English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 682


Dhanaasaree mehalaa 5 |
Saadsangat jio, Sathguru Maharaj Guru Arjan Dev jee is telling us today of the avasthaa - the state of that being who is colored in the color of God's love and what changes go through that being and what happens to his mind, body and soul. Guru Sahibjee begins,

Jis ko bisarai praanapath dhaathaa soee ganahu abhaagaa |
Maharaj sahib, Guru Arjan Sahibjee says that those who bisarai - who've forgotten praanapath - praana; our life, giving breath, path - the Lord of - those who have forgotten praanapath - that Waheguru who has blessed us with this life, who has blessed us with this breath that we breathe, dhaathaa - who is the giver of all of these soee - Maharaj says know that person ganahu - count him or her as abhaagaa - as unfortunate. Maharaj sahibjee tells us in their bani, Sathguru Arjan Devjee Maharaj on Ang 707 of SGGSjee Maharaj: basathaa thoottee jhunparree cheer sabh shinnaa - even though there may be a being who lives in a broken down shack and has tattered clothes, jaath n path n aadharo oudhiaan bhraminnaa - he has no social status, people do not bow down to him or honor him, no one gives him great respect and he may be living in the wilderness. Mithr n eith dhan roopeheen kish saak n sinnaa - He may have no friend or partner, wealth, beauty, relatives or relations. But Sathguru Patshahjee says, raajaa sagalee srisatt kaa - even amongst all of this he would be the king of the world, of all creation har naam man bhinnaa - if he has the name of the Lord. Guru Sahibjee tells us who we should think as fortunate and whom as unfortunate. Maharaj sahibjee says that even if someone was to have all of the riches of the world without the greatest treasure - the name of the Lord - they are unfortunate, they are in poverty. Guru Maharaj jee, Guru Arjan Devjee goes on to say,

Charan kamal jaa kaa man raagiou amia sarovar paagaa |1|
That being whose man - whose mind is raagiou - is colored in the love of the charan kamal - of the Lotus Feet of the Lord, charan meaning feet, kamal meaning lotus. Maharaj sahibjee tells us that hiradhai charan sabadh sathigur ko - to have in our heart the shabad of the Sathguru is to have the charan kamal - the Lotus Feet of the Lord. Maharaj says that that person who has Waheguru jee's shabad - the guru's bani within his/her heart amia sarovar paagaa - he obtains, finds the pool of immortality - Waheguru. He obtains union with the Lord.

Thaeraa jan raam naam rang jaagaa |
Maharaj jee says to Waheguru, O Waheguru thearaa jan - Your humble servant raam naam rang jaagaa - has awoken in the love of the naam - the name of the Lord, of the name of raam, of Waheguru. That name of Waheguru has woken him from countless lifetimes of sleeping in the sleep of ignorance, in the sleep of the love of duality.

Aalas sheej gaeiaa sabh than thae preetham sio man laagaa | rehaao |
When this rang - this color of god's name, when this color of love of God's name runs through the body, what happens? Sabh - all of the aalas - all of the laziness which was running through our body sheej gaeiaa sabh than thae - it leaves our body. What is Maharaj sahib jee talking about there? Maharaj sahibjee is saying that the laziness which comes in the amrit vela, the laziness which comes when we are going to do something good, when we are going to give in charity, when we are going to sit down and repeat the naam then the laziness dawns upon us and we think, oh no I'll do it later, I'll do it later but Maharaj sahibjee says those people who have been colored in the love of God's naam this laziness from their body has left. Immediately at amrit vela they rise up, immediately they engage in kindness, immediately they read their banis and they meditate upon the guru's naam. Preetham sio man laagaa - once this laziness departs they laagaa - they attach their mind to that beloved Waheguru. Rehaao - Guru Sahibjee says pause and think about this.

Jeh jeh paekho theh naaraaein sagal ghattaa mehi thaagaa |
Those gurmukh pyaare in this avastha - in this state of being where their mind is attached to their beloved they say jeh jeh paekho - wherever we look, in each corner then naaraaein - there we see AkaalPpurakh. Naaraaein - raaein meaning night of ignorance, naa meaning one who is without. That Waheguru who brings the Light of spiritual wisdom, who is the Light of the whole universe, we see that Waheguru's Light pervading through all. Sagal ghatta mehi thaagaa - why? Guru sahibjee says because in all hearts that Waheguru is like a string, stringing all of us. If there is One thing which unites us it's that Waheguru is pervading through each and every one of us whether we be Sikh, Muslim, Hindu, Christian - through all and throughout the whole creation; all of the creatures, all of the plants and all of the beings there is, this One thread of God's Light which is going through all. Maharaj Sahibjee goes on to say,

Naam oudhak peevath jan naanak thiaagae sabh anuraagaa |2|16|47|
Sathguru patshahjee says that Your jan - Your servants peevath - drink the oudhak - the water, the purifying, the cooling water of naam - the name of the Lord which puts out the fire inside. Thiaagae sabh anuraagaa - drinking the naam, what happens? As the Gurmukh, as the being who follows the Guru, engages more and more in meditating upon the naam - he gives up sabh - all of his anuraagaa - all of her attachments to others, all attachment to material gain, all attachment to selfishness, all attachment to all of these things is given up in the Love of the Lord. So Sathguru Patshahjee is telling us that when this avasthaa - when this state of Love for the naam comes then that being is colored so much in the Love of Lord that all else is given up, all laziness, all love of duality, all attachments depart.

Jeh jeh paekho theh naaraaein sagal ghattaa mehi thaagaa |
Naam oudhak peevath jan naanak thiaagae sabh anuraagaa |2|16|47|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!