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The group of youth, assembled by Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara, Surrey-Delta, includes the Gurdwara Society's Assistant Secretary and key volunteers from the Sikh community.
Canadian Sikhs donate $100,000 in first day of appeals for Haiti victims
Sikhs will be able to carry a kirpan, or ceremonial knife, to Olympic events if they adhere to a number of conditions, the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit has announced.
At its annual General Body meeting held on December 20, 2009 Maritime Sikh Society, Halifax, Canada elected all women office bearers to run the Gurdwara for the year 2010.
Baba Sewa Singh of Punjab honored for his Environmental Activism
The community collected and gave away over $75,000 besides four tonnes of food to mark the celebration of the 540th anniversary of the birth of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.
During his visit Canadian PM Stephen Harper could not believe that the Golden Temple was all covered with real gold.
The election of 19-year-old to be one of the leaders at the country's largest temples marks an important shift toward blending tradition with progressive ideas and recasting the Sikh image in B.C.
Community unites in Historic election and elects Sikh Youth Slate at Surrey's Guru Nanak Sikh Temple.
The new guidelines were developed in consultation with representatives of the Sikh community to ensure those who carry the kirpan as part of their religious practice are able to attend Olympic and Paralympic events.
Over 200 students took this exam on 6th September and today was the day to announce the winners.
An under cover investigation found Kanwar “Sunny” Bains, offering up some magical pills that would influence the sex of an unborn child.
Punjabi is set to become the fourth largest spoken language in Canada by 2011 after English, French and Chinese, according to Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.
The Hall echoed with the pledge of 515 attendees: "We will never believe in Caste System and will show the world your vision (They are pledging to Dhan Guru Gobind Singhji). We will all be only... SINGHS AND KAURS!"
Starting from Langley at 6am the runners successfully completed the last and final section of the Children’s Run Across Canada in Stanley Park, Vancouver.
Gatka, the traditional Sikh martial art dating back to the early 17th century, has seen a rejuvenation in the past few years.
The Sikh youth group started their journey Canada Day in St. John’s, Nfld. and have continued as far as central Ontario, raising money for children’s hospitals in each of the 10 provinces they jog through, as well as a hospital in Liberia, Africa.
THE true spirit of Sikh sewa was on display as young gusty Sikh runners entered Halifax for their onward run to Vancouver to collect one lakh dollars for ten hospitals in Canada.
What the World Needs Now is Grace
Once again the past weekend was busy one for the members of the Khalsa Diwan Society New Westminster.
Controversial documentary elicits death threats...
Bhai Ongkaar Singh and Jatha sing the USA and Canadian National Anthem at a basketball game, but with a unique Sikh flavor.
Gurdwara Sahib Dasmesh Darbar, Surrey,BC on behalf of the greater Vancouver Sikh community, is organizing the annual Khalsa Day Parade on April 11, 2009
The case centers around allegations of a massive fraud scheme for profit that led to hundreds of people being granted asylum in the United States after falsely claiming primarily religious persecution.
A documentary that has aimed to go into the crevasses of gang fare has caused concern amongst the Sikh community in Canada.
Expectant foreigners are using Canadian hospitals for passports, doctors say
United Sikhs will work with local Gurdwaras to feed and clothe the needy from all communities around the world. To date 10 Gurdwaras in Ontario have agreed to participate in this campaign.
Sikh boy in Montreal charged with brandishing ceremonial dagger during a school scuffle; prosecutor says trial is not about religion


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