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English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 682

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Hukamnama today is by Guru Angad Dev Ji on Ang 682 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in Dhanaasree Raag.

Dhanaasree mehlaa 5||

a-ukhee gharhee na daykhan day-ee apnaa birad samaalay ||
Satgur Sahib Ji begins the Shabad with a-ukhee gharhee na daykhan day-ee Guru Arjan Sahib Ji says o my Wahaguru, Lord God does not allow his servants daykhan day-ee, to go through, to experience a-ukhee gharhee, a-ukhee means hard and gharhee means times, difficult times. This is Waheguru Ji's birad - this is Waheguru Ji's nature, this is Waheguru Ji's character, this is the way Waheguru Ji is. We read everyday in sodar dee chaunkee, the Kirtan is sung at Suchkhand Sri Harmandar Sahib, har jug jug bhagat oopaaya, in each jug, in each time cycle, Waheguru Ji has created his devotees paij rakhada aayaa raam raaj-ay Waheguru Ji has not created devotees h looks after them. harnaakash dushat har maar-i-aa Waheguru Ji saved Bhagat Prehlaad Ji from thedushat, from the evil Harnaakash, prehlaad taraa-aa Just as Waheguru Ji saved Prehlaad from Harnaakash, the story is very long and I am not going to go into it now, did not allow Harnaakash to destroy Prehlaad Ji, ahankaari nindakaa pithh day Waheguru Ji turned their back, pithh, towards the ahankaari-aa- to those who are full of egos; those who kicked Bhagat Naamdev Ji out of the Temple whilst he was worshipping. Guru Ji is saying that Lord God turned that Temple, that Mandir around and the face of the Temple, although Bhagat Naamdev Ji was kicked out, with his back towards the Temple, the face of the Temple moved around and the face of the Temple faced towards Bhagat Naamdev Ji and the back of the Temple faced towards people who are full of ego, who had kicked Bhagat Ji out because of his caste. naam deho mukh laa-aa Guru Sahib Ji is saying, in all times whether it was time of Prehlaad or time of Bhagat Naamdev Ji waheguru Ji looks after His nature. If you become Waheguru Ji's, Waheguru Ji will look after you at all times. Gurmukh Piaa-rio, a-ukhee gharhee na daykhan day-ee This could be Ardaas as well. O Waheguru do not let me see that aukhee gharhee - that time that I forget you, why, because for Gurmukh piaaray we might have a question in our mind, o if Waheguru does not let his devotee see aukhee gharhee then why was Bhai Mani Singh Ji was cut into bits, why was Bhai Taru Singh had his scalp removed, why did all these things happen. Gurmukh Piaario, for Gurmukhs, aukhee gharhee is not what we believe, difficult times are not what we believe; we believe that we do not have enough food to eat, or whether we are going through physical sickness, or something or other, we believe that to be the difficult time, Gurmukh Piaaray, what do they say, they say words of Guru Nanak, aakha jeeva visrai mar jaa-on For them aukhee gharhee is the time they forget Waheguru. Anytime where their remembrance of God breaks, they count as the difficult time. Gurmukh Piaario, not like us. Waheguru does not let that bond of love break between Waheguru Ji and His devotee. Even whilst Bhai Mani Singh Ji is being cut into bits he is reciting Sukhmani Sahib. Even when Bhai Dayala Ji was in the ubaldee degh, in boiling water, he was reciting Sukhmani Sahib. Bhai Mati Daas JI reciting Japjee Sahib, Bhai Sati Daas JI reciting Satnaam Waheguru. So Gurmukh Piaario, apnaa birad samaalay Waheguru Ji always looks after his nature.

haath day-ay raakhai apnay ka-o saas saas partipaalay ||1||
haath day-ay with His own hands, himself, not sending anyone, Waheguru Ji himself day-ay gives his hand; raakhai apnay ka-o and looks after those who become his own; saas saas partipaalay with each breath Waheguru Ji looks after them.

parabh si-o laag rahi-o mayraa cheet ||
Mycheet, my consciousness, is being attached, laag rahi-o, to parabh si-o, to Waheguru, to God.

aad ant parabh sadaa sahaa-ee Dhan hamaaraa meet || rahaa-o ||
Fromaad - time beyond time, ant throughout all of the ages, even to the end of this earth, parabh sadaa sahaa-ee Waheguru Ji is always sahaa-ee, Waheguru JI is always protecting his devotees. Dhan hamaaraa meet, Dhan Hail to that Lord God whi is my meet, who is my friend, a true friend who looks after me and not whilst I am alive but even after I die. rahaa-o Guru Ji says pause and think about this today.

man bilaas bha-ay saahib kay achraj daykh badaa-ee ||
man bilaas My mind has become full of bilaas. There is two ways of looking at this tuk; my mind is full of happiness bha-ay saahib kay since I have become - bha-ay, sahib kay- a devotee of my sahib, my master. man bilaas My mind is happy in eternal happiness since I become a devotee of Waheguru. achraj daykh badaa-ee and I have become full of wonder as I look or see at the greatness of Waheguru, I am struck by the wonder, by Waheguru Ji's greatness, I am struck by Waheguru Ji's glory. Another way of looking at thsi tuk is: man bilaas bha-ay we pause here, my mind is delighted, my mind is happy, saahib kay achraj daykh badaa-ee - seeing the glorious greatness of my Sahib, of my Lord God.

har simar simar aanad kar naanak parabh pooran paij rakhaa-ee ||2||15||46||
Satgur Sahib Ji is telling us today, har simar simar with each breath, with each footstep, internally and externally, meditate upon God. aanad kar nanak This is the way of receiving true aanad, aanand being that happiness which takes us away from duality.aanand is that state of mind where there is no duality, where there is only focus on Waheguru. parabh pooran paij rakhaa-ee If you meditate upon God not only you will get this never ending happiness, but Waheguru will paij rakhaa-ee, will protect you.pooran in all ways Waheguru Ji will be there to protect you.

man bilaas bha-ay saahib kay achraj daykh badaa-ee ||
har simar simar aanad kar naanak parabh pooran paij rakhaa-ee ||

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !