Interview: Veraji and the Vaisakhi Creation
In 2007 I sent one box to my family in Delhi and they loved the chocolates but didn't realize the countdown element of the experience. The whole journey started from there. I thought somebody should do a countdown for the big Indian celebrations similar to Christmas.
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Saragarhi Day At Sandhurst: A Review
The challenge for us now to continue to mark Saragarhi Day - and to continue to inspire people from all backgrounds to engage with the Armed Forces, involve themselves in public life and to be inspired!
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"Kesh": Gift from Guru Gobind Singh
But the kesh was not gifted by the guru for that time only, but it is given to the Sikhs for the eternity, it is the indicator of uncompromising courage at every situation. It is the indicator of rigidity that Sikhs are really inflexible towards wrong things and any sort of corruption.
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EcoSikh Celebrates 5 Years of Green Action at Gala
On Sunday, EcoSikh hosted its annual gala, which marked the fifth anniversary of the non-profit organization and drew a crowd of over 300 guests from all across the Washington, DC area and East Coast to celebrate EcoSikh’s five years of green action.
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Let Sikh Americans Serve in the U.S. Military
One of the more common arguments is that Sikhs are unable to wear helmets and protective masks over their turbans and beards, and therefore, they bring unnecessary risk to themselves and their peers. This claim is outdated and patently untrue.
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Ben Kingsley Plays a Sikh Cabbie!
[VIDEO] At the press round table the next day, Kingsley called the Sikh driver "a noble warrior." The story, according to Kingsley, unfolds due to divine intervention. Kingsley, who was working on another film when two financiers approached to back up Learning to Drive, "had just about three days to prepare for this role."
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FIBA Makes Exception on Headgear
Welcoming the new move by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) to allow Sikh players to wear head coverings for a two-year test period, the Basketball Federation of India (BFI) on Wednesday said that it is sure the temporary ruling will soon become permanent.
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Approaches to the Exegesis of Sri Guru Granth Sahib
In mystic literature of Guru Granth the appeal of the numinous becomes ineffable, if not inexplicable. And yet the great Sikh scripture is not a knot of metaphysical riddles and abstract theorizing. For the most part it employs the idiom of the common people, and draws its imagery and metaphors from the home, the street and the work place.
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The Feminist Kaur with a Paintbrush
Navi has been creative since childhood and she has been listening to her creative soul since ever since she was about 10 years old. Though she has had very little professional training, her paintings immediately speak to the viewer. The bright colors and symbolism are captivating.
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A Dress/Address ~ Poem by Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa
So I ask you what does this “Singhni” look like. What does she wear? An important history of a Kaur’s identity Disappeared or doesn’t exist, conveniently. And so this Sikh is neither here nor there.
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