Balwant Kaur & Gurinder Singh

Gurinder Singh is an innate musician. He began his musical and spiritual journey in 2005 in South America. Since 2009 he travels to India every year to receive instrustion from his Masters, Ustad Narinder Singh and Amma the nectar of the Naad. His adventurous, joyful and noble soul, transforms every moment into a learning and musical experience.

Balwant Kaur is a musician, sociologist and Kundalini Yoga Teacher for young ones, children and adults. Ever since she was a child, music has been the deep yearning of her heart and this allowed her to travel to India in 2009. She has continued going to India every year to learn from her Masters Ustad Narinder Singh and Amma. From both she receives the love and devotion for each musical note and for the Naam.

Gurinder Singh and Balwant Kaur are a family who have the blessing of serving and traveling together through the world giving concerts of sacred music and sharing the Teachings.

Today they are presenting their first disc: "EK, the One is in oneself" where original melodies from Latin America are united to ancestral melodies (ragas) from India.

Grateful to their Master Yogi Bhajan, for having taught them a Path filled with Grace, they offer this musical seed to serve the Souls that long to live submerged in the Love, honoring the divinity present in each Being and in each experience.

You can purchase their complete album at Spirit Voyage Music and you can visit their Facebook Page here.


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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Guru Ram Das 7:28 11,140
Ad Gure Nameh/Wahe Guru 7:35 6,755
Eterno Sol 2:43 5,531
Rakhe Raken Har 6:40 4,309
Sat Siri Akal 7:18 3,578
Ek Ardass 9:53 3,562
Adi Shakti 11:22 2,969
Semillita 2:48 2,061