English Hukamnama Katha-Ang 430

Aasaa mehalaa 3 |
Amardaasjee Maharaj is speaking to us today. Maharaj Sahibjee begins the hukamnama,

An ras mehi bholaaeiaa bin naamai dhukh paae |
Sathiguru Maharaj jee tells us, O human being you are being bholaaeiaa - you are being messed around by, you are wondering around, then we ask what? Sathiguru Maharaj jee tells us: an ras - the things which are causing you all of this pain, those enemies of yours which you are so in love with, which you are so attached with they are an ras - an means others, ras means tastes, essences, pleasures. Sathiguru Maharaj jee says O being you are pain because you are being attached to the pleasures of the world, attached to the pleasure of desires. Guru Maharaj jee says an ras mehi bholaaeiaa - you are engrossed in these and you are wondering around. Bin naamai dhukh paae - without the name of the Lord you can only paae - you can only receive dhukh - pain. Sathiguru Maharaj Sahibjee is putting out a very simply view of things here. Maharaj jee is saying simply, O being because of your attachment to these pleasures of desire, these worldly pleasures - that is what gives you pain - that is what gives you dhukh: mental, spiritual and physical pain.

Sathigur purakh n bhaettiou j sachee boojh bujhaae |1|
Bhaettiou means to be united with - it doesn't just mean to go and see, it means to be united with, to follow. You have not been united with the True purakh - the True being, the Sathiguru. What does that mean? Maharaj Sahibjee is saying you haven't walked on the path. Bhaettiou literally means to give up your sense of self and merge in. Guru Maharaj jee says O being you haven't done this. Only by following the Guru's path, only by listening completely single-mindedly to what the Guru says - to the Guru's wisdom, to the Guru's math j sachee boojh bujhaae - then you are bujhaae - you are blessed with the True understanding of this world - the ultimate spiritual wisdom is only found by following what the Guru says. Sathiguru Maharaj jee says,

Eae man maerae baavalae har ras chakh saadh paae |
O my mind baavalae - you've gone insane with these pleasures of the world. How are we defining this insanity? If someone is going to spend a night in a hotel and they bring all of their possessions thinking oh I am going to stay here forever and they are kicked out in the morning - that's insanity - that's the same thing that we are doing. Eae man maerae - O my mind baavalae - oh insane mind har ras chakh saadh paae. Chakh - taste the essence of Hari - of God's name saadh paae - you will find the True essence of life. All of those other pleasures of the world will fall away.

An ras laagaa thoon firehi birathaa janam gavaae |1| rehaao |
But Maharaj jee says that your are thoon firehi - wondering around attached to an ras - to worldly pleasures birathaa janam gavaae - in this way your janam - your life gavaae - is wasted, is birathaa - meaning to no avail, it's just wasted with no use. Rehaao - Guru Sahibjee says pause and think about this today. Maharaj Sahibjee is saying to us that Eae man maerae baavalae har ras chakh saadh paae - find the taste of life, the True essence.

Eis jug mehi guramukh niramalae sach naam rehehi liv laae |
Within this jug - within this age, within this world, within this time the guramukhs in this world and the next are niramalae - are always purified, are always cleansed, how? Sach naam rehehi liv laae - because rehehi - they remain attached, what remains attached? Their liv - their consciousness, their mind, heart and soul are always attached to the consciousness - to the True name of the lord. Guru Sahibjee goes on to say,

Vin karamaa kish paaeeai nehee kiaa kar kehiaa jaae |2|
Without karamaa - without the Grace of the Guru, karamaa also means without selfless actions - without these two things kish paaeeai nehee - nothing can be found. Kiaa kar kehiaa jaae - what else can be said apart from this? This is the greatest teaching in the house of Guru Naanak that gurprasaadh param ka naas - through the Guru's Grace our doubts, this illusion dissolves. Everyday when we recite this moolmantar we ask for this guraprasaadh.

Aap pashaanehi sabadh marehi manahu thaj vikaar |
Sathiguru Maharaj Sahibjee says that the path of the guramukh is aap pashaanehi - they understand their True self, they know that they are truly not this body or the mind. They've realized this that there is a soul and that is their True identity. Sabadh marehi - through the sabadh they die. What does this mean to die in the sabadh, to die in the Word of God? Guru Sahibjee tells us manahu thaj vikaar - from their mind they've given up vikaar - they've given up thoughts of desire, they've given up desires. This is dying through the sabadh - through not slandering people, not deceiving, giving up all of those bad habits, killing off all of the negativity.

Gur saranaaee bhaj peae bakhasae bakhasanehaar |3|
Sathiguru Maharaj Sahibjee tells us that bhaj - run into and fall into, two Words here bhaj - to run into and peae - fall into, run and fall into the saranaaee - the protection of the Guru and bakhasae bakhasanehaar - that God who is merciful will forgive you. Run out of the realization, what realization is that? If you are suddenly sitting in your house and you realize that there is some fire you'd run to the fire brigade. In the same way sitting inside this body when we realize that our body is on fire by all of these desires run into the protection of the Guru and fall into the protection of the Guru then you'll be forgiven. But we have to run there and we have to fall into the protection.

Bin naavai sukh n paaeeai naa dhukh vichahu jaae |
Without the name of the Lord sukh n paaeeai - we cannot find True happiness. Naa dhukh vichahu jaae - Maharaj Sahibjee reiterates this that the dukh - the pain which is inside you, that cannot be taken away by showering the external self with gift, by buying more and more, by indulging more and more in desires you cannot take away the pain which is inside you, that only can be taken away by the name of the Lord which pervades through you.

Eihu jag maaeiaa mohi viaapiaa dhoojai bharam bhulaae |4|
This jag - this world is viaapiaa - is attacked by, afflicted by the mohi - by attached to the illusion of this world. Dhoojai bharam bhulaae - in this love of duality, in this love of the world the whole world is bhulaae - the whole world has gone astray in bharam - in the love of this illusion.

Dhohaaganee pir kee saar n jaanehee kiaa kar karehi seegaar |
Those soul brides who have no connection with their husband lord Waheguru they are dhohaaganee. Pir kee saar n jaanehee - they don't even know the value of their husband Lord Waheguru. They don't know how great Waheguru jee is. They don't know how the name of Waheguru can take away the pains of many lifetimes, the sins of many lifetimes kiaa kar karehi seegar - kiaa means what. What seegar - what decorations can they do? Gurujee says that those soul brides who are decorating themselves for the world and not for the Lord what is the point of their decoration?

Anadhin sadhaa jaladheeaa firehi saejai ravai n bhathaar |5|
Anadhin - day and night, sadhaa - forever and ever those souls are firehi - are wondering and are jaladheeaa - are burning away in these desires. Saejai ravai n bhathaar - that bhathaar - that husband Lord doesn't abide upon their saejai - their bed of their internal body, their spiritual body. What does that mean? They do not get union of Waheguru because they are burning away in their desires. On the other hand Gurujee talks about those who are connected with Waheguru,

Sohaaganee mehal paaeiaa vichahu aap gavaae |
The soul bride who are connected to the Lord, who have found out their Lord they have been blessed with the True abode, they have found the True house within them of their self - their aatmaa. Vichahu aap gavaae - they've had to give up their sense of self - their sense of aap - their sense of ego. That is the way of finding the abode of Waheguru within in, first the ego has to die.

Gur sabadhee seegaareeaa apanae sehi leeaa milaae |6|
Sathiguru Sahibjee says they are seegaareeaa - they are decorated with the Guru's sabadh - with the Guru's Words, with Gurbani. When in Sikh history Mata Ganga jee asked Guru Arjan Devjee Maharaj for a decoration, for an ornament, for a jewel because all of the other women wore jewellery and they said to Mata Ganga jee you are very simple all the time but your husband is Siri Guru Arjan Devjee why don't you ask for some sort of jewel, some sort of ornament? When Mata Ganga jee asked Guru Arjan Devjee for an ornament, for a jewel Guru Arjan Devjee Maharaj I'll give you a jewel which will remain forever. Mata Gangajee asked what is that and Guru Arjan Devjee recited the Bani of Siri Baavan Akharee. In this same way Gurujee has given us the gift of Gurbani. Gur sabadhee seegaareeaa - they've decorated themselves with the Guru's Words. Wherever they go they are reciting the Guru's Word, it's like carrying a jewel with you at all times. Apanae sehi leeaa milaae - Guru Sahibjee says this is the path, if you follow this path of carrying gurbani with you at all times, carrying the love of Guru in your heart, seeing the Guru in all then that sehi - husband Lord leeaa milaae - unites you with Himself.

Maranaa manahu visaariaa maaeiaa mohu gubaar |
On the other hand those being engrossed with the world they've visaariaa - they've forgotten that they are going to die one day and that they are going to give up all of this illusion. Maaeiaa mohu gubaar - why? Because they are stuck in the deep darkness of mohu - attachment to this illusion. Why is it an illusion? Because they are not going to remain forever.

Manamukh mar mar janmehi bhee marehi jam dhar hohi khuaar |7|
Those who are mind-centered mar mar - they die again and again janmehi - are born and bhee marehi - they die again. What is Guru jee saying to us? Gurujee is saying that the Guramukhs they die one death - what is that? - The death of their ego, when their ego dies then they are merged in with that immortal Waheguru. Look at the story of Bhai Daya Singhjee - the panj piaarae - they gave their heads for the Guru and they are forever immortal - the panj piaarae; the five beloved ones. But the mind-centered beings they die again and again, they are born again and again and then they die again and again. Guru Sahibjee says that jam dhar hohi khuaar - the mind centered beings are forever on the door of death and hohi khuaar - are forever ruined.

Aap milaaeian sae milae gur sabadh veechaar |
Those who Waheguru jee himself unites they are united with him. Gur sabadh veechaar - what is the path of being united, by veechaar - by contemplating on the Guru's sabadh - on the Guru's Word.

Naanak naam samaanae mukh oujalae thith sachai dharabaar |8|22|15|37|
Sathiguru Amardaasjee Maharaj says that naam samaanae - those who have been absorbed into the name of the Lord mukh oujalae - their faces are forever purified thith sachai dharabaar - in that court, the court of the True Waheguru their faces are radiant and shining.

Aap milaaeian sae milae gur sabadh veechaar |
Naanak naam samaanae mukh oujalae thith sachai dharabaar |8|22|15|37|

Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ki Fateh!


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