Self treatment for acute back pain
The follow is the second in a series of articles that looks at common injuries and how you can treat them yourself. Managing a strain quickly can prevent it from becoming a more long term problem.
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People of faith are rising for Charleston
Charleston and the nation were devastated when a hate-filled gunman entered a church and killed nine beautiful worshippers at a Bible study.
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Islamic centre members break fast at Dubai gurdwara
10-member delegation from the Al Manar Islamic Centre had last year visited Guru Nanak Darbar to promote inter-religious understanding.
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SGPC Honours Non-Sikhs For Excelling in Annual Religious Course on Sikh Religion
Additional Secretary of Dharam Parchaar Committee S. Balwinder Singh Jaura today issued the result of session 2014-15 examination in which participants of Sikh and non-Sikh origin took part.
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The Sikhs who saved Parmesan
If the grassroots support of the Sikh community diminishes, what will become of this celebrated cheese industry?
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Satnam Singh, the NBA Draft's most fascinating prospect
It's OK if you don't know who Satnam Singh is. Even NBA teams aren't quite sure, and yet the Dallas Mavericks drafted him with the No. 52 pick anyway.
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Wisconsin Sikh leader: Hatred's wounds are deep, and healing takes courage
When Pardeep Kaleka heard about the church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, grief and terror came flooding back to him. For nearly three years he has had to live with sorrow and uncertainty, ever since the day a gunman opened fire at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin.
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Unique spring well of living Ganga water far away from the holy river
While the Indian Government is busy formulating policies to clean the river Ganga that has been loaded with pollutants at every inch, the water of the holy river is pure and drinkable here at the Baoli Ganga Pargat (well making the Ganga manifest)
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Punjab is in trouble. Pope issues a statement. Where are Sikhs?
EcoSikh is involved in discussions at the White House, United Nations and the World Bank and is bringing the Sikh perspective at these important deliberations. Gurbani's message of "Pavan Guru, Pani Pita" is being shared by our representatives at all levels...
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Sikh Heritage in East Africa
The history of the South Asians in East Africa is not very old. It is only about 100 years since the first Indians landed on the shores of Kenya, namely Mombasa. The journeys in dhows, which were the main source of transport could take as much as months to complete. It was after a lot of hardships that some of our ancestors reached Kenya to serve in the Uganda Railways which was being built from Mombasa to Kampala.
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