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Salok ma 3 |
Guru Pyaaree beloved Sadhsangat jeeo the hukamnama today is in the Bhaihaagraa raag. The Saloks are by Siri Guru Amardaasjee Maharaj and the pauree is by Guru Raamdaasjee Maharaj. Maharaj sahib is explaining to us today the state of those who are awakened and those who are in the sleep, who are in the slumber of ignorance.

Houmai vich jagath muaa maradho maradhaa jaae |
Maharaj Sahib jee says that the whole world has spiritually muaa - died and physically comes and goes on this earth - maradho maradhaa jaae. Dying again and again through various reincarnations, through various life forms jae - comes and goes through houmai - through ego. Maharaj Sahib jee is telling us that ego is the thing which brings again and again onto this earth through which we die and through which we are born because we do not give up this sense of I. Bhagat Raviddaasjee explains to us that: jab ham hothae thab thoo naahee - when this sense of ham - when this sense of I, ego is prevalent then there is no acceptance, then there is no merging in with that eternal Waheguru. Sathguru Patshahjee, Sathguru Amardaasjee says,

Jichar vich dhanm hai thichar n chaethee k karaeg agai jaae |
What does the human being do? Jichar - as long as there is dhanm - there is breath in his lungs thichar n chaethaee - for that amount of time n chaethee - he doesn't meditate, doesn't do simran, doesn't remember the Lord. What is Maharaj jee saying?- That all our lives are spent without simran - without meditation. K karaeg agai jaae - what will he karaeg - what will he do agai jaae - in the world after this. What does that mean? What is the world after this? - That which happens after we die. Maharaj sahib jee is saying that when you die, what will you do then? Sathguru Raamdaasjee Maharaj explains to us on Ang 450: hun vathai har naam n beejiou - in this human body it is the season to meditate upon the Lord and if you haven't sown the seeds of meditation, Maharaj Sahib jee says agai bhukhaa kiaa khaaeae - what will you eat? What will your soul eat in the world after this? Sathguru Amardaasjee Maharaj goes on to say,

Giaanee hoe s chaethann hoe agiaanee andh kamaae |
The brahamghyaani - the God conscious being - that soul who is blessed with complete spiritual knowledge of the Lord, Sathguru Maharaj jee says that that being is chaethann - forever awakened, if forever conscious. Agiaanee andh kamaae - on the other hand, Sathguru Maharaj jee says, that being who is in spiritual ignorance, the darkness of spiritual ignorance andh kamaae - in that darkness kamaae - everything he/she does is tainted with the ignorance. Everything we do is through our ignorance, everything is tainted by that. Maharaj Sahib jee says,

Naanak eaethai kamaavai so milai agai paaeae jaae |1|
What you kamaavai - what you do in this world so milai - that is what you'll receive. Agai paaeae jaae - in your next births you'll paaeae jaae - you'll receive the fruits of what you've done. Just like now what we are receiving is the fruits of our past lives. Maharaj Sahib jee says that in the future you'll be receiving the fruits of what you've done now.

Ma 3 |
Sathguru Amardaasjee Maharaj goes on to say,

Dhur khasamai kaa hukam paeiaa vin sathigur chaethiaa n jaae |
This is hukam - the command from dhur - from times which are beyond comprehension of our mere mortal mind, dhur - from that Primal Being - khasamai, that Lord has given this command: vin sathigur chaethiaa n jaae - without the True Guru you cannot meditate upon Lord - that is the philosophy if gurmat. Gurmat tells us that gurprasaad bharam ka naas - through the Guru's Grace comes the destruction of doubts, of the illusion of this world. Without the Guru this cannot happen. Other paths teach that we can reach this level ourselves but Sathguru Patshahjee, Guru Amardaasjee Maharaj is telling us that No, only through the Grace of this Guru is this achievable.

Sathigur miliai anthar rav rehiaa sadhaa rehiaa liv laae |
Meeting the True Guru, miliai - means to completely unite. When you give up all sense of I and you merge in with the teachings of the True Guru then anthar rav rehiaa - then the Guru blesses you with the understanding and with the experience that Waheguru jee is anthar - within you, rav rehiaa - pervading through you, permeating through you. Sadhaa rehiaa liv laae - forever and ever that gurmukh piaaraa who is connected to the Guru sadaa - forever remains liv laae - with his consciousness, with his focus attached to that Lord Who is pervading through all. How does that gurmukh behave? What does he do? Maharaj jee says,

Dham dham sadhaa samaaladhaa dhanm n birathaa jaae |
With each breath - dham; that breath which goes in, dham; that breath which comes out sadhaa - forever and ever samaaladhaa - he meditates upon the Lord which each of those breaths. Dhanm n birathaa jaae - not even one breath goes wasted, each breath they are meditating upon the Lord. They are the ones Sathguru Sahib jee says: jinaa saas giraas n visarai har naamaa man manth | dhann s saeee naanakaa pooran soee santh | - those are the complete perfect saintly beings. In this state of being,

Janam maran kaa bho gaeiaa jeevan padhavee paae |
The bho - the fear gaeiaa - departs, the fear of janam and maran - birth and death. That is the greatest fear in our life and all of these fears are removed. Jeevan padhavee paae - the Gurmukh doesn't have the fear of janam because the cycle of reincarnation has been cut, there is no coming and going again. Maran - when they have to leave this world they are happy. They know that it's all a dream. Jeevan padhavee paae - the achieve the status of being liberated while being alive in this world.

Naanak eihu marathabaa this no dhaee jis no kirapaa karae rajaae |2|
This state of being is dhaee - is blessed by Waheguru jis no kirapaa karae rajaae - through the kirpa of Waheguru and through His rajae - through His command. Only those are blessed who Sathguru Sahib jee blesses themselves, Waheguru jee blesses themselves.

Pourree |
Sathguru Raamdaasjee Maharaj says,

Aapae dhaanaa beeniaa aapae paradhaanaa |
Dhaanaa means the most wise, it also means those actions which we do Waheguru je sees them. Beeniaa means all knowing, it also means that Waheguru jee sees those things that we try and do with no one watching us - so Waheguru jee watches things that we do outwardly and those that we indoors or away from others; Maharaj jee knows all. Aapae paradhaanaa - Waheguru jee is supreme. There is no other who can level out with Akaal Purakh, the Lord God is the greatest and is pervading through all.

Aapae roop dhikhaaladhaa aapae laae dhiaanaa |
Waheguru themselves reveal their roop - their form to the being. Aapae laae dhiaanaa - Waheguru jee themselves attaches us to dhiaanaa - in their meditation.

Aapae monee varathadhaa aapae kathai giaanaa |
Waheguru jee is pervading through all in their nirgun form - in their formless form as moni - meaning one who is silent, silently watching all. Aapae kathai giaanaa - sitting in the Guru, in the Sargun roop - Maharaj speaks of and describes spiritual wisdom. Maharaj Sahib jee says,

Kourraa kisai n lagee sabhanaa hee bhaanaa |
That to know one does Waheguru jee seems bitter because Waheguru jee has no enmity with anyone. Sabhanaa hee bhaanaa - Waheguru jee is pleasing to all.

Ousathath baran n sakeeai sadh sadh kurabaanaa |19|
Sathguru Raamdaasjee says that ousathath baran n sakeeai - I cannot describe the praises of Waheguru, n sakeeai - I cannot do this. Sadh sadh kirabaanaa - how are we going to experience the Lord; forever and forever sacrifice yourself to the Lord, each moment. What does that mean: sacrifice yourself? - Sacrifice each breath, sacrifice each moment, sacrifice your time, sacrifice your wealth - devote it to the Guru's causes, devote your breath to the Guru's mantar - to meditate upon the Guru, devote your mind to thinking of the Guru, to contemplating the Guru and this is the way of experiencing the Lord - Sathguru Raamdaasjee Maharaj jee is telling us today.

Kourraa kisai n lagee sabhanaa hee bhaanaa |
Ousathath baran n sakeeai sadh sadh kurabaanaa |19|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!


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