Rattanamol Singh ~ An Interview
Lighthouse, to tell stories that we wanted to pursue through the mediums that we like working with. Our first release is a written narrative that follows the 1980s Sikh Insurgency through the eyes of General Labh Singh’s wife, Devinder Kaur.
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Savaaya Gets Savaaya Award in Festival
A short movie by a Patiala youth was selected for a special “Savaaya” prize, that was named after movie’s title “Savaaya”. The film did not rank on any of the declared positions...
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Healthy Living, Meditation Can Aid In Fight Against Dementia
“You are not a prisoner to your genes,” says Dr.Dharma Singh Khalsa, who is president and medical director of the Tucson-based Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation.
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Physics of Spirituality
This article is based on excerpts from the Spirit of the Sikh written by Professor Puran Singh in 1920's and published by Punjabi University Patiala in two volumes during 1982.
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Spread the Positive “gossip”
The answer I got that day is that God is fundamentally good. To be one with God, we have to be fundamentally good – that means we have to perform good actions. As Sikhs we are so fortunate that we...
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And The Winners Are...
The quality of submissions to the SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival this year was phenomenal. It took multiple viewings of the films for our panel of judges to choose the winners...
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Anita Rani Learns of Shocking Family History
'To come and discover just how brutal and barbaric the Partition was and how little power women had at that time, it has changed me.'
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Not Good Enough for My In-Laws
I simply want to share what I experienced as a newlywed “westernized” Sikh girl who moved in with her “traditional” in-laws. Why the heavy heart? Simply, my experiences are not isolated.
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Anu Kaur Valia Makes Her Way In Comedy World
MTV is starting a new TV show “Middle of the Night” with an Indian American young woman Anu Valia cast in a supporting role alongside stars Brian Murphy and Alex Watt.
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Q & A with Kaur Life's Editor-in-Chief, Lakhpreet Kaur
Sikhi believes in equality and fairness for everyone, regardless of gender and believes in the inherent value of each person. The Guru Granth Sahib is feminist in that it grants women equal rights and the...
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