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Rather, full-time chaplains will be "coordinating" the pastoral care of minority faith inmates, meaning they will request local clergy to volunteer their services.
Let's agree what have we done to reflect ourselves in the community? Yet with the weakening economy people are going to portray us as aliens taking up their jobs. Little do they realize that diversity can be a strength. We all stand out; are most visible, yet we haven't done anything to portray ourselves.
Members of Surrey's South Asian community have united to put together a petition in an effort to fight for their Sikh Cadet Corps.
It was supposed to be a historic moment, the culmination of two years of work and the start of an exciting program for about 60 Surrey kids.
The story of the Khalsa Diwan Society is almost as old as the immigration of the first Sikhs to British Columbia. During the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in 1897, Sikh soldiers passed through British Columbia. They were very impressed with the majestic land and quickly spread the word to other soldiers and their relatives in their homeland, the Punjab. By 1906 more than 5,000 Sikh immigrants had arrived in Vancouver looking for greener pastures.
It’s the first time in three or four years that winter wheat has been seeded, and it’s a good move for the region’s farmers, he said.
Sikh faith’s human rights group, Sikhs For Justice SFJ has sought expulsion of Canadian External Affairs Minister John Baird for his commitment with Indian counterpart SM Krishna, to keep under check the activities of Canadian Sikhs supporting the cause of a separate Sikh state within India.
Full video of the stage play Pargatyo Khalsa. This play was Staged for the first time in 1999 On the 300th year celebrations of Khalsa Sajna.
Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister of Canada, John Baird, vowed to prevent activities of Sikh “extremists” advocating for a separate homeland in India as per the Indian Government’s request.
Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird is vowing to prevent extremist activities in Canada by Sikhs campaigning for a separate homeland in India.
25 years ago this summer, 174 exhausted, confused Sikhs landed on the shores of Shelburne County, seeking refuge in Canada
Manitoba justice officials have quietly dropped a high-profile prosecution -- without explanation -- against three Sikh priests accused of years of sexual abuse inside a city temple.
It was hardly a stirring defence of the right of Sikhs to wear turbans in the RCMP. If anything it was downright cowardly. I was feeling sick about that when a young man who had just signed the petition addressed me furiously.
Then we found the tent where they were putting turbans on anyone who wanted one to promote cultural awareness. I fired off frame after frame. the light was perfect and the men who wrapped were artists with the cloth as i think you can see here. it was easily the best part of Canada day for me and proof that things change, if only slowly.
Sikhs from around the Lower Mainland gathered in Queensborough on Sunday to celebrate the life, teachings and martyrdom of Guru Arjan Dev Ji.
As gardens go, it's not that big. But some Mennonites and Sikhs in North Kildonan hope it will blossom into something much larger.
Are ethnic enclaves a good or bad thing for Canadian cities? Should immigrants assimilate and disperse into mainstream English and French speaking communities or cluster together in their own ethnic enclaves?
A number of boys in Montreal-area community of LaSalle have been told they can no longer play soccer because they wear religious head coverings.
Toronto police have developed a formal policy allowing Sikhs to bring their ceremonial daggers into courthouses.
A food drive organised by Sikh Seva Foundation with the support of local Sikh Community and Sikh Organisations for the Month of April donated over 10,000 food items weighing 8126 Pounds to BC Food Banks on Monday May 7.
A former neo-Nazi, Tony McAleer, says he takes some “moral responsibility” for the 1998 murder of Nirmal Singh Gill, a caretaker at the Guru Nanak Sikh temple in Surrey, even though McAleer was not directly involved.
But at the same time, she feels that being in Canada is an opportunity for Sikhs to share their celebration of Vaisakhi, the start of a new harvest season that also marks the birth of Khalsa. “There is an equal share of prayers, parades and religious rituals.
In what is expected to become a yearly tradition, the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) has named five students as ambassadors for the best and brightest the University of Calgary has to offer.
Despite the patriarchal aspects of Sikh culture, a Sikh feminist speaking lat the University of B.C. says the religious tradition holds many liberating features, which women and men can both embrace for a more egalitarian society.
The imagery of a convicted Sikh militant on death row in India, Balwant Singh Rajoana, dominated the annual Vaisakhi parade in Surrey. His pictures greeted visitors from different corners of the streets as the procession passed through the city Saturday.
Though Muttavanchery is still far from the curtain call of his life, he will nevertheless embark with one dhoti, no baggage, no money, and no destination — just setting forth into the unknown and seeking revelation, much like Guru Nanak and countless Indian sages before the first Sikh guru.
THE Sikh Research Institute Canada (SRIC) worked closely with community groups, local media, and the Lower Mainland Sikh gurdwaras to host several educational events from April 4 to 9 aimed at raising awareness of the message of Vaisakhi among both Sikh and non-Sikh communities.
Pluralism in Canada’s military family will take another stride forward this Vaisakhi with the formation of the first ever Sikh Cadet corp in the country.
For a young boy growing up in Surrey and whose father hails from Punjab, India, Arshdeep Bains has dreams of Edmonton.
“He had an extraordinary palette for food,” his wife Susan said. “Once he tasted a dish, he could tell you exactly what was in it. He didn’t have to read the ingredients.”


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