English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 603


Hukamnama sahib today is by Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj in Sorath Raagnee on Ang 603 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jeeo.

ll Sorath Mahalaa 3 ll
Satgur Amar Das Ji Maharaj is blessing us today. Guru Amar Das Maharaj, who in the house of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj, is the embodiment of selfless service. Satgur Amar Das Ji Maharaj is a shining example of selfless service in the house of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj. Satgur Amar Das Ji Maharaj was around the age of 70, when they came into the 'sharan' the protection, into the guidance of Satgur Angad Dev Ji Maharaj and they served the Guru for 12 years. 12 years at that age every morning, in the early hours, and when I mean early hours, I mean between 12 and 1 am, Sri Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj used to walk backwards from Khadoor Sahib, from where Guru Angad Dev Ji was towards the river in order to collect water for the 'ishnaan' for the bathing of Sri Guru Angad Dev ji. Why? Because they had so much faith, they had so much love. They didn't want their back to be facing towards Their Guru. They said I never want to turn my back towards Sri Guru Angad Dev Jee Maharaj. They used to walk backwards, bring the water back, no matter what happened, whether a storm came, no matter what, they'd bring the water back for Sri Guru Angad Dev Jee's ishnaan, for Guru Sahib Jee's bathing. For 12 years, Guru Maharaj did this seva, did this selfless service. Guru Angad Dev Jee Maharaj didn't even speak to them. In the historical books, we see that Sri Guru Angad Dev Jee Maharaj was putting Sri Guru Amar Das Jee to tests, each year, Sri Guru Amar Das Jee Maharaj would get a small amount of very rough cloth as a blessing from The Guru, and that was it. Guru Sahib Jee didn't say one word until after 12 years Sri Guru Amar Das Jee was coming back from the river when they fell down outside the house of one of the villagers, outside Khadoor Sahib. When Guru Amar Das Jee fell down, the villager said to his wife,, "who's fallen down outside?" . She replied back, "It's Amroo nithaavaa." Nithaavaa means who has no place in this world. "He has no place of rest in this world, He has nothing to call His own, so He's gone into the protection of Guru Angad." When Sathiguru Amar Das Jee heard this they said, "O crazy woman, O mad woman, I am not homeless. I have got the greatest home in the whole world. You are the one who is mad". From that moment, she lost her mind, she went insane. When Guru Amar Das Jee arrived again for seva, for the bathing of Sri Guru Angad Dev Jee Maharaj, after all that storm, there was lightning, people say that the river was flooded completely upto the brim and walking through the jungle at that age of around 80, Guru Amar Das Jee was walking back in the cold, in the rain, in the storm. It was on that day that Guru Angad Dev Jee Maharaj embraced Guru Amar Das Jee. Guru Angad Dev Jee said Guru Amar Das Jee will be a home for those who are homeless. Guru Amar Das Jee will be the support for those who have no support, Guru Amar Das will be the honour for those who are meek. It was on that day that Guru Angad Dev Jee Maharaj announced that Sri Guru Amar Das jee Maharaj will be blessed with the Light of Guru Nanak, to become the third form of Sri Guru Nanak. So guramukh piaareyo, Guru Amar Das Jee Maharaj's seva, their selfless service is a shining pillar within the Sikh faith, it's like a lighthouse showing us the path. Sathiguru Amar Das Jee Maharaj says -

Bin Satgur sayvay bahutaa dukh laagaa, jug chaaray bharmaaee ll
Without sayvay, without serving The sathiguru, The True Guru, bahutaa dukh laagaa - You are afflicted by the greatest pains of life and death. Without serving The Guru, we're afflicted with all these pains of anxiety, of ego, of hatred. Jug chaaray bharmaaee - throughout all the four ages, the four jugs, throughout the whole of time, bharmaaee - we wander around. Without serving The Guru we're wandering, there's only wilderness without The Guru.

Hum deen Tum jug jug Daatay, sabday dehi bujhaaee ll1ll
Hum deen, we are deen, we are poor, we are low, we are meek O Guru Sahib. Tum jug jug daatay, You are The Giver, The eternal Giver Who has been giving throughout all of the ages. Sabday dehi bujhaaee - please bujhaaee, please give me the understanding to meditate upon Your shabad, upon Your words. Please give me the understanding to live my life according to Your words. Please give me the understanding to meditate upon the shabad, upon Your words, upon Your Name.

Har Jeeo kirpaa karahu Tum Piaaray ll
Har jeeo - O Waheguru, O respected Lord God, O beloved, kirpaa karahu tum piaaray, please beless me with Your kirpaa, kirpaa means Grace, bless me with Your grace. Tum piaaray - You are my beloved.

Satgur Daataa mayl milaavahu Har Naam dayvhu aadhaaray llRahaaoll
Please unite me with The Satgur, with The Guru Who is The daataa, The Giver, forever and ever. Har naam dayvhu aadhaaray. What will The Satgur do? The satgur will bless me with the aadhaaray, with the support , with the sustenance that I can live my life, that I can gain the greatest peace from, of har naam, of The Name of God. The Name of God is a great support in this world. All other supports will fall away. But, that person who has the support of God's Name, who is blessed with the support of The God's Name with the Grace of The Guru, that support will never fall away. Rahaao - Guru Jee says pause and think about this.

Mansaa maar dubidhaa sahaj samaanee paaiaa Naam apaaraa ll
Those people who have paaiaa, who have found the apaaraa, the infinite Name of Waheguru, of The Infinite Lord God, those people who have been blessed with That Name, who meditate upon That Name, who have been blessed with The Name of God by The True Guru - mansaa maar dubidhaa - their mansaa, all of their mind's desires and all of their dubidhaa, all of their doubts, dubidha literally means wandering. All of their doubts, all of their desires are conquered. Sahaj samaanee, they samaanee, they merge into sahaj, into complete spiritual peace.

Har Ras chaakh man nirmal hoaa kilbikh kaatanhaaraa ll2ll
When I chaakh, when I tasted the ras, the essence of meditation, when I felt the eternal peace of God's Name, man nirmal hoaa - my mind became nirmal, nirmal means immaculate, pure, clean. My mind was purified when I tasted the essence of God's Name. Why? Because God's Name is kilbikh kaatanhaaraa - it can cut through even the most gravest of sins, even the most serious of sins, God's Name can cut through it, God's Name can carry you out of them, God's Name can save you.

Sabad marahu fir jeevahu sad hee, ta fir maran na hoee ll
Whilst living your life according to the shabad of The Guru, according to The Guru's word, marahu - you have to die in order to live. What does that mean? That means killing your ego, your anger, your hatred, your greed, your attachment, your lust, your desires. Killing all of them off first. Fir - then what will you be blessed with? Jeevahu sad hee, you will be blessed with eternal life. Sabad marahu -through The Guru's sabad, remember The Guru's sabad, The Guru's words in your mind. With your tongue, repeat The Guru's sabad, with your ears, listen to The Guru's sabad, with your eyes, read The Guru's Bani, The Guru's sabad. Focus yourself upon the sabad completely. When your hands wander, when your eyes stray, then remind yourself what The Guru says in the bani, bring yourself back with The Guru's sabad. Kill off all of those thieves of ego, of hatred, anger, greed and desire with The Guru's sabad. Then what will happen? Ta fir maran na hoee - then you will not be afflicted by death, what does that mean? Even though physically your body may die, you'll live an eternal spiritual life, you will be united with your Husband LordWaheguru.

Amrit Naam sadaa man meethaa s?y paavai koee ll3ll
Koee - some rare blessed people, paavai - find the sabday, find The Name of God. What does that mean? Only some rare people meditate upon the Name of God. What do they realise? Amrit naam sadaa man meethaa - they realise that the immortal nectar of God's Name, sadaa man meethaa, is forever sweet and is always eternally bringing peace to the mind. Drugs of the world last for an hour, two hours, maybe six hours, a finite amount of time. The medicine of God's Name is eternally curing us. It's eternally giving us peace.

Daatai daat rakhee hath apnai jis bhaavai tis day-ee ll
That daatai, That Giver Waheguru has got the data, the gift of His Name hath apnai, in His hand. Jis bhaavai - that person who pleases Waheguru, who follows what The Guru says, tis day-ee, He blesses them with this gift.

Nanak Naam ratay sukh paiaa dargah jaapeh say-ee ll4ll11ll
Guru sahib Jee is explaining to us in this last line, if you want to obtain the gift of eternal peace, of eternal meditation, then live your life according to what The Guru says. Jis bhaavai tis day-ee - whoever pleases Him, whoever follows Him, tis day-ee, God blesses that being with that gift. Nanak naam ratay sukh paiaa - Sathiguru Amar Das Jee says those people who are ratay, who are completely imbued with, who are completely in love with The Name of God, sukh paiaa, they have found eternal peace. Dargah jaapeh say-ee. Dargah - in the court of The Lord, jaapeh - they are known, they are exulted, they are honoured because they have won this life. They have killed off their ego, their anger, their greed, their attachment their desires. Now they are blessed with eternal life.

Daatai daat rakhee hath apnai jis bhaavai tis day-ee ll
Nanak Naam ratay sukh paiaa dargah jaapeh say-ee ll4ll11ll

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh.