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English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 561


Vaddehans mehalaa 4 ghar 2
Sathiguru Maharaj Sahib Jee Guru Ram Das Jee is blessing us today. Maharaj Sahib Jee is speaking to us in the Vaddehans raag ghar 2, the second house of rhythm and beat. Maharaj Sahib Jee begins the managalaacharan-

Ik oankaar sathigur prasaadh l
There is One Eternal Creator Being Who is forever sath, forever eternal and is found through the grace of The Guru. In this shabad today, Sathiguru Ram Das Jee Maharaj is explaining to us, that O beloved Sikhs of Akaal Purakh Waheguru, O beloved Sikhs of The Guru, this is the bhaavana, this is the emotion, the prem, the love that you should have for your Guru. Guru Sahib Jee is this love, in this prem, in this state of being is explaining to us through this shabad that love, that prem, that longing.

Mai man vaddee aas harae kio kar har dharasan paavaa l
O Hari, O Waheguru Jee, O Lord God nourisher of the world, in my mind - when we refer to man, it's not talking about the brain or anything physical, the man is talking about the spiritual entity within us. The man has not died with many past lives. We read in Gurbani, janam janam kee eis man ko mal laagee - that the mind is covered in the pollution, the filth of many lifetimes, therefore that means that the mind has not died. Even though the body has died, the mind has carried on living for many many lifetimes. The mind is this collection, this knot within us of all of the desires, and the waves of thoughts which arise in our mind. For many lifetimes, this man has been covered with many lowly and demeaning desires. Guru Maharaj Sahib Jee says that O Sathiguru Maharaj Sahib Jee, You have blessed me. Mai man vaddee aas harae - in my mind, I have the vaddee, the greatest aas - hope and desire. In my man, this great desire has arisen after so many lifetimes of having this lowly ego, attachment filled desires, finally I have this great aas, this great hope in my mind. Kio kar har dharasan paavaa - how can I paavaa, how can I obtain the dharasan and the blessed vision of Hari, of Waheguru? How can I unite with my Lord? Guru Sahib Jee tells us if you have this thought in mind, it is a blessing, but how are you going to live out this blessing? Maharaj Sahib Jee tells us -

Ho jaae pushaa apanae sathagurai gur push man mugadh samajhaavaa l
Maharaj Sahib Jee tells us go and pushaa, go and ask your sathagurai, go and fall into the protection of The True Guru. Maharaj Jee is telling us fall into the protection of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Maharaj. This is the way of fulfilling this shubh ishaa, shubh meaning positive and pure, ishaa meaning desire. If you have this positive desire in your mind, then go and ask The Sathiguru, The True Guru. Gur push - when you ask The Guru, take The Guru's advice, The Guru's math, The Guru's wisdom, man mugadh samajhaavaa - this is the way to samajhaavaa, to teach, to your mugadh, your foolish mind. Guru sahib Jee says yes, this thought has arisen, this desire has arisen, and it's a beautiful very blessed desire, but the only way of looking after this seed is to water it with the wisdom of The Guru, otherwise it can never come to flourish and sprout.

Bhoolaa man samajhai gur sabadhee har har sadhaa dhiaaeae l
Many people say I want my mind to focus when I read Gurbani, before I read Gurbani. Your mind will only focus if you read Gurbani. No matter how much someone explains to you the dynamics of swimming or riding a bike, it's only when you get on the bike, and only when you get into the water that you learn these things. Yes, at first in the water you may be floundering, you may not be the greatest swimmer in the world, but slowly and slowly, after those first few attempts, you get the hang of it. Yes, you may fall off the bike many times learning how to ride it, but in the same way Guru Sahib Jee says, bhoolaa man samajhai gur sabadhee - the only way of instructing this mind is by putting it through The Guru's shabad, by enshrining The Guru's shabad within. That is the way of samajhai, of instructing this man, this mind which is bhoolaa, which is wandering, which is entangled in doubt. Guru Sahib Jee says how are you going to do this? Har har sadhaa dhiaaeae. Sadhaa - forever and ever, dhiaaeae - meditate upon Hari, upon The Name of The Lord, upon Waheguru, upon That Lord Who nourished all and Who destroys all pain. Don't simply give up because your mind is not focusing, Guru Jee is saying your mind will focus through The Guru shabad. Yes, you may fall off the bike once or twice, but if you persevere with the Grace of The Guru, you will understand, you will be blessed.

Naanak jis nadhar karae maeraa piaaraa so har charanee chith laaeae l 1 l
Sathiguru Ram Das Jee says those who are blessed with nadhar, with the mercy of my beloved Waheguru Jee, so har charanee chith laaeae. Their chith, their consciousness is laaeae, is attached to the charanee, to the Lotus Feet of Hari, of Waheguru. What is the Lotus Feet? Guru Gobind Singh Jee tells us in Sri Jaap Sahib Jee, chith charan naam, the charan, the Lotus Feet of Waheguru Jee is The Naam, The Name of The Lord. Those who have tried with the Grace of The Guru, to instruct their minds, Waheguru Jee blesses them with guraprasaadh, with the Grace. Then, their mind is attached, then their focus, their consciousness is attached to the shabad of The Guru.

Ho sabh vaes karee pir kaaran jae har prabh saachae bhaavaa l
Maharaj Sahib Jee is saying ho sabh, I have all vaes, all sorts of robes, all sorts of guises, pir kaaran, in order to please my pir, my husband Lord Waheguru, if it would bhaavaa, it would please my Eternal Akaal Purakh Waheguru. However, Guru Sahib Jee says that those robes, and those vaes, those saadhnaas, those actions which are done in ego, those actions which lead only to more desire, to more ego, they do not please The Lord.

So pir piaaraa mai nadhar n dhaekhai ho kio kar dheeraj paavaa l
Maharaj Sahibjee says that if all of those robes, all of those guises, all of those things that we do are entangled in ego then that pir piaaraa - then that Waheguru mai nadhar n dhaekhai - will not even glance towards us, nadhar means to glance. Ho kio kar dheeraj paavaa ? Maharaj jee says how can I find dheeraj, how can I find peace because I've realised that,

Jis kaaran ho seegaar seegaaree so pir rathaa maeraa avaraa l
That Waheguru for whom, kaaran means for whose sake I have seehaaree - I've been adorning myself with all these decorations, all these external features of faith so pir rathaa maeraa avaraa - that pir, that husband Lord is rathaa - is imbued maeraa avaraa - with others. Who are those other, Maharaj Raamdaas jee says,

Naanak dhan dhann dhann sohaagan jin pir raaviarraa sach savaraa l 2 l
Blessed, blessed are those sohaagan - those blessed brides who have been united with their husband Lord, dhann dhann - great are their mothers, great are their fathers, great are those who do their sangat. Maharaj sahibjee says jin pir raaviarraa sach savaraa - Maharaj Sahibjee says I am not envious with those, I don't have hatred for them, Maharaj sahibjee says fall at the feet of those Gurmukhs who have meditated upon shabad of the Guru. Give up your clever devices, give up your clever tricks and Sathiguru Patshahjee says, call then dhan - say they are great jin pir raaviarra sach savaraa - those who have enjoyed union with my pir - with my great Lord, who is sach - Who is True and Who is savaraa - Who can savaar the whole world, Who can decorate the whole world with His love. Sathiguru Maharaj Sahibjee goes on to tell us what are we to do when we meet these Gursikhs?

Ho jaae pushaa sohaag thusee kio pir paaeiarraa prabh maeraa l
Those Sohaagan - those happy soul brides, those Gurmukh piaarae i pushaa - I ask them of my sohaag, of my husband Lord: thusee kio pir paaeiarraa prabh maeraa? - how have you obtained, how have you obtained union with my Lord, with my pir Waheguru.

Mai oopar nadhar karee pir saachai mai shoddiarraa maeraa thaeraa l
Guru Sahibjee says those who are united with the Guru, those who are united with Akaal Purakh main oopar nadhar karee pir saachai - that eternal pir, that eternal Lord has cast His nadhar, has cast His Grace over me. Only through the Guru's Grace, the Guru's nadhar have I been unite with my Lord. Through the Guru's Grace what did I do? Mai shoddiarraa maeraa thaeraa - I gave up maeraa thaeraa - all of these ideas of this belongs to me, this belongs to you. Guru Sahibjee says when I gave up these ideas of duality what did I do?

Sabh man than jeeo karahu har prabh kaa eith maarag bhainae mileeai l
That Gurmukh piaaraa - that beloved soul tells us all of your man - all of your mind, all of your than - your body, jeeo - soul karo har prabh kaa - have that faith in your mind, believe and know that it all belongs to Hari, to prabh Waheguru. Eith maarag bhainae mileeai - O bhainae - O soul bride this is the way of mileeai - this is the way of uniting with Waheguru, maarag - means way - this is the path. Guru Sahibjee says the path, the way is to dedicated, to realise that it all belongs to Waheguru.

Aapanarraa prabh kar dhaekhai naanak joth jothee raleeai l 3 l
On the day that my prabhu, that my Waheguru looks at us with His nadhar - with His glance of Grace naanak joth jothee raeleeai - Sathiguru Raamdaas jee says that joth jothee raleeai - our Light will merge in with that Divine Light of Akaal Purakh, that our joth, aatmaa will become one with paramaatma, with that Waheguru.

Jo Har Prabh Kaa Mai Dhaee Sanaehaa This Man Than Apanaa Dhaevaa ||
Those great beloved souls who give me the sanaehaa - who give me the message of har prabh - of Waheguru this man than apanaa dhaevaa - I will give my man - my mind, my than - my spiritual body to those beloved beings. To that Sathiguru, to Siri Guru Granth Sahibjee Maharaj I give my man - mind, than - body and soul.

Nith Pakhaa Faeree Saev Kamaavaa This Aagai Paanee Dtovaa(N) ||
Again and again I wave the fan over Sathiguru jee, saev kamaavaa - I serve Him in every way and this aagain paanee dtovaa - in His congregation I will carry water. NIth pakhaa faeree - again and again I will turn away my pakhaa, pakh means to take a side, I will turn away my side, I will turn away my mind from the side of the world and side with the Guru. Saev kamaavaa - I will serve the Guru through meditating upon Naam, this aagai paanee dtovaa - aagai - living in the aagiaa - living in the command of the Guru and accepting it with prem - with love that is the paanee dtovaan.

Nith Nith Saev Karee Har Jan Kee Jo Har Har Kathhaa Sunaaeae ||
Nith nith saev karee - again and again, continuously may I serve the servants of the Guru jo har har kathha sunaaeae - who tells me the stories, the path of Akaal Purakh.

Dhhan Dhha(N)N Guroo Gur Sathigur Pooraa Naanak Man Aas Pujaaeae ||4||
Great, great is that Guru, that Sathiguru - that Guru of all Gurus, that Eternal Guru who is pooraa - who is perfect. Dhhan Dhaann - .great is Siri Guru Nanak Devjee, Great is Guru Angad Dev Ji Maharaj, great is Satguru Guru Amar Daas Ji Maharaj, Pooraa, my perfect Sathguru, Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. Naanak Man Aas Pujaaeae - Guru Raam Daas Ji says, that Guru who has Pujaaeaa has fulfilled my Aas, this desire in my heart or union with Akaal Purakh.

Gur Sajan Maeraa Mael Harae Jith Mil Har Naam Dhhiaavaa ||
O Harae O Waheguru Ji! please Mael please unite me with my Guru, with my Sajan, with my friend, the Guru. Jith Mil Har Naam Dhhiaavaa Meeting with whom I Dhhiaavaa I meditate upon the Lord. And what is very important to know here is Guru Sahib Ji is asking a union with the Guru. The Guru is the door to house of the God. The only way to the house is through the Guru. Guru Ji is saying first sit with the Guru, only through the Guru, only through the Gurudwara - our places of worship, through the Guru there is union with the Akaal Purakh, there is no other way. Why?

Gur Sathigur Paasahu Har Gosatt Pooshhaa(N) Kar Saa(N)Jhee Har Gun Gaavaa(N)||
I Pooshhaa(N), I ask the Gosatt the method of meeting with, the path to be with Hari, the Waheguru, ask that from Waheguru.Kar Saa(N)Jhee Har Gun Gaavaa(N) And when the Guru blesses me with this understanding Kar Saa(N)Jhee He then passes that understanding to me Har Gun Gaavaa(N) I realize that the path to Waheguru is Gun Gaavaan, the virtues of Waheguru (to be sung); Gun Gaavaa(N) is singing the virtues of Waheguru.

Gun Gaavaa Nith Nith Sadh Har Kae Man Jeevai Naam Sun Thaeraa ||
Sadh again and again, Nith Nith day in and day out I Gun Gaavaa I sing the praises of Waheguru, of Hari. Man Jeevai Naam Sun Thaeraa - Man Jeevai My mind Jeevai lives, it flourishes listening, Sun, to your name, O Waheguru.

Naanak Jith Vaelaa Visarai Maeraa Suaamee Thith Vaelai Mar Jaae Jeeo Maeraa ||5||
Satguru Raam Daas Ji says that Jith Vaelaa that time I Visarai forget my Suaamee my Lord, Thith Vaelai - at that moment Mar Jaae Jeeo Maeraa my Jeeo my soul, whithers away and dies. Satguru Maharaj Ji says what Guru Nanak Dev ji says in Sodar Rehraas, Aakhhaa Jeevaan Visrai Mar Jaao. For the Guru centered being meditating upon Akaal Purakh is life.

Har vaekhan ko sabh koee lochai so vaekhai aap vikhaalae jis ||
Everybody says they want to vaekhan see the Lord, Waheguru but Guru Sahib Ji says so vaekhai only that person sees the union aap vikhaalae is shown the path to Waheguru through the Guru.

Jis no nadhar karae maeraa piaaraa so har har sadhaa samaalae ||
Those beloved beings who are blessed with the nadhar by glance of Grace by meaeraa piaaraa by Waheguru. so har har sadhaa samaalae Those people forever and forever meditate upon Waheguru samaalae.

So har har naam sadhaa sadhaa samaalae jis sathagur pooraa maeraa miliaa ||
Those people who meditate upon the name of Waheguru jis sathagur pooraa maeraa miliaa those have met my pooraa perfect Eternal Satguru.

Naanak Har Jan Har Eikae Hoeae Har Jap Har Saethee Raliaa ||6||1||3||
Through the Grace of the Guru, the servants of the Hari, Waheguru Har Eikae Hoeae have become one with the Akaal Purakh. Har Jap Har Saethee Raliaa When I came into the protection of the Guru I Jap I meditate upon the Har Naam then I became one with the Guru . That is the way to be blending with the Guru through the Grace of Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, and that is the way to be blending in, merging in with the Waheguru.
Satgur Maharaj Ji is telling us the glory and greatness of the Guru today. He is instructing us: O Sikh of the Guru, give your mind body and soul to the Guru and the Guru will unite you with Waheguru.

So har har naam sadhaa sadhaa samaalae jis sathagur pooraa maeraa miliaa ||
Naanak Har Jan Har Eikae Hoeae Har Jap Har Saethee Raliaa

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh


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