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Although there were people from all parts of the Sikhi spectrum, ie those who had been Amritdhari for many years to those totally new to Sikhi, everyone was able to take something away with them.
I went to a place drenched with the Guru’s love. The people’s mission was to foster a space where the Guru touched the hearts of the youth who came. Without a doubt they accomplished their mission.
A group of prisoners is suing the federal government over its decision to cancel contracts for part-time chaplains, affecting Buddhist, Sikh, Muslim, Jewish, and Wiccan ministries.
Sikhs from all parts of Canada gathered together to meet with the Federal government, the National Democratic Party and Liberal Party leaders, and members of the opposition party to advocate for important Sikh civil and human rights issues at the first Canadian Sikh Summit in Ottawa D.C.
UNITED SIKHS wrote recently to the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, requesting him to raise his objection to the French turban ban during his meeting this week with his counterpart, Jean-Marc Ayrault. Sikhs globally believe that a ban on the turban is a betrayal of France’s motto- Liberté, égalité, fraternité.
Their cadet program officially started in January, but the inaugural flag ceremony is Thursday at 6: 30 p.m. at Surrey's Bombay Banquet Hall on 135 St. But it wasn't an easy start for the 3300 RCACC.
Over 50 attendees signed a memorandum as a symbol of perseverance for the struggle of couples in Sikh society. GGSSC- Canada held a seminar at Rexdale Sikh Spiritual Centre, Toronto on 'DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN SIKH HOUSEHOLDS!'.
Ms. Blanchette-Lamothe was especially impressed by the engagement of Sikh youth. “I am particularly impressed by the involvement of the youth in the promotion of Punjabi arts and culture and, even more, in their interest to share their culture with their fellow citizens," she said.
Simran, Sewa, and Sadachar. Respect for God, responsibility, and morality. This is the motto of the Khalsa Community School, a private religious elementary school...
The Canadian Sikh Coalition is proud to announce that it has formed a partnership with the team behind the film “Sada Haq” and will be the official distributor for the film in Canada.
Surrey’s Sikh community played a key role in defeating a proposed mega-casino in the city last month, joining other faiths in signing last-minute petitions and exerting pressure to kill the $100-million project.
Det. Jasbir Kainth is the only Sikh officer with Calgary city police who wears a turban, according to Calgary Sun. Combined with his long beard, he is hardly the picture of a conventional-looking cop.
Under the Justice Department policy, a person must tell security officers they have a kirpan and wear it in a sheath, under clothing. The blade of the kirpan can be no longer than 10 centimetres.
Today, Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle Canada organized a Baal Kavi Darbaar at Guru Singh Sabha Malton, in which over 40 participants recited poems in praise of Guru Panth and the teachings.
A human rights case that was to go before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO), involving the right of a Sikh limousine driver to maintain a beard, has settled.
Satwinder Bains doesn’t want the Sikh history to disappear.
‘Biji’ was a defining symbol of the many sacrifices made by her generation of Punjabi immigrants for the gains enjoyed today by all British Columbians. But it is her common humanity and steady playful presence which will be remembered the most by those of us in her immediate family.
When it comes to connecting youths, especially teens to our rich heritage, it is always seen as a challenge. Most initiatives focus on different facets of the youth engagement.
It was expected that there would be SYV involvement in Surrey after their Vancouver campaign was jeopardized. However, it is not so. SYV has not and will not be involved in this election.
Many observers stated that their favourite part of the program was the hand-to-hand combat and Gatka demonstration. Viewers were amazed at how seemingly easily Ustaad Onkar Singh defended himself with a Kamarkasa (length of wide cloth tied around the waist) or umbrella against multiple attackers.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Thursday he won’t “interfere” with the political rights of Canadian Sikhs who advocate a separate state in India — even though his government firmly opposes the idea.
During a visit to India, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper was asked what his government was doing to stop anti-India rhetoric voiced by Canadian Sikhs.
When it comes to the history of Canada’s South Asian community, Sikhs form a significant portion of the mosaic.
...the Sikh Research Institute in Canada worked closely with community groups, local media and the Lower Mainland's Gurduaras to help build awareness of the Sikh heritage and history through a series of presentations, dialogues, and media appearances, ...
Canada is steadily becoming a nation of many languages, as recent waves of immigration turn the country's main cities into a translator's paradise.
Legend has it that in 1569, Emperor Akbar came to Punjab and wanted to see Guru Amar Das, the third Sikh master. While some Sikhs believed special arrangements should be made, the Guru refused to see the Mughal king until the latter partook of langar (shared community meal) with the commoners.
The campaign - started in 1999 and now in its 13th year - is about more than just donating blood. It is held at this time of year in memory of the November 1984 genocide of Sikhs in India.
In memory of the 100 year Anniversary of the Gadhar Party movement, the Punjabi Adbi Sangat Literary Society of Canada (Regd.) and the Hardarshan Memorial International Trust released “Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji Simriti Granth.” celebration of the International Day of the Girl, representatives of SAFAR (The Sikh Feminist Research Institute) visited Khalsa School Surrey for a eighty minute dialogue with high school girls on the seemingly obvious question, “What is a Kaur?”
However, we live in a culture in which the current President’s faith is constantly put in doubt, and while many politicians assert their Christian faith, it is not common for non-Christians to do the same. Why the double standard exists tells us something about the nature of religious equality in the United States today.


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