Mantras & Mystical Poetry


For this album, Stefanosis uses many ethnic instruments such as the oud and the Turkish style frame-drum, along with the Phin lute from Thailand, and of course, traditional harmonium from India. The result is a world music style genre unlike most Kundalini mantra albums. The feel is much more dynamic than it is meditative, but there are definitely songs for meditation as well. Namely, the last, five tracks on the album featuring poetry from the famous spiritual mystic - Kabir - who bridged the Hindu and Muslim faith through his timeless works, and also a poem by Milarepa - the Tibetan Buddhist mystic of the Himalayas. These poetic songs are in English, so many listeners will be able to grasp their depth and wisdom. This album delves into east and west, bridging the mystical poetry of Kabir and Milarepa from the east, and the Kundalini mantras of Yogi Bhajan, who came from east to west to spread this light of esoteric knowledge. Guest musicians on this release include Harjot Kaur 'A.J.G' on harmonium and backing vocals, Saheb Singh on tabla and Oshri Hakak on English horn.

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Aap Sahai Hoa 7:33 2,388 1
Mul Mantra 3:39 16,877 2
Mangala Charn Mantra 3:24 9,778 3
Sa Re Sa Sa 5:02 793 4
Ra Ma Da Sa 9:54 741 5
Kabir's Song 5:26 609 6
I won't come (poem by Kabir) 3:43 518 7
The Boundless Knowledge (poem by Kabir) 5:41 501 8
Hiding in this Cage (poem by Kabir) 4:49 712 9
Renunciation (Poem by Milarepa) 5:40 375 10