Prabhjyot Singh as 'Balli' in His...

Before the shooting started, I started preparing for the role which was a very difficult task as I had never been in such an environment...

Congress Urges President Obama to Visit...

The National Sikh Campaign developed and advocated on behalf of a letter signed by 20 members of Congress addressed to President Obama requesting him to visit a Gurdwara before the end of his presidency.

'Waris Ahluwalia Day' Celebrated...

"Given our current political climate and the rampant hate violence that is plaguing our nation, this gesture from the city sends the message that all Americans deserve basic human dignity..."

What is Amrit? The Timeless Quality of...

In this article, Bhagat Singh attempts to add some clarity to this ancient term known as Amrit. It is one of our Guru's favourite terms to describe a certain phenomenon.

Captain America Says: Get Off Your Ass And...

Get Off your ass and Vote ! Because there are fewer things more American than a man dressed as Captain America urging a disillusioned populace to go place a vote for the candidate they hate the least.

How Singh Became Cucumber King in Canada

For a man who came to Canada with just 8 dollars in his pocket 35 years ago, his face brims with pride as he narrates his journey to his multi-million-dollar agro-business.

What is the SikhNet Learning Center?

The SikhNet Learning Center is a brand new service that is in development. In order to populate it with wonderful content we need your help. We have reached over 60% of the goal.  We have 4 days left. All donations will be doubled (in the next 4 days). Help us reach this goal now!

#SikhBlood 2016: Bapu Surat Blood Donation...

From 31st October to 6th November, 2016, Sikhs worldwide will donate blood in a charitable effort inspired by human rights campaigner Surat Singh Khalsa.

Seeking Perfection?

What is on my mind today is not our lapses; they are too numerous to track, but their inseparable connection to human virtues, whatever their number or divine origin, if any.

Poet Rupi Kaur Becomes Worldwide Phenomenon:

“We could not be more thrilled to continue our relationship with Rupi and to bring her transformative poetry and prose to the world via two new publications,” Kirsty Melville, publisher and president of Andrews McMeel, said in a statement.


October 24, 2016 Hukamnama Excerpt
"Bless me with such greatness, that I may remain attached to Your Name."

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