English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 512


Salok ma 3 |
Sathiguru Amardaasjee Maharaj begins the shabad today,

Breham bindhae so braahaman keheeai j anadhin har liv laaeae |
Sathiguru sahibjee says that I keheeai - I call that person braahaman - a true priest of God, who breham bindhae - who knows, who understands, who is merged in with breham - with God. Sathiguru jee is saying here that cast doesn't make anyone high or low. Being born into a specific house doesn't make you higher or lower than anyone else or more or less connected to God. Just as being born into the house of a doctor, having a father who is a doctor doesn't mean that you'll be a doctor. Many people used to say that only people who are born into the families of braahaman's can worship God. Guru Sahibjee says, No! That person is a braahaman - that person is a priest, is a devotee of God who comes to bindhae - who comes to know God. J anadhin har liv laaeae - anadhin - day and night that person laaeae - attaches their consciousness to Hari, to Waheguru.

Sathigur pushai sach sanjam kamaavai houmai rog this jaaeae |
They go and ask the true Guru - the eternal Guru. They don't just ask the Guru and not listen to what the Guru says. They ask the Guru and sach sanjam kamaavai - they practice the self-restraint of speaking the truth and living a truthful life. They live that. Houmai rog this jaaeae - someone goes to the Guru, asks the Guru for updesh and follows that guidance then houmai rog this jaaeae - then the disease of egotism leaves those people.

Har gun gaavai gun sangrehai jothee joth milaaeae |
They gaavai - the sing the praises of God and gun sangrehai - the get together, they collect together the virtues as well. Not just singing together they collect together, they bring together the virtues of humility, of compassion, of love - of all these virtues. If you live your life this way jothee joth milaaeae - Your Light will merge in with that Eternal Light of God.

Eis jug mehi ko viralaa breham giaanee j houmai maett samaaeae |
In this time, in this jug - in this period ko viralaa breham giaanee - very rare is that breham giaanee - is that soul who is completely connected to God, who has complete knowledge of God. Why? Because to breham giaanee j houmai maett samaaeae - you have to eradicate your sense of houmai - your ego and only then can you samai - merge into God.

Naanak this no miliaa sadhaa sukh paaeeai j anadhin har naam dhiaaeae |1|
Sathiguru Amardaasjee says by meeting such a breham giaanee - such a realized soul, such saints, sadhaa sukh paaeeai - you can find eternal peace, not happiness which will remain for a day or two but eternal happiness which lasts forever, which is found by meeting those people. If you meet those people what do you have to do? J anadhin har naam dhiaaeae - those people themselves anadhin - day and night dhiaaeae - meditate upon God's name, so meeting with them, only point of meeting them is if you listen to what they say and you also meditate day and night upon God.

Ma 3 |

Anthar kapatt manamukh agiaanee rasanaa jhooth bolaae |
Many people have a front of knowledge but anthar - inside them they are full of kapatt - they are full of deception, looking one way on the outside and another on the inside because manamukh - because they are following their mind, they are mind-centered beings, they are agiaanee - they do not have spiritual wisdom. Rasanaa jhooth bolaae - with his/her tongue they speak jhooth - they speak falsehood.

Kapatt keethai har purakh n bheejai nith vaekhai sunai subhaae |
You cannot bheejai - you cannot please har purakh Waheguru with kapatt - with deception, you may be able to please the world, you may be able to pull the wool over everyone's eyes but you cannot pull the wool over God's eyes because God is sitting within you. nith vaekhai sunai subhaae - subhaae - naturally God is sitting within you and sunai - and listening to everything, your inner deepest, darkest thoughts that no one knows God is listening to them.

Dhoojai bhaae jaae jag parabodhai bikh maaeiaa moh suaae |
Some people go and parabodhai - instruct the world but inside them they are caught up in the love of dhoojai - in the love of duality. What does that mean? The love of duality means the love of this illusion, that they are completely attached to this illusion of maya but on top of this they are saying, Oh I don't believe in any of this illusion it's just a dream - they are just saying that but not believing it and not living it. Bikh maaeiaa moh suaae - because they are attached to the suaae - to the taste of moh - of attachment and the poison of maaeiaa - to the poison of this illusion. What is the illusion? - That everything is going to remain forever. What is the illusion? That what we gather together will always remain with us, No! Only God will remain with us forever.

Eith kamaanai sadhaa dhukh paavai janmai marai fir aavai jaae |
If we kamaanai - if we live our life in such a way then we will get sadhaa dukh - eternal sorrow. In the beginning of the shabad Guru sahibjee is talking about sadhaa sukh, and now Gurujee is talking about sadhaa dukh. If you meditate upon God and you realize the Truth then you have sadhaa sukh. If you live your life in attachment and illusion then you have sadhaa dukh. Janmai marai fir aavai jaae - You are born and die again and again in rebirth, fir aavai jaae - come and go again and again in rebirth.

Sehasaa mool n chukee vich visattaa pachai pachaae |
Even a tiny bit of their sehasaa - their doubts are chukee - are removed, visatta pachai pachaae - they are like maggots or worms pachai pachaae - rotting away in visattaa - in the manure. What does that mean? In this world which is full of corruption we are just eating away at the corruption, we are like those maggots who love and thrive off the corruption around us. So Guramukh piaareyo Guru Sahibjee is telling us what happens when we follow our mind.

Jis no kirapaa karae maeraa suaamee this gur kee sikh sunaae |
Those who are blessed with kirapaa - with Grace from my Lord God, from my suaamee - from my Master this gur kee sikh sunaae - they get to listen and they get to understand and live out the Guru's teachings, gur kee sikh means the Guru's teachings.

Har naam dhiaavai har naamo gaavai har naamo anth shaddaae |2|
When they hear this, what do they do? They don't just hear it and then leave it. har naam dhiaavai - they meditate upon the God's name, har naamo gaavai - the sing God's name, har naamo anth shaddaae - if You sing God's name, if you praise God's name then in the end God's name will save you.

Pourree |

Jinaa hukam manaaeioun thae poorae sansaar |
Only those people are perfect in this world jinaa hukam manaaeioun - who God has blessed with the grace of giving them enough wisdom and love to be able to accept God's hukam - God's command.

Saahib saevan iaapanaa poorai sabadh veechaar |
They saevan - they serve their aapanaa - their own Lord and master Waheguru God. Who do they do this? Poorai sabadh veechar - by meditating, by understanding, by repeating the poorai sabadh - the perfect shabad of the Guru.

Har kee saevaa chaakaree sachai sabadh piaar |
What is the chakaree - what is the saevaa - how do you serve God? Sachai sabadh piaar - by having piaar, by loving the shabad - the Guru's baanee - that is serving the Guru.

Har kaa mehal thinaee paaeiaa jina houmai vichahu maar |
Those people who have found the mehal - have found the abode of God within them because God lives within each and every one of us. Jina houmai vichahu maar - only those people realize this who have eradicated their houmai - their sense of ego.

Naanak guramukh mil rehae jap har naamaa our dhaar |10|
Amardaasjee says that - those who are centered upon the Guru, those who are centered upon Guru Nanak, Guru Angad Devjee, Guru Amardaasjee, Guru Raamdaasjee Maharaj, those people who have centered their lives upon Siri Guru Granth Sahibjee Maharaj mil rehae - they remain united with God. Jap har naamaa our dhaar - how have they done this? By jap - by meditating upon the Name of God, by our dhaar - by enshrining God's name, by implanting God's name within their heart, within their our.

Har kaa mehal thinaee paaeiaa jina houmai vichahu maar |
Naanak guramukh mil rehae jap har naamaa our dhaar |10|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!


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