown, you've given me this cloth of love, in your love you've covered me, covered up all of my mistakes, covered all of my misdemeanours, covered up all of my mistakes and protected my honor. In Your love God, O Waheguru, in Your love which You have put over me as a chaddar - as a cloth, as a pattolaa - this covering of love has covered up of all my sins. We read in Siri Guru Granth Sahibjee's banee:

Niragun raakh leeaa santhan kaa sadhakaa |
Sathigur taak leeaa mohi paapee parradhaa |

Guru Granth Sahibjee says to us, Niragun raakh leeaa - even though I had no virtues, no guns but I have been saved with the grace of the saints. Sathigur taak leeaa - that eternal Guru, Waheguru has protected me, has covered me, covered all of my faults, covered all of my sins, mohi paapee parradhaa.

So Guru Piaareo, in the same way Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahibjee Maharaj is doing an ardaas - supplication to Waheguru and saying, Oh Lord God:

Har joo raakh laehu path maeree |
Oh my beloved Lord God please protect my honor. Guru piaareo, those people whose honour is protected by Waheguru, Siri Guru Granth Sahibjee Maharaj tells us that:Jis path rakhai sachaa saahib naanak maett n sakai koee |2|
That person whose honor is protected by Waheguru, no one can maett their honor. Guru piareo what does this mean - the idea of honour in Gurbani, what is this path talking about? This honour is talking about the honour of coming into the world and not falling into the marsh around us of sins, to leave this world with your faith shining brightly. Guru Naanak Devjee says, Naanak teh mukh oojlai - with a purified mouth, with a purified face - that is what it means to preserve honour. Those people who repeat God's name, those people who Wahegurujee's blesses with His love, with His prem pattolaa - with His covering of love, those people leave this earth with their honour intact. It doesn't matter what anyone does, people can try and dishonour them and defame them in any way but that person who is honoured in the Lord's court that honour cannot be taken away from that person from anyone else or by any means. So Guru piaareo Guru Tegh Bahadur jee Maharaj carries on the shabad in the next tuk:

Jam ko thraas bhaeiou our anthar saran gehee kirapaa nidh thaeree |1| rehaao |
O God, I've got thraas - I am afraid of jam. Jam means the messengers of death, bhaeiou our anthar - inside my heart I am afraid of death, the fear of death is inside my heart. What am I going to do when I die? What will happen to me? Saran gehee kirapaa nidh thaeree - I am clinging on to your saran - Your protective sanctuary. O treasure of all kirpaa - Oh treasure of all grace I am hanging on to Your sanctuary, I am hanging on to Your protection. Guru piareeo Guru Sahibjee is telling us, O human being if you have this fear of death in your heart then the only way to protect yourself from this is by going to the sanctuary of God, of Waheguru. There is no other way. Guru Piaareo this is the first stage of entering spirituality, when we actually realise that we have to leave this world, these are the first few steps towards spirituality. Guru Tegh Bahadur jee maharaj is painting this picture in this shabad from us. O Human being it is a blessing to realise that you'll be leaving this world, it is a blessing to fear. But when you have this fear of what is going to happen in the next world don't let it pass away, instead use that fear inside you to enter into the protection of the Guru. Guru sahibjee says, rehao - pause and think about this.

Mehaa pathith mugadh lobhee fun karath paap ab haaraa |
Now the word pathith means someone who has fallen from their character, who has fallen from their morals, who is immoral. In the understanding of the Sikh rehat maryada there are four bajjar kurheta. If a Sikh commits any of these four kurehta he/she is considered a pathith. Pathith literally means someone who has fallen and that person has to retake amrit. In the same, Guru sahibjee is saying that I am not just a pathith, I am a mehaa pathith - Gurujee is painting this picture for this that we've have fallen again and again, mugadh - I am foolish, I have no understanding, lobhee - I am greedy, but now, fun means now, karath paap ab haaraa - now I've given up, I am at the end of my tether, I am tired, committing so many paaps - so many sins I've tired myself out. I realise that I am getting peace of mind from nowhere. I am looking for peace of mind in money, I am looking for it in sensual pleasures, I am looking for it in cars, whatever it is and I am committing sins to get hold of these things, to get grasp of these things. But the more I go into these things, the more I am tiring out my whole body. Guru Granth Sahibjee Maharaj tells us how a person gets tired and Guru Granth Sahibjee says,

Ma 5 |
Khaadhiaa khaadhiaa muhu ghathaa painandhiaa sabh ang |
Naanak dhrig thinaa dhaa jeeviaa jin sach n lago rang |2|

Eating and eating my mouth has worn out, my teeth have fallen out. Painandhiaa sabh ang - wearing so many clothes even my limbs are losing their strenght. Nanak, Siri Guru Arjan Dev jee Maharaj says, dhrig thinaa dhaa jeeviaa - those people's lives are cursed who have not colored themselves in the love of God. Guru piareo in the same way Guru Sahibjee today is saying, karath paap ab haraa - I am tired of committing so many sins. I've found no peace anywhere, in any of these things.

Bhai marabae ko bisarath naahin thih chinthaa than jaaraa |1|
Now in my mind I cannot forget, bisarath naahin - I cannot forget the fear of death. This fear of death has attached itself to me and I cannot forget it, thinking day and night that I am going to forget it, I am going to forget it and then what am I going to do. Thih chinthaa than jaaraa - my body is burnt in this chinta - in this anxiety, in this stress. I've got this stress upon my head now what is going to happen when I die, what is going to happen? This This fear of death, this fear of the unknown - this is afflicting me, I am so afraid.

Keeeae oupaav mukath kae kaaran dheh dhis ko outh dhaaeiaa |
I've tried to mukhath means to liberate myself. Oupaav means many different ways - I've tried many different methods in order to achieve liberation from this fear. Deh dhis ko outh dhaaeiaa - I've run in all ten directions but I cannot find peace. I've wandered everywhere in the ten corners of the world but I cannot find any peace. And Guru Tegh Bahadur jee says,

Ghatt hee bheethar basai niranjan thaa ko maram n paaeiaa |2|
That niranjan - that pure waheguru abides in my heart, bheetar means within. Thaa ko maram n paaeiaa - but I haven't understood this secret, this mystery, maram means this mystery, this secret. Through my own actions I cannot understand this secret, I cannot reach to where Waheguru is inside me. It is very easy to say that God lives within us all, but it is actually very hard to get to that experience. How will you get to that experience? With the Guru's grace, by meditating upon the Guru's banee, upon the Guru's mantar, be cleaning away those many sins of past lives you will find inside you the light of God, burning.

Naahin gun naahin kash jap thap koun karam ab keejai |
Guru Tegh Bahadur jee maharaj is teaching us how to perform an adras in from of Waheguru. I've no worth, I've no virtues, naahin kash jap thap - I have no meditation. I have not put myself through the thapsiaa - the austerity of performing self less service. Kaun akram ab keejai - what action can I do now? What is it that I can do to take away this fear of death. Gurujee is telling us through this tuk - Oh human being, meditate upon God, do seva - do selfless service, perform jap, perform tap, collect together virtues inside yourself. But always, always keep humility in your mind, no matter how many virtues you might have, always remember that Waheguru is the ocean of virtue and always perform this ardhaas. Guru Tegh Bahadur jee says in the last tuk,

Naanak haar pariou saranaagath abhai dhaan prabh dheejai |3|2|
O human being, if you want to aagath - meaning to come into, saran-aagath - these two words put together means saranaagath - if you want to come into the protection of God haar paareo - lose everything, surrender everything as Guru Amardaas jee says in Anand Sahib:

Than man dhan sabh sounp gur ko - give your mind, body and soul to the Guru. If you want to come to the protection of the Guru, if you have this fear of death in your mind, if you want to conquer this fear the only way of doing it is surrendering all of your clever tricks, by surrendering all of your mind, body and soul to the Guru and then you'll come into God's protection and when you come into God's protection what will happen? Abhai dhaan prabh dheejai - Waheguru will give you the gift of fearlessness. How will you get this gift of fearlessness? Because the Guru will take away your fear of death. How will he take away your fear of death? When the Guru blesses you with amrit, when the panj piaarey - when the five beloved ones bless us physically with amrit and then they say sit down and read this amrit baanea, these five amrit baneea. When we realise that Waheguru is sadhaa ang sangay - Waheguru is always near us, when we realise that jin prem kio thin hi prabh paeo - only those people who love Waheguru will find Him, when we realise that jo kal ko eik baar dhiaae hai ta ke kaal nikat nahi aae hai - even if you remember God once with all your mind, heart and soul devoted death will not inflict you.

When we read Japjee sahib, - na oh marae na thaage jahe jin ke raam vasae man maahi - those people will not be deceived, those people will not be inflicted by death who have God abiding in their soul. When we realise as Anand Sahibjee tells us that each one of us is going to have to leave this world, ei man piaarea thoo sadhaa sach samalae, eh kutamb thoo jee dekhda chalae naahee terae naale. When we realise all of these things then that inner nectar, then inner immortal nectar will start flowing of God's name. When that starts flowing we have no reason to fear death, if we follow what the Guru says and we meditate upon Guru's name, upon Waheguru jee's name.

So Guru Sahibjee is telling us in this last tuk - oh human being surrender all your clever tricks, surrender all of those things which break you from the Guru. Fall at the Guru's feet and the Guru will bless you with the gift of fearlessness. Just like Baba Deep Singh fighting with his head upon the palm of his hand you'll be blessed with that fearlessness.

Naahin gun naahin kash jap thap koun karam ab keejai |
Naanak haar pariou saranaagath abhai dhaan prabh dheejai |3|2|

Waheguru jee ka Khalsa, Waheguru jee ki Fateh!


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