No, I’m Not a Professional Model. I’m a Taxi...

High-end fashion labels recruit regular guys off the street to work the catwalks. A number of fashion houses are seeking rough-hewed, quirky faces that are more character actor than Hollywood idol.

Hugging Away Sardar Ji Jokes

See the shocking reaction, when we asked people to come forward to break the stereotyping.

Banda Teaser Project

[VIDEO] "Objective was to recreate the battle winning moment and showcase the warrior's spirit with a narrative in 16 weeks time duration through visuals and audio about the war..."

Principles & Practices: The Big Tent...

I assure you that, in human history, no institutions, whether they are nations or political parties, schools or hospitals, families or armies, effectively display or ever will perfect the practice of their principles.

Meditation Utilizing the Panj Shabd Makes...

The study confirmed that a 12-minute meditation named Kirtan Kriya incredibly enhances cognition and heals the physical and emotional conditions that precede Alzheimer's Disease and dementia.

Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada: A Shared...

[VIDEO] What started as a few private collectors showing their collections of artifacts quickly developed into a place for many Sikhs to tell their stories.

SikhNet on the Environment

[VIDEO] LIVE video from July 27, 2016. Please think about making a film related to the environment for this year's film festival. The SikhNet staff discuss Sikhism and environmentalism.

Exhibit Aims To Show The Beauty Of Sikh...

“generations of Sikh American history that embodies perseverance and progress as we commemorate the 15-year anniversary of 9/11,” according to The Sikh Coalition’s website.

Lived for a Hundred Years Never Gave up...

On June 30, 100-year-old Chaman Lal breathed his last, two days before the case he had been pursuing for over two decades was to resume in the CBI court, Patiala.

Despite Ban, Sikh Hoopster Grows Hair

"After the turban controversy in 2014, all Sikh players, including me, cut our hair. But for the past one year, I have been growing my hair."


July 29, 2016 Hukamnama Excerpt
"You are the strength, and You are the support of the mind. Forever and ever, meditate, O Nanak, on the One."

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