FBI Hate Crime Manual Now Includes Sikh Category
“...marks a step towards ensuring accurate reporting of hate crimes committed against Sikhs, an important step that will ultimately aid the Sikh community..."
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Vaisakhi at City Hall
Come and join the celebration of Sikh heritage, history and culture. The event is organised by the Mayor, with support from Singh Sabha London East and EY Sikh Network.
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Father Waited to Say His Final Goodbye
Goodbye for now and then forever It was wrong to think we would..... ALWAYS BE TOGETHER
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Happiness is important, and on some days good food may be the only source of happiness
My cat refuses to eat the food that I give him. A moment later he comes to me looking happy, licking his lips with a smell of fish in his breath. His food had turned good when he “caught it himself”.
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Wheelchair-bound Kaur Completes SGGS Reading
Uditakiran Kaur, 12, completed the entire reading of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS) towards the end of last year. It was no mean feat for a wheelchair bound girl who cannot turn the pages of the SGGS due to her physical disabilities.
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Behind the Scenes of KAUR
A sneak peek behind the scenes of 'KAUR'. Find out how we made an animated short Sikh film. Meet the voices and the creators behind this unique project.
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Sant Ishar Singh Ji ~ A Great Life
Baba Ji incessantly affirmed that Sikhi cannot be demolished by anyone, in fact, those who try to demolish Sikhi will get annihilated themselves.
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Sikh Manifesto 2015-2020
To support & raise the awareness of the Sikh Manifesto with politicians, Gurdwaras, communities, Sikhs & Non Sikhs within the UK.
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Going to Mars & Not Coming Back?
A garage sale LEGO set consisting of a miniature astronaut with a white helmet and orange visor — that's what it took for George Hatcher, at the age of 3, to realize his love for space and desire to reach the Red Planet.
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Gurinder Chadha on 'Desi Rascals'
Within the world of film and television, the statements may be difficult to dispute. Chadha’s output has been incredibly far-reaching, in terms of putting south Asian characters on the big and small screens of the western world.
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