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At yesterday's Vancouver Vaisakhi parade, I met two young men who were eager to educate me about the origins of the Khalsa...
The first time I realized that the true image of the Guru is not a painting of a person; I removed all the paintings from my wall. I had realized that the true image of the Guru is the truth behind the Guru’s Sabad. My husband was furious. I told him these pictures were not motivating us, and he asked me what we will replace them with...
Burnaby's 2011 Citizen of the Year, Kehar Singh Aujla, is a very busy man. Aujla, who emigrated from India with his wife in 1996, began volunteering in Burnaby a decade later.
Sometimes I think Sikhs are a little like ink blots. What people see when they spot a bearded man in a turban says more about them than it does about members of my faith, which probably explains the number of media commentators anxious to revive the myth that Sikhs are extremists, after a recent rally in Ottawa.
A 50-year-old Pakistani-Canadian has been sentenced to 14 years in jail for providing material support to the Sikh militant group Khalistan Commando Force, blamed for carrying out assassinations and bombings in India.
Abbotsford senior Amarjit Singh Sidhu is being warmly remembered by the city's Indo-Canadian community as a kind and devoted man who spent his days overseeing the kitchen at Abbotsford's Gur Sikh temple and helping out wherever he could.
And so, today I’ve struggled with these developments as they affect my peace of mind. Our pursuit of justice that has been denied for decades now includes a media battle with national news outlets whose clear aim is to continue to tarnish our image as a people.
Leaders and Members of Canadian Parliament crossing the party lines joined Sikhs in demanding India to abolish the death penalty. More than five thousand Sikhs from all over Canada gathered at Parliament Hill in solidarity with Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana who is on death row in India.
Following the announcement in India to hang Balwant Singh Rajoana on 31 March 2012 few western politicians have issued statements condemning the death penalty in India.
A 92-year-old gurdwara in Canada, which has been put on sale by a bank, has raised the hackles of Sikh organisations in Punjab who have called for efforts to save the place of worship.
Gurmat Crash Course- Dus Guru Sahibaan Part 1 mesmerized the Ottawa Sikh Sangat last weekend, when GGSSC- Canada team traveled to Ottawa and presented their winning potpourri of Sikh History blended with the video, interaction, games and topped with a prize of winning game systems like Xbox.
On Friday March 16th, the University of Waterloo and the cities of Kitchener-Waterloo were transformed into a sea of colourful turbans in support of Sikh Awareness Day.
Sikh Youth Calgary is having a T-shirt Competition to encourage youth to submit designs which portray a powerful and positive message to the community. Enter now. The submission deadline is March 21st.
Sikhs strive to live a life that balances work, worship and charity. Community is emphasized and the gurdwara (temple) is the centre of Sikh communal life. The traditions and philosophy of Sikhs were established by 10 specific gurus until 1708.
With approximately 125 Sikh families in Merritt, and between five to seven people in each household, the Punjabi community is alive in the Nicola Valley.
Sikh students at Kwantlen Polytechnic University are reaching out to student associations at other schools for support.
The interactive module which will be delivered to Toronto Police officers covers issues such as background on the Sikh faith, Sikh articles of faith as well as issues of note when interacting with the Sikh community or visiting Gurdwaras. The module includes a quiz on the Sikh faith which officers will be required to complete.....
It comes as no surprise that immigrants will fuel Canada’s growth for decades to come as evidenced by the latest census results. The experts predict only one-third of Canada’s growth is due to fertility and that by 2031, immigration will account for more than 80 per cent of Canada’s overall population growth.
After successfully connecting with the youth through Gurmat Crash Courses, Weekly Kirtan programs and Gurmat Picnics, GGSSC Canada Youth Wing has officially come out with a new concept – THE GURMAT CONNECTION. The Gurmat Connection 1 was held at Ontario Khalsa Darbar, Dixie Road.
Abortion and multiculturalism, two of the most contentious areas of Canadian public policy, were placed on a collision course Monday by the country’s leading medical journal.
Sikhs have continued to celebrate the legacy of Bhai Meva Singh every year since 1915. Several Sikh temples and organizations across British Columbia will be holding events in the memory of Bhai Meva Singh Ji this week.
The Prince George Sikh community is in mourning following the death of one of its prominent members in an arson fire over the weekend.
Announcing the new policy in Montreal, Kenney said that it is “a matter of pure principle, which lies at the heart of our identity and values with respect to openness and equality.” The citizenship ceremony, he went on, “defines who we are as Canadians including our mutual responsibilities to one another and a shared commitment to values that are rooted in our history.”
For many people in Canada, "Merry Christmas" has been replaced with "happy holidays" but in the office of Dr. Natavarlal Shah, the Christmas spirit is thriving.
Lieutenant-Governor Steven Point was in Abbotsford on Saturday to officially open the Sikh Heritage Museum, the first of its kind in Canada, at the historic Gur Sikh Gurdwara on South Fraser Way.
Lieutenant-Governor Steven Point officially opened the Sikh Heritage Museum, the first of its kind in Canada, at the historic Gur Sikh Gurdwara on South Fraser Way.
This year too, we honor the memory of these brave warriors and recount the unique documented story of Pvt. Buckam Singh. The grave site of Pvt. Buckam Singh at Kitchener Mount Hope Cemetery, is the only military grave of a Sikh soldier in Canada from the World Wars.
"As an artist, my desire, as much as it is to present good music, things that are technically and artistically evolved, is also .. to convey a message to society. Even if the song has no lyrics, the energy behind the notes and the titles may contain a message of love and compassion and acceptance and gratitude and enlightenment."
Harman believes in giving back to the community. He is well versed in the issues facing public education and feels it's his civic duty to draw on his personal experience and professional expertise so he can contribute and give back to Burnaby. He knows the value of a supportive community and the benefits a quality public education can bring.
Established in 1883, the regiment is said to be the oldest military unit in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and has received forty battle honours in its history, and has been a formation of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps since 1942.


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