What is True Love?
In the West, the media equates love with sexual desire. But love actually comes from the soul. Love is our natural state of being. Having a body is a chance to experience love. You have 5 tattvas (elements) to experience love, but they all have shadows - lust, anger, greed, pride, and attachment...
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Sikh-American Teen Writes Book to Raise Awareness About Bullying
Karanveer Singh Pannu, a Sikh-American high school student from New Jersey, has written a new book that looks at bullying from the point of view of the student.
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A Story Of Sikh Love
[VIDEO] It is a story of despair, love, hopelessness, grace and triumph. Viewers of the video have commented that they both laughed and cried.
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Thailand Gurmat Camp
I feel such camps are necessary in which today’s youth can really resonate learning in the relaxed but casually disciplined environment and using linear method they can jump start on their way to faith with their self reflection, motivation, clear understanding and coaching, youth need to be provided exposure.
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Falling in Love - What Does it Mean?
In the world of spirituality stemming from Eastern cultures and philosophy the higher sentiments are related to divine attributes.
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Sikh Wedding is a Spiritual Journey
Once upon in a while, you chance across a heartwarming and sublime wedding story, like that of Jessie and Preeti, a sweet reminder that wedding above and beyond all is a spiritual journey.
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Davinder Singh Named Vice-chairman of ICC Commission
A top Indian-origin lawyer in Singapore, Davinder Singh, 58, has been named as vice-chairman of the Paris-based International Chamber of Commerce Commission...
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Waris ~ A Poem by Parvinder Mehta
... the day after Waris Singh Ahluwalia, a first-class Sikh-American passenger, was refused a seat on an AeroMexico flight from Mexico to New York ... because he refused to remove his turban.
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The Turban Becomes a Target: How Cultural Ignorance Endangers Western Sikhs
The antidote to the mistakes and ignorance is education, but would any such public campaign reach its intended audience?
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Jazz & Punjabi Folk Are No Problem for Amrit Kaur Lohia
“I never saw boundaries between the genres. What struck me about Ella James and Aretha Franklin was that I could hear them crying through the singing. I felt classical was more about technicality,” says Lohia.
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