English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 698

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Hukamnama today is on Ang 698 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in Jaitsaree Raag by Guru Ram Daas Ji.

jaitsaree mehlaa 4 ghar 2||
Guru Piaario, Satguru Ram Daas Ji Maharaj is blessing us with the Hukamnama today in Jaitsaree Raag in the second house of rhythm beat, tune and Guru Maharaj Sahib Ji begins the Hukamnama with Manglacharan.

ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad||
There is one eternal creator who brings light to all, who is forever eternal, which is found through theparsaad - the grace of the Guru. Satguru Amar Daas Ji begins the Shabad with:

har har simrahu agam apaaraa||
Maharaj Ji says, why are you worrying about the world? Instead simrahu, meditate upon har har, that Waheguru who brings life to all, who is nourisher, Hari, of all. Hari also means to extinguish, who destroys all sins. That Waheguru nourishes all and that Waheguru can destroy the sins of all. simrahu, meditate upon that Waheguru who is apaaraa, beyond limits, who isagam, who cannot be known by your worldly senses. He can only be experienced through remembrance, through simran, through meditation.

jis simrat dukh mitai hamaaraa ||/span>
If we ask Maharaj Sahib Ji,what do we get if we do Simran, what happens. Maharaj Ji says if you go through the process of Simran, jis simrat, by meditating upon Waheguru, dukh mitai hamaaraa, dukh our pains are mitai, are destroyed, are taken away. Because those who meditate upon Waheguru o into a state of eternal bliss. Even though worldly things come, even though the world may consider what they are going through, going through pains but they don't change in their inner stage. Like Bhai Mani Daas JI, even he was being cut into bits but Bhai Mani is not moving. They are not scared. They are sittng there steadfast because no one can change their inner peace within them.

har har satgur purakh milaavhu gur mili-ai sukh ho-ee raam. ||1||
O great Lord, Waheguru, O Hari, please milaavhu, unite me with the greatest being, the purakh, the Satgur, the eternal Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj. Why, because gur mili-ai, by uniting with the Guru, sukh ho-ee raam, that is the only way of ontaining eternalsukh, eternal peace.

har gun gaavhu meet hamaaray||
And Guru Ram Daas Ji Maharaj tells us on this day, today; har gun gaavhu meet hamaaray, meet hamaaray, O my friends, O people of the world, gaavhu - sing,gun - the virtues and praises of Hari, of Waheguru.

har har naam rakhahu ur Dhaaray||
Keep the name of the Lord, Waheguru, Dhaaray means enshrined,ur means your heart, rakhahu means within. Keep the name of the Lord within your heart. What does this mean? This means wherever you go take the name of the Lord and if we look up at these two lines Guru Ram Daas Ji Maharaj is telling us if you sing with your tongus the praises of the Lord they will come to be enshrined within your heart. If you want to know how to enshrine the name of the Lord within your heart gaavhu, first you must sing the praises of the Lord with your tongue then they will seep within you.

har har amrit bachan sunavhu gur mili-ai pargat ho-ee raam. ||2||
sunavhu, read out to others, and listen to yourself the immortalbachan, the immortal words of the true Guru, of Hari, of Waheguru. gur mili-ai, By meeting the true Guru,pargat ho-ee raam, that Waheguru, that Raam, is pervading through all, will become pargat, you will see that Lord God. Just like you churn the milk, you get butter, in the same way when you churn the soul you will see Waheguru but this is only through the grace of the true Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj.

maDhusoodan har maaDho paraanaa||
maDhusoodan, is the name attributed to the Lord; maDh referring to killer, the demon, and soodan means the slayer. But what demons are within us? The demons of lust, desire, anger, greed, envy, all of these demons are within us. And Waheguru Ji is the soodan, the destroyer of these demons. Waheguru Ji is the one who destroys also the entanglement around us of our past actions, who wipes away our sins and therefore Waheguru Ji is known as maDhusoodan, that one Lord God Waheguru. har who is the nourisher of all,maaDho who is the Lord of this world, who is the Lord of all this illusion, the creator of all, paraanaa, who is the one who brings life to all, the breath of life to all.

mayrai man tan amrit meeth lagaanaa||
O Waheguru Ji, Satgur Ram Daas Ji is talking on our level where ourman, our mind, tan, our body are both imbued with, are both enraptured by the immortal name of the Lord God Waheguru. Waheguru Ji's naam seems sweet, meeth means sweet; sweet to those people who have meditated upon the naam, who have enshrined the name within their heart. Guru Sahib Ji says rise up in the morning, chant the words Waheguru, Waheguru again and again, again and again. And slowly you will be broken away from the taste of the world and you will obtain the highest spiritual taste of the name of the Lord.

har har da-i-aa karahu gur maylhu purakh niranjan so-ee raam. ||3||
O Hari, O Waheguru, calling out to the name of the Lord again and again please bless me with your da-i-aa, with your Grace andmaylhu unite me with the true Guru. purakh niranjan so-ee raam, niranjan - that immaculate Lord God, that Being, that purakh, so-ee, sits within the Guru. And if we read Asa Ki Vaar, Guru Sahib Ji tells ussatgur vich aap rakhi-oon, the God himself is pervading through the Guru and if we look at the word abode of the Guru, what is it called? Guru Dwaara. Through the Guru we can be united with that eternal Lord God.

har har naam sadaa sukh-daata ||
Guru Ram Daas Ji says the name of the Hari, the Lord God issadaa, forever, the giver of sukh, eternal peace.

har kai rang mayraa man raataa.||
Maharaj Ji says mayraa an, my mind, is raataa is imbued with, is completely covered with, is completely enraptured withrang, the love of Hari, of Waheguru.

har har mahaa purakh gur maylhu gur naanak naam sukh ho-ee raam. ||4||1||7||
O Hari, O Waheguru, please maylhu, please unite me with the greatest mahaa purakh, greatest Being, and who is that, the Guru. Who is the Guru? Guru Nanak, the greatest of all saints, saint of all saints, the king of kings, the ultimate embodiment of God on this earth, Guru Nanak. And Guru Ram Daas Ji says gur naanak naam sukh ho-ee raam through the name of Guru Nanak we can obtain the internal peace. What does that mean? Through the Grace of Guru Nanak, through the path of Guru Nanak, through the words of Guru Nanak we can obtain eternal peace. This is what Guru Ra Daas Ji says on this day today.

har har naam sadaa sukh-daata ||

har kai rang mayraa man raataa. ||
har har mahaa purakh gur maylhu gur naanak naam sukh ho-ee raam. ||

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !