Not Simply A Camp: This Is The Guru's Presence
There was a panj carrying swords, another panj carrying nishans (flags), chour seva and umbrellas over both Granths, a trumpet, a drum, a bell, flowers, sprinkled water. The minimum for the procession was 18 to 21 sevadars plus the sangat.
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Swami Puran to Puran Singh
[VIDEO] Puran Singh went from being a Sikh, to being a Buddhist to being a Sanyasi (Swami Puran). Follow the rest of his inspiring story where he rediscovers Sikhi.
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Sikh Man Handles Turban Issue With Restraint
As soon as he stepped in for security check after buying his tickets, Singh says he was in for a rude shock. The security guard went after his turban asking that it be removed for a check, says Singh.
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Detroit Law Student Hits Big Time With Sock Innovation
[VIDEO] Singh decided to name the product “5 Water Socks” for Michigan’s five Great Lakes and his family’s native land of five rivers — Punjab, India.
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Open Letter To The 3 Women Were Laughing At My Hairy Legs
Embarrassed and on the verge of crying, I exited at the next stop. And yes, I heard you laugh even louder as the doors closed behind me...
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How To Deal With Your Family’s Bad Habits
Have you created healthy habits for you, but haven’t gotten your kids or spouse on board? You’re not alone — lots of people get frustrated when their loved ones don’t want to create healthy habits.
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Young Kaurs Receive Apology After Turban Removal
Both of the girls, who are baptised Khalsa Sikhs and take the mandatory female surname Kaur, refused to remove the headwear which can be worn by both sexes in their religion. A school head teacher has apologised to two Sikh girls...
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Need for Responsible Sikh Youth Direction
Perhaps, today, there is an important lesson to be learnt from that incident: that the Sikh response to every situation has to be reasonable, informative and lawful. That has been the Sikh tradition...
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The Beauty & Experiences at The Golden Temple
I speak about my experience to others and usually people are eager to listen and they tell me that a visit to The Golden Temple is on their agenda. It should be on everybody's agenda...
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Traditionally Prakash of Dasam Granth Was Done at Sri Harmandar Sahib
[VIDEO] Giani Gurbachan Singh -Akal Takht Jathedar- has revealed parkash of Dasam Granth was done at Sri Harmandar Sahib.
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