Bandi Chhor ~ Spread The Light
The Guru taught the kings when they were imprisoned together. By His grace and consciousness, he helped free them. Guru Hargobind touched their lives and impacted each of them in some way.
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Belgian Supreme Court Overturns Ban on Turban in Two Schools
Two schools now have to allow their large Sikh student body to wear turbans. "In two separate landmark decisions the Highest Administrative Court has held that GO has the obligation to... respect diversity and plurality."
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Catholic Archbishop Visits Golden Temple
[VIDEO] The Archbishop of Birmingham, the Most Reverend Bernard Longley is visiting Amritsar this week (21 -28 October) at the invitation of Bhai Sahib Dr Mohinder Singh Ahluwalia - the spiritual leader of one of the largest Sikh communities in Birmingham.
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Many Honoured at 5th Annual SIKH AWARDS 2014
The Awards recognised Sikh contributions and excellence in a variety of fields from nominations received from around the world.
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WWI Soldiers Celebrated at University of Leicester Lecture
People from communities across the city and county came together to remember the sacrifices of Sikh and Commonwealth servicemen 100 years ago.
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They Stoned Guru Nanak For Saying This?
[VIDEO] People started throwing stones at him. They said "How can you say that? God doesn't know anything."
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Interfaith, Science & Sri Guru Granth Sahib
Dr. Hardev Singh Virk, a world famous teacher of Physics has explained the concept in the following essay which is taken from his book, “Scientific Vision in Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Inter-Faith Dialogue”. He has also quoted from SGGS....
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Nimbu Power! Lemons: The Superfood
Lemons have been utilized as a therapeutic tool for thousands of years. Nero used lemons as protection from poisoning; they have been utilized counteract scurvy; to lower glucose in diabetics; cancer prevention agent and to help keep skin firm.
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A Spiritual Relationship with God & My Future Husband
SatJot Khalsa explores the beautiful relationship with God and her husband and how these two relationships not only co-exist but intertwine and influence one another.
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Kaur Careers: Filmmaker
Today, we’ll take a look at Sikh woman who has turned her hobby of filmmaking into a career! You may have heard about Harpreet Kaur from her films, “We are Sikhs,” “Saz of Gurmat Sangit,” “The Widow Colony,” and “A Little Revolution.”
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