Bhai Harjinder Singh (Srinagar)

Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji, Bhai Maninder Singh Ji & Bhai Jatinder Pal Singh (Sri Nagar wale) are a ragi jatha who are well known to most Sikhs globally. They have been performing kirtan from a very young age and are self-taught. Bhai Harjinder Singh is the elder brother of Bhai Maninder Singh who are exceptional both vocalist and very able harmonium player. Bhai Jatinder Singh plays the Tabla. For almost two decades the jatha has enlightened Guru-ki-sangat in all parts of the world.
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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Thir Kar Baiso Har Jan Piare 10:00 46,024
Rehras Sahib 21:36 45,041
Dhan Dhan Ramdas Guru 9:44 42,379
Waho Waho Gobind Singh 7:59 35,304
Japji Sahib 25:18 34,041
Lakh Khushiaan 12:29 28,685
Mere Satgura 13:16 25,322
Salok Mohalla IX 44:05 23,875
Ab Kee Var Bakhash Bande Ko 15:23 23,713
Aarti 12:09 22,894


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