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Canada's first SIKH Channel and first South Asian Youth Channel to be launched by ATN
Canada's largest South Asian Broadcaster, will launch 2 more Channels, namely, Canada's first and only 24 hour Sikh Spiritual Channel, the ATN-SIKH channel and Canada's first South Asian Youth oriented Punjabi Music Channel, the ATN-BRIT ASIA CHANNEL.
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Panjab Digital Library Presents Interactive Experience With Khalsa Raj Exhibition
Panjab Digital Library is gearing up to launch The Khalsa Raj: Banda, Battles & Body Politic exhibition in Surrey, British Columbia and is making every effort to impress by creating an interactive experience.
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Sikh players wearing turban to be accommodated on the soccer pitch in Canada
While hailing the decision World Sikh Organization (WSO) President Prem Singh Vinning told TOI on Tuesday, "The accommodation of the turban already takes place not just across Canada but across the world. There is no reason why the turban can't be accommodated.
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Canada's Forgotten Sikh Inmates
The provision of religious services to Sikh inmates is an issue that hasn’t received much attention. When the Federal Government announced cuts to its chaplaincy program, it was reported that less than one per cent of Canada’s inmates are of the Sikh faith.
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Saskatoon Sikh community celebrates by helping the homeless
Saskatoon's homeless shelters received a special donation from members of the Sikh community.
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Jaswant Singh Khalra Resolution passes at NDP Convention
With thunderous applause and support at the federal NDP convention in Montreal, a resolution to recognize Jaswant Singh Khalra as a defender of human rights was passed by the membership of Canada’s NDP unanimously.
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Standing up for religious freedom abroad but not at home
When it comes to promoting religious freedom, the government could do with a little more fairness right here at home.
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One Day Course in Calgary
Although there were people from all parts of the Sikhi spectrum, ie those who had been Amritdhari for many years to those totally new to Sikhi, everyone was able to take something away with them.
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Toronto Sikh Retreat
I went to a place drenched with the Guru’s love. The people’s mission was to foster a space where the Guru touched the hearts of the youth who came. Without a doubt they accomplished their mission.
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Inmates sue over loss of chaplains
A group of prisoners is suing the federal government over its decision to cancel contracts for part-time chaplains, affecting Buddhist, Sikh, Muslim, Jewish, and Wiccan ministries.
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