English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 533

Raag dhaevaga(n)dhhaaree mehalaa 5 ghar 3
Maharaj Sahib Jee is speaking to us in Daevaga(n)dhhaaree raag in ghar 3, in the third house of beat and rhythm. Sathiguru Sahib Jee begins the shabad with mangalaacharan -

Ik oa(n)kaar sathigur prasaadh ||
There is One Eternal Waheguru, The Nourisher, Creator, Destroyer of all Who brings Light to all, Who brings life to all, and Who is found through the Grace, the prasaadh of The Eternal Guru, Sathiguru.

Meethaa aisae har jeeo paaeae ||
Shhodd n jaaee sadh hee sa(n)gae anadhin gur mil gaaeae ||1|| rehaao ||

Waheguru never jaaee, never leaves us. Once we're united with Akal Purakh, Sachhe Paatshah, with Lord God, shhodd n jaaee, He never leaves, sadh hee sa(n)gae. Sadh means at all times, sa(n)gae, means He's with us. He's always with us, through the thick and the thin. A lot of people attach themselves to us in our lives when we're happy or when we have peace, and in sad times they leave us. Guru Sahib Jee says I have found such Waheguru Who is with me in the good and the bad. How did I find this Waheguru? Anadhin - day and night, mil - I united myself, I met with, I was blessed to have the company of The True Guru. Meeting with The Guru, meeting with the sangat in The Guru's presence gaaeeae - I sang the praises of Waheguru. This is what united me to Waheguru. sitting with The Guru, sitting with the sangat, and singing the praises of God. Rehaao - pause and think about this.

Miliou manohar sarab sukhainaa thiaag n kathehoo jaaeae ||
Miliou - I have been united with That manohar, That Waheguru Who is fascinating to me, Who I adore. By meeting with Waheguru, sarab sukhainaa. Sarab, I found all sukhainaa, all comforts, all happiness. Thiaag n kathehoo jaaeae. There's no way that I can leave, jaaeae, thiaag, forsake Waheguru Jee, leave Waheguru and go anywhere else. There's no way that Waheguru Jee will leave me. Once united with Waheguru, Waheguru never leaves His beloved ones.

Anik anik bhaath bahu paekhae pria rom n samasar laaeae ||1||
Anik anik - many different, bhaath, types of people I have seen. Countless different types of people I have seen, bahu, means a lot, paekhae means I have seen, pria rom n samasar laaeae. But, all these different type of people in the world who are trying to attach you to themselves. But no, through The Guru's Grace, through the sangat, through the company of the holy blessed gursikhs I have realised, pria rom n samasar laaeae. All these others are not even samasar, equal to, rom, even equal to a hair of my beloved. They are not even equal to a tiny, tiny bit of my beloved. My beloved Waheguru is the greatest of all.

Ma(n)dhar bhaag sobh dhuaarai anehath run jhun laaeae ||
Waheguru Jee's ma(n)dhar, Waheguru Jee's palace is bhaag, is beautiful. His dhuaarai, His doors are beautified. His palace, His court, His Sachhkhand, His abode of truth is beautiful. Who sits at His gate? The sangat? Who sits at His gate and makes it beautiful? Sobh means to beautify. How is the gate beautified? By the saints, singing the praises. There is run jhun, there is the sound of the anehath, the unstruck, never ending melody of Waheguru, of Lord God. That unstruck melody of Oa(n)kaar, that never-ending sound. Sounds on this earth which are made physically are (self) made, and they end at some point. But there is an unstruck never-ending melody of Oa(n)kaar which is pulsing through the universe. Those gurmukh piaarey who meditate upon the shabad, they can tune into this. So gurmukh piaareyo, Guru Sahib Jee says that that never-ending current is beating forever at His door.

Kahu naanak sadhaa ra(n)g maanae grih pria thheethae sadh thhaaeae ||2||1||27||
Sathigur Sahib Jee says sadhaa, forever and ever, I maanae, I enjoy ra(n)g, God's love. In that thhaaeae, in that blessed place, in the sangat, the company of the holy gursikhs, the saints who meditate upon Waheguru in the presence of The Guru, what happened there? I was united with Waheguru. what happened? Pria - That Waheguru came to thheethae - means to abide within, to remain, to stay within my grih, the home of myself, my soul. That Waheguru was abiding within me by going into the sangat. Another interpretation - grih pria thheethae, I have thheethae, I have gained an eternal place, a permanent place in the grih, in the house of my beloved Waheguru. sadh thhaaeae, forever and ever I have thhaaeae, I have a place in the abode of Waheguru, my Lord God.

Ma(n)dhar bhaag sobh dhuaarai anehath run jhun laaeae ||
Kahu naanak sadhaa ra(n)g maanae grih pria thheethae sadh thhaaeae ||2||1||27||

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh.


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