The Heart Rules


The Heart Rules CD is music for the times, songs with powerful and transformational lyrics by Yogi Bhajan put to beautiful music by GuruPrem Singh Khalsa working with Krishan. The CD has the booklet (lyrics, artists, etc) in .pdf format on the disc.

Originally the mantras in the New book 'The Heart Rules' were going to be recorded, making it convenient  to practice the meditations. As the book included poems of the Siri Sing Sahib / Yogi Bhajan, GuruPrem thought it would be fun to record them as well, so he did.

These poems were given by Yogi Bhajan to GuruPrem to record and put to music. Originally GuruPrem was happy to compose, play, arrange and produce, using Nirinjan and Wah! Wahe Guru Kaur for vocals, but for this project GuruPrem decided to sing as well! His wife Simran, also sang on three of the Mantras bringing her clear, correct pronunciation, which has proven a great help for those learning and for enjoying the mantra.

Yogi Bhajan gave GuruPrem about 30 of his poems to record. Many have already been recorded, and some hopefully will be in the future. These songs represent the first time in 12 years that GuruPrem had recorded any music.

GuruPrem feels this music is the soundtrack for the transformation to where our Heart Rules!


Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Every Heartbeat 6:37 1,646 1
Chattr Chakkr Varti 6:58 5,492 2
Communication 5:13 1,067 3
Sat Narayan 6:54 2,817 4
The Calling 6:55 1,146 5
His Kindness 4:51 1,192 6
Rakha Rakanhar 7:06 2,063 7
You Can Learn 5:52 917 8
Meditation 7:30 1,876 9
Tantric Har Too 11:18 30,936 10
Guru Ram Das Chant 5:12 2,042 11