English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 646

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Hukamnama today is from Ang 646 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji by Guru Amar Das Ji.

salok mehlaa 3||
Satgur Guru Amar Das Ji is blessing us with Hukamnama today with uthaanka of a story which is connected with this Hukamnama. When Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj first went to the village of Goindwaal and the Sikh Sangat, the congregation started living there, making their homes around the Guru. There used to be a family of Sheikhs. Sheikh is a term of respect for a religious official in Islam or someone who is the head of the family and these Sheikhs or the family of Sheikhs, what they used to do is, when Sikhs went to go to fetch water they break the pitchers, the jugs of the Sikhs who were carrying every time. And they always be disturbing the sangat and they always would be trying to cause a commotion with the sangat and always be attacking them. What happened one day was there was a group of Sadhus who were passing through Goindwaal and the Sheikhs attacked the group of the Sadhus, threw stuff at them. The Sadhus , group of Sadhus, wandering ascetics, entered into a fight with the Sheikhs and ended up killing nearly all of them. And prior to this Sri Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj is said to have said this Shabad to the leader of the Sheikhs , to the leader of the family, instructing him to give up his ego and see that the One Lord pervades through all. But even though this story is attached to this Shabad, it does not mean that this Shabad was relevant only at that time. Gurbani tells us parthaa-ay saakhee mahaa purakh boolday saanjhee sagal jihund - The great beings, the words of great beings are also great, that they are Eternally True. So these words of Sri Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj which were directed at the Sheikhs also apply to us within our lives. May Guru Sahib Ji bless us with like and understanding that we can take this message into our hearts.

saykhaa cha-uchaki-aa cha-uvaa-i-aa ayhu man ikat ghar aan||
saykhaa O Sheikh,O official, O leader of your clan, cha-uchaki-aa cha-uvaa-i-aa, cha-uchaki-aa means to be turned away four-fold by your anger, why are you getting carried away by your anger and your hatred? cha-uvaa-i-aa means why are you letting your mind wander so much? ayhu man Take this mind, ikat ghar aan take it back within the ghar, within your body, and realize there is only One ikat Lord, God pervading through all. Those who you areĀ  attacking they are also filled with that One Light which is pervading through you too.

ayharh tayharh chhad too gur kaa sabad pachhaan
ayharh tayharh chhad too - Give up your petty arguments, gur kaa shabad pachaan and recognize the Shabad, the message, which the Guru is giving to you. And if we apply this Shabad to ourselves, saykhaa and this has been translated by some scholars to mean O Sikhs, O disciples, O those people who want to collect knowledge, cha-uchaki-aa, chau means four, chaki-aa means directions; cha-uvaa-i-aa means to expand through, to pervade through, to be wandering around. Maharaj Sahib Ji says, O Sikh, O disciple, O learner, your mind is wandering through all the four directions. And what does that mean? That the mind is not centered on anything; the mind is centering upon maya, upon this illusion of the world. And Guru Sahib Ji says ayhu man ikat ghar aan If you want to find peace then take this ayhu man - this mind of yours ikat ghar aan then take it back to within the ghar body, the home of your soul, ikat and realize that one Akal Purakh within you, the One Lord God. And Guru Sahib Ji goes on to give us updesh, spiritual message: ayharh tayharh chhad too - chadd -give up, ayharh - icchha, the desires of the world; tayharh the three gunaa, the three qualities; what are they - the satogunn, rajogunn, tamogunn; satogunn - the lowly, humble qualities, rajogunn - the kingly, princely qualities; tamogunn - the dark energies, the dark qualities. Guru Sahib Ji says go beyond these three qualities. Go beyond the jaagat, supann sukhobidh, go beyond the three stages which our mind is always in, jaagat meaning awake, supann meaning dreaming and sukhobidh meaning deep sleep. Go beyond these three stages. Satgur Maharaj Ji is saying gur kaa sabad pachhaan Through the Shabad, through the Words, the mantar of the Gurus, through the Bani of the Gurus, pachaan - come to understand it, recognize it.

satgur agai dheh pa-o sabh kichh jaanai jaan ||
satgur agai dheh pa-o, agai - means in front of True Eternal Guru dheh pa-o, dheh means to fall down, to completely fall down and what else dheh means to break down all of the barriers in your mind that stop you from bowing down from following the Words of the Guru completely. Whether that be ego, whether that be desire, whether that be greed. sabh kichh jaanai jaan And Guru Sahib Ji is saying do not simply bow down externally but internally too, why?, because sabh kichh jaanai jaan, because Waheguru Ji knows everything. Waheguru Ji is jaane jaan all knowing.

aasaa mansaa jalaa-ay too ho-ay rahu mihmaan ||
jalaa-ay means burn away through your spiritual practice, eradicate through spiritual practice, aasaa mansaa, aasaa long held hopes; mansaa the fluttering desires of your mind; how do we do this Maharaj? Maharaj Sahib Ji says ho-ay rahu mihmaan - live your life like you are a mihmaan, like you are a guest. Just like the traveler in a hotel does not get attached to the bed in the hotel or to the room in the hotel. He knows, in the morning I have to leave. In the same way Maharaj ji says to remember that you are a traveler, a guest within this world and you have to leave one day. So do not get attached to the amenities of this illusion. Instead, focus upon that path which you are travelling.

satgur kai bhaanai bhee chaleh taa dargeh paavahi maan ||
Along side with this chaleh walk within, lead your life in bhaanai, the Will, the Command of Satgur , the Eternal Guru. taa, then what will happen, taa dargeh paavahi maan in the Court of the Lord, dargeh, paavahi maan you will be respected. You will merge with the Creator Lord.

naanak je naam na chaytnee tin Dhig painan Dhig khaan. ||1||
naanak Satgur Maharaj is saying je naam na chaytnee, if you do not listen to the Words of the Guru, if you do not meditate upon the Naam; tin Dhig painan Dhig khaan, Dhig means cursed. Guru Sahib Ji says that everything we painan - wear, all the khaan - all the products that we consume, all that Maharaj Ji says is cursed. Why, because each product we consume without remembering Waheguru is breaking us away from Waheguru. Haan if we live in this world and everything we wear, we consume, we remember God. With every meal we eat we thank God, we meditate upon Waheguru, we chant the name "Satnaam Sri Waheguru" then everything we wear is blessed, everything we eat is blessed. But forgetting the Creator Lord, Waheguru, that means if we live our lives that way then everything we eat, we wear, all of those things are cursed because they are simply making that gap greater between us and the Lord God Creator.

mehlaa 3 ||
And Guru Amar Das Sahib Ji Maharaj goes on saying:

har gun tot na aavee keemat kahan na jaa-ay ||
The gun - the virtues of that har - the nurturer, the Lord, God, Waheguru tot na aavee never come to end - tot. keemat kahan na jaa-ay; keemat -the greatness, the value, the worth of God, Waheguru, kahan na jaa-ay cannot be described with your tongue.

naanak gurmukh har gun raveh gun meh rahai samaa-ay. ||2||
Satgur Maharaj says center yourself upon the Guru, become a Gurmukh. And har gun raveh, raveh - enjoy and chant the gun, virtues of Waheguru; gun meh rahai samaa-ay and through chanting these virtues you will samaa-ay merge in with the Lord. And through chanting the virtues of Lord, Waheguru these virtues will pervade through you. nirbhau japa-ay sagal bhau mitta-ey Guru Granth Sahib tells us nirbhau japa-ay if we meditate upon the fearless Lord you will become fearless yourself. The virtues of God, meditate upon them all the time they will pervade through your own soul and unite you with God.

pa-orhee ||

har cholee dayh savaaree kadh paiDhee bhagat kar ||
Hari, the Waheguru, the nourisher God will savaaree has created and decorated this cholee - this body. And this human life is created, is decorated, therefore, it is for us to meditate upon the Lord. kadh paiDhee bhagat kar And those who meditate upon the Lord , those who engage in bhagtee they have realized the true embroidery. The word we use in Punjabi is kadaa_ee. And Maharaj Sahib Ji uses the word kadh pai. This soul, this body, this human life has been given to you by the Lord and the true embroidery, the true decoration of this human life would be to do bhagtee, to meditate upon the Lord devotionally.

har paat lagaa aDhikaa-ee baho baho biDh bhaat kar ||
Waheguru Ji, the Lord, Hari, is the paat - silk woven into this body. That Waheguru who you are looking into everywhere, He is abiding within you. That silk is within you, that beautiful Lord, God. Meditation upon the Lord, Hari is like green silk. Bhagtee is like a dark crimson red silk colored in love. Bairaag, a realization of that separation from the Lord is like black silk within you. All this silk, all of the colors of love are within you of the Lord. Meditate upon Him and you will realize them. baho baho biDh bhaat kar that the Lord God has created this in baho baho in many different ways, in many different bhaat designs and fashions.

ko-ee boojhai boojhanhaaraa antar bibayk kar ||
But only ko-ee few, boojhanhaaraa can understand this idea. Only very few people are blessed with this realization. And how are they blessed with this? antar bibayk kar, antar - within themselves, bibayk kar they live their lives in bibayk in the Guru's understanding, in the highest understanding. They ask the Guru to bless them with highest understanding. They don't think immediately with their minds that Oh, this is what I should do, I know, they do what the Guru says every time for everything.

so boojhai ayhu bibayk jis bujhaa-ay aap har ||
But only those people are blessed with bibayk, the understanding, purifying this, jis bujhaa-ay aap har, who are blessed by aap har Waheguru Ji themselves.

jan naanak kahai vichaaraa gurmukh har sat har. ||11||
Satguru Maharaj Ji Sahib says, this humble servant kahai vichaaraa speaks this understanding, these vichaaraa, these words, this ultimate realization. gurmukh har sat har - Those who send themselves upon Hari, upon sat, the only Eternal Truth, and give up all falsehood and give up all attachments, temporary peace and attach themselves with the Eternal Waheguru, ek onkaar, they become one with the Hari, gurmukh har sat har .

Satgur Maharaj is saying give up the egos, the desires of your mind and fall in front of the Guru and beg Guru for this bibayk, understanding. And those who have been blessed with this understanding have merged in with Lord God, Waheguru.

so boojhai ayhu bibayk jis bujhaa-ay aap har ||
jan naanak kahai vichaaraa gurmukh har sat har. ||

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa ! Waheguru ji ki Fateh !