A beautiful follow-up to Ram Singh's debut album, Har Ji, this new CD is filled with Ram Singh's rich warm vocals, incredible classical guitar and soothing melodies to accompany any meditation.
A truly beautiful offering to the Kundalini Yoga community and the world.

Cheet Avai is a beautiful poem from the Sikh holy scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib. It describes the blissful state of those whose consciousness is awakening. Ram's voice is backed by a unique combination of cello and classical guitar.

A more dynamic Wah Yantee – it is said that the great rishi Patanjali wrote these words – will inspire everyone to sing along!

Humee Hum, Brahm Hum – "we are we, and we are God". Humee Hum calls on the sacred, collective consciousness that dwells in each and every one. In South Africa, this state of awareness is called Ubuntu. Faithful to Ram Singh's homeland, Humee Hum combines a South-African style choir, Senza, drums and a cello for a rare meditative journey.

Suniai, from Jap Ji, Guru Nanak's sacred poem. To those who still believe that spiritual evolution is about things to do, Guru Nanak says it's all about listening – Suniai. Based on Prabhu Nam Kaur Khalsa's original composition, Suniai meets East and West; Esraj from North India, and Jamaican Nyabinghi drums from the sacred music tradition of Rastafarism; melody and heartbeat.

In Sufism, the most spiritual lineage of Islam, the reed flute called Ney is considered a sacred instrument, specially in Turkey and Iran. Prepare for a 31 minutes long ecstatic journey to your inner Self – Wahe Guru – carried by Farhad Sohee's breathtaking flute.

Album Tracks

Title Length Plays Track
Cheet Avai 7:53 5,528
Humee Hum 11:58 7,587
Suniai 8:08 7,355
Wah Yantee 8:13 3,584
Wahe Guru 30:58 12,555