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Gill’s work includes a decade-long study of people living in rural communities in Rajasthan, including Jogi nomads, Muslim migrants and Bishnoi peasants and a series of photographs that Gill took while living with an elderly midwife in a remote village in Motasar, Barmer (Gill ended up helping the woman deliver her own granddaughter.)
At a time when social scientists claim that in reality, the ethical society is located in the West, it is time that it pays attention to what the Sikhs have done for the construction of that part of the world. The Sikhs came forward and helped the Europeans at the time of grave crisis of World War I and II and gave their lives in thousands and in return, all they are asking is the free world to come forward and give due respect that we deserve and to our symbols of faith.
Sandeep Singh Brar of Brampton began his search after finding Singh’s victory medal in a thrift shop. His research took him to Mount Hope Cemetery in Kitchener, where Singh was buried at the age of 25.
As part of this weekend's Remembrance Day ceremonies, Surrey's largest Sikh temple will be hosting senior officers from the Canadian military and conducting a special prayer ceremony to commemorate the sacrifices of Canada's soldiers, both past and present.
Sikh Youth Calgary (SYC) is a non-profit initiative led by volunteers from the local communities to encourage positive change for the collective good and growth in the upcoming youth. SYC is dedicated to providing relief to families in Somalia...
Camp Miri Piri was conceived with the aim to give the Sikh youth of today the true experience of the spiritual Khalsa lifestyle.
The dark view expressed in the survey “contradicts a fundamental idea in multicultural democracies like ours, that conflicts between societies can be resolved through dialogue and negotiation,” said Jedwab. “This is also a key element in multiculturalism, where Canada is often seen elsewhere in the world as a model in conflict resolution.”
Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa could have easily succumbed to a Hollywood lifestyle... And her presence is continually demanded around the world, leading her to travel 240 days out of the year.
At the age of 100, Singh also attempted and accomplished eight world age group records in one day at the special Ontario Masters Association Fauja Singh Invitational Meet, held at Birchmount Stadium in Toronto, Ontario Canada.
“I am but a simple man,” Fauja Singh the competitor, a Sikh with a long white beard who only speaks Punjabi, said in a translated statement. “I give it my best shot and it happens that the results are better than others.”
While it is a Hindu and Sikh holy day, during which practitioners pray for blessings, Thakorlal says the best part for her is connecting with others. "Really for me it's the sense of community, the sense of family and the sense of belonging," she says,
Satnam Education Society of BC is proud to announce another step forward for the Sikh Community of North America. The Society has purchased 160 acres of beautiful greenery in scenic Miracle Valley. This property will be called the Khalsa Centre and will be open to our visitors throughout the year.
I’m talking about experiencing the hidden, indirect racism we tell ourselves does not exist in the Great White North (I won’t even go there!). Perhaps we’ve just been fortunate to have such great friends from diverse backgrounds. Let me make it known though, it is happening in Canada.
For a guy who likes hockey and movies it was the perfect evening. Throw in a bucket of popcorn and a Diet Coke and Stephen Harper was in heaven.
Sikh women gathered in Toronto last weekend to hold the first ever Sikh Feminist Conference.
...a little-known Musquodoboit Harbour pharmacist is getting ready to launch his leadership bid this weekend. He was born Martin Hill, but is now Martin Singh after changing his name as part of his conversion to the Sikh faith.
Lt.Col. Harjit Singh Sajjan, has become the first Sikh in Canada to take command of a British Columbia regiment. In a historic ceremony, a change of command in the British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught's Own) took place on September 11, 2011, at the Beatty Street Armoury in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
The artifacts of unison creations will strengthen our connections with our friends , our loved ones and ignite the spark within those seeking to be enlightened.
Stating that their file for money transfer is being shunted between ministries, SGPC president Avtar Singh Makkar said that once set up, the press would help meet demand for the Granth among overseas Sikh devotees.
The upcoming conference, called “Our Journeys”, is set to be a celebration of Sikh women’s journeys growing up, becoming mothers, pursuing careers and passions, breaking ground in research, doing tireless advocacy for vulnerable people, and through it all, keeping and nurturing their faith.
Well I should warn you, if you have not been to any of the events or camps held by Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle-Canada, that’s exactly what the reaction is when new comer’s see how WE do things! Regardless, I cannot say enough to describe the “mohaal” of the prize ceremony.
For his first feature film, "Breakaway" writer-star Vinay Virmani penned a tale about a Sikh hockey player whose father doesn't understand his love of the game. And when Virmani turned to his own dad, Ajay, to produce the movie
A collection of Punjabi short stories written by Dr Harshinder Kaur, deputy medical superintendent of Government Rajindera Hospital in Patiala, have been rewritten in English by a Canadian writer, Ajmer Rode.
As most British Columbian students returned to school Tuesday, children at one South Vancouver elementary school were faced with an unexpected lockout.
He was one of the original Sikh immigrants to Manitoba, which he loved dearly. He was a well-known and respected figure in the community and advocated for the rights of Sikhs to follow their religious practices.
Vist the NEW Camp Miri Piri Web site and come and join us next week at Camp Miri Piri in Calgary, Canada from 18th August through 12st August, 2011.
“Shall we close the course for today” asked Amarpreet Singh at 7:00 pm after the students were sitting down and listening to the sikh history for 3 hours. “Noooo!!” the hall echoed with the voices of 450 attendees, almost 135 teenagers aged 13-21 yrs.
"For us, this is no more a safety issue as it has already been approved in British Columbia, Manitoba, some states in the U.S. and also in England," said Baljit Singh Ghuman, chair of the CSA. "This is more a human rights issue."
Good God has not signed a deal with any one behind others' back. He is not a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Sikh, Baha'i or otherwise. Ironically, each group builds its worth by denying the rights to sub-groups within their category. Religions have unabashedly transformed into private clubs.
Hundreds of Community members from New Westminster and around the Lower Mainland, came together on Saturday 9th July, for the unique opening ceremony of Sukh Sagar Park. This is the first time in North American Sikh History that a prominent park has been named after a Gurdwara Sahib.


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