Silinder Pardesi

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Silinder Pardesi started his singing career at a very young age, with encouragement from his family and friends. Singing in Sikh temples and being influenced by his idol Mohd. Rafi Sahib, Silinder gained confidence and widened his singing and musical knowledge. He enjoys listening to world music and believes that music and singing is an integral part of his life. When he came to England he was taught singing and classical techniques by various teachers (Ustads).

In 1982 he was joined by other members and formed as PARDESI. Their first major turning point was winning the prestigious 'Asian Song Contest' in 1986, after which they released their first album, a collection of Sikh religious songs and hymns. All proceeds from this album were donated to charity. He also records Bhangra albums. Pardesi's "Pump Up The Bhangra" captured the imagination of the asian youth with its insistent westernised beats and traditional eastern melodies.


Most Played

Title Length Plays
Hau Aaiya Duron Chal Ke 5:13 2,394
Mere Ram Rai 6:09 2,319
Nanak Dukhiya Sab Sansar 4:13 2,151
Simran 2:45 2,037
Mitter Pyare Noo 3:45 1,658
Kaoun Bhaley Ko Mundey 5:26 1,626
Mool Muntar 1:20 1,279
Salok 0:32 1,199
Jay to Bailiya 0:21 430


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