English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 600


Sorath mehalaa 3 |
Sathiguru Amardaasjee Maharaj is blessing us today. Guru Amardaasjee Maharaj begins the shabad,

Bhagath khajaanaa bhagathan ko dheeaa naao har dhan sach soe |
Bhagath khajaanaa - khajaanaa means treasure, there is a treasure cove in gurmat, what treasure chest is that? - of bhagathee. You will see here that there is a sihari upon the tatta of bhagat - which means the meaning of this is bhagathee - what is bhagathe? Bhagathee has many different translations and we can look at it in many differenet ways but simple it is loving worship, it's that true love, that true adoration, that true love. Guru sahibjee says bhagath khajaanaa bhaathan ko dheeaa - the true Guru has blessed the bhagaths - the devotees, has blessed those who serve the Guru at all times, He has blessed them with bhagath khajaanaa - He has blessed them with the treasure chest, with the treasure cove, with the treasury of loving worship, true love. Bhagathee meaning this true love, this true adoration from inside. With this treasure what have the bought? Naao har dhan sach soe - the dhan - the wealth of the name of Hari, the name of God. Guru Sahibjee sach soe - this wealth is the true sach, sach in this case means that which will remain forever. Naao har dhan sach soe - the wealth of God's name will never ever end, the wealth of God's name will never run out. It will forever remain, it is eternal.
Gurmukh piareeo another way of looking at this is, as many sampardaas look at it, naao har dhan sach soe - with the wealth of bhagathee, with the treasure of bhagathee and God's name the treasure of true love, of loving devotional worship inside, the devotees have found sach soe - have found that eternal truth - Akaal purakh Waheguru. Gurumukh piaareo another way of looking at this is naao har dhan sach soe, with the treasure of bhagathee, of loving worship, with the wealth of God's name the devotees have found sach soe -soe can be translated as sobha - sobha means glory. They've found true glory in this world and gurmukh piaareo if we look in the baanee of Siri Guru Granth Sahibjee Maharaj, Siri Guru Granth Sahibjee Maharaj jee tells us about those people who have meditated upon Akaal Purakh and about thier glory. Guru Amardaasjee Maharaj, again in Sorath ragini, Guru Amardaasjee says: jin har man vasiaa sae dhar saachae dhar saachai sachiaaraa - those people in whose mind Hari abides, God abides, they are known as the true ones in the court of the Lord and Guru Amardaasjee says, ounaa dhee sobhaa jug jug hoee koe n maettanehaaraa - their praise, their glory, it vibrates, it echoes through all of time - jug jug - throughout all the ages, throughout all all time, koe n maettanehaaraa - no one can take away, no one can erase, no one can delete, no one can take away from their praise, from their glory. So gurmukh piaareo nao har dhan sach soe, because they have the wealth of God's name, because they have the treasure of loving worship they have received glory which can never ever be taken away from them. Bhagat Ravidhaasjee's name will remain beyond the end of time. Bhagat Ravidhaas jee's name is eternal, Bhagat Kabeerjee's name, name of Bhagat Namdev jee - all the bhagats are eternal.

Akhutt naam dhan kadhae nikhuttai naahee kinai n keemath hoe |
Akhutt -never ending, never exhausting is the dhan - is the wealth of God, no one can ever say Oh, I've spent all of God's name, No it can never be done! There is no end to the wealth of God's name. Kadhae nikhuttai naahee - again Guru Amardaasjee Maharaj tells us to stress the point, kadhae - at no point can it nukhuttai - can it run out, kinai n keemath hoee - if someone says I can find the keemath, I can find the price, the value, the worth, no one can even think of, kinai - no one at all can even think of a price, can even think of putting a value, can even think of putting a worth upon the wealth of God's name. It is beyond all prices, it is priceless. It is beyond all estimations.

Naam dhan mukh oujalae hoeae har paaeiaa sach soe |1|
Those people who have the dhan - the wealth of God's name, through the wealth of God's name their mukh are oujalae, their faces are radiant, their faces are glowing. What does this mean? This means any specks upon them of sins from this life or any past lives, by meditating all of those sins have been washed away and now they are glowing, they are shining. Just as we read everyday in the last few tukka of Jap Jee sahib: jinee naam dhiaaeiaa geae masakath ghaal | naanak thae mukh oujalae kaethee shuttee naal - their mukh are oujalae - their faces are glowing, are bright. This is both physical and spiritual. Spiritually inside they are glowing and when you see their face, when you look into their eyes you can see the glow of God's Light. Har paaeiaa sach soe - they've paaeiaa, they've found that Hari - that Lord God Waheguru who is the eternal Guru, who is the eternal sach.

Man maerae gur sabadhee har paaeiaa jaae |
Guru Amardaasjee Maharaj is talking to their mind but they are also talking to all of us! Oh people of the world, Guru Amardaasjee sahib is saying to themselves, O man maerae - Oh my mind, know this gur sabadhee har paaeiaa jaae - if you want to paaeiaa - if you want to find God, you can only find God through the shabad - through the Guru's word, through the Guru's baanee, through the Guru's mantar. Meditate upon the Guru's banee, upon the Guru's word, meditate upon the Guru's mantar - the Wahguru mantar, that is the way you will find God. There is no other way to find God. Guru Amardaasjee stresses this point, Guru Amardaasjee Maharaj says,

Bin sabadhai jag bhuladhaa firadhaa dharageh milai sajaae | rehaao |
Bin sabadhai - without the name of God, without the shabad, without the Guru's banee, without the Guru's wisdom jag bhuladaa firadhaa - this whole jag - this whole world is wandering around, if firadhaa - is deluded by doubt and is wandering around. Dharageh milai sajaae - in the court of God those people who have wandered, those people who are deluded they will find sajaae - they will be punished, their punishment is that they are wandering around in this world, in this cycle of re-incarnation. Rehaao - pause and think about this Guru Amardaas Patshaah jee says.

Eis dhaehee andhar panch chor vasehi kaam krodh lobh mohu ahankaaraa |
Guru Amardaasjee says, eis dhaehee andahar - inside your body there are panch chor - there are five thieves which live inside you. Gurmukh piaareo many time we think Oh what does this mean? There is a native America story which comes from the Chariky tribe which says that there was an old grandfather sitting down and He was telling his grandchild stories and He said my grandson, inside us there is a battle of two wolves, inside all of us. One is evil - that wolf is made up of anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, lies, falsehood - all of those types of things. The other wolf is good, it stands for joy, peace, love, hope, contentment, harmony. The grandson sat for a moment and is said to have asked his grandfather that Oh Grandfather so which wolf wins and the grandfather replied very quietly that the one that you feed. So Gurmukh piaareo although this story is outside of Gurithihaas - the Guru's history but still it is teaching us. As Guru Amardaasjee Maharaj is blessing us here, inside us there is constant battle going on and there are these five thieves which live there: kaam - lust, krodh - anger, lob - greed, moh - attachment and ahankaar - ego. Just as that grandfather told his grandson, the wolf that you feed wins, in the same way Guru Amardaasjee Maharaj jee is telling us today, Oh Gurmukh piaareo, OH people of the world, instead of feeding your desires, instead of feeding your anger, instead of feeding your hatred, instead of feeding your ego, instead noursih your soul with the God's name. Kaam Krodh lobh mohu ahankaaraa - Guru Amardaasjee says they live inside us. Anger, greed, attachment and ego. What do these five do?

Anmrith loottehi manamukh nehee boojhehi koe n sunai pookaaraa |
They rob us of the nectar inside us, anmrith loottehi manamukh nehee boojhehi - they are looting us of the opportunity of meditating on the immortal nectar of God's name. Manamukh nehee boojhehi - but the people who follow their mind, the people are who feeding these wolves that are inside us they do not boojhehi that they are chucking wood onto the fire. Koe n sunai pookaaraa - Gurmukh piaareo all of those people, the manamukhs - those who follow their mind, none of them can hear their cry, none of them can alleviate their pain. Their pain can only be alleviated through the Guru's shabad, through the Guru's Word.

Andhaa jagath andh varathaaraa baajh guroo gubaaraa |2|
This whole world is blind and andh varathaaraa - everything that we do is enveloped in this blindness. The whole world is blind and everything that we do is tainted with that blindness. Baajh guroo gubaaraa - without the Guru's wisdom, without the Guru's understanding gubaaraa - there is darkness all around us, on all four sides.

Houmai maeraa kar kar viguthae kihu chalai n chaladhiaa naal |
The whole world is ruined, how? By haumai - by ego, by saying maera - by saying that this belongs to me, this belongs to me, this is mine, that possessiveness inside. Kihu chalai n chaladhiaa naal - nothing of this will go with you when you die, O human being!

Guramukh hovai s naam dhiaavai sadhaa har naam samaal |
But those people who focus upon the Guru, they dhiaavai - they face towards the Guru, they are guramukh. Upon their mukh, upon their mouth there are Guru's words at all times - Gur-mukh. They always keep the guru-at-the-mukh - they always keep the guru at the center of their lives. Naam dhiaavai - listen to what the Guru says, Guru says naam dhiaavai - meditate upon the Name, to sing the name of God. Sadhaa har naam samaal - sada - not one minute, not two minutes, not three minutes - all of the time , twenty four hours a day samaal - meaning to remember, to contemplate on, to think about, to meditate upon the name of Hari, the name of God.

Sachee baanee har gun gaavai nadharee nadhar nihaal |3|
Through the true banee of Guru's words har gun gaavai - they sing the gun, the praises of Hari, of Waheguru. Nadharee nadhar nihaal - when we sing the Guru's baanee, when we chant the Guru's name, when we chant the Guru's mantar, when we chant the Guru's banee what will happen? We will be blessed with the nadharee - the glance of grace and we will become nihaal - all of our pains will be alleviated.

Sathigur giaan sadhaa ghatt chaanan amar sir baadhisaahaa |
Inside those devotees - inside their hearts, inside their ghat, inside their inner being, I used the word heart to translate ghat but ghat is really talking about inside your spiritual being. Inside them they always have the channan, sada means forever, they always have the light, they always have the glow of the eternal Guru's giaan - the eternal Guru's wisdom. Amar sir baadhisaahaa - whatever they say, amar in this case means hukam, it means that their command works even over the sirs - over the heads of the kings of the world, baadhisaahaa - worldly kings. Gurmukh piaareo we can see a sakhi from Siri Guru Angad Devjee's Maharaj jee's time when Humayun the emperor comes after losing the battle with Sher Shah Soori and Guru Angad Devjee Maharaj is sitting with children and teaching them the Gurmukhi alphabet and Humayun comes and He expects the Guru to stand up, he expects the Guru to stand and acknowledge that the emperor of India has come and the Guru keeps teaching the children. Infuriated Humayun goes to grab his sword but when he goes to grab his sword his hand freezes at that point and he falls to the feet of Guru Angad Devjee Maharaj. When his hand freezes on the sword Guru Angad Devjee says, O Humayun that sword which you couldn't use in the battlefield against Sher Shah Soori you are going to pull that out against innocent children and against holy men? Have some shame! Where was your bravery in the battlefield? At that point Humayun fell down to the Guru's feet. So Guru piaaro, amar sir baadhisaahaa - their hukam, their command work even upon the heads, they are even accepted by the baadhisaahaa - by the worldly kings.

Anadhin bhagath karehi dhin raathee raam naam sach laahaa |
Day and night they engage in bhagathee - they engage in loving worship, they meditate on the name of God, they chant the Guru's name. Raam naam sach laahaa - they take the true profit of life, of God's name.

Naanak raam naam nisathaaraa sabadh rathae har paahaa |4|2|
Sathiguru Amardaasjee says, raam naam nisathaaraa - you can be liberated through the name of raam - through the name of Lord. Sabadh rathae har paahaa - those people who have completely imbued themselves, rathae means to completely imbue yourself, to completely immerse yourself in God's name, in the shabad, in the Guru's name. Har paahaa - they've found God, they abide close to God.
So Gurmukh piaareo, on one side there are the wolves of desire, anger, ego, greed and attachment and on the other side there is the wealth of God's name. Let's do ardhaas that Guru Amardaasjee Maharaj blesses us that we all are blessed with the wisdom and that we all are blessed with the love to engage in bhagathee - in devotional worship to chant the Guru's name together.

Anadhin bhagath karehi dhin raathee raam naam sach laahaa |
Naanak raam naam nisathaaraa sabadh rathae har paahaa |4|2|

Waheguru jee ka Khalsa, Waheguru jee ki Fateh!