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I just kept taking the opportunities that He gave me and my family and here I am! It just goes to show you, dream big and Waheguru will give you a way to fulfill the destiny that you were put on this Earth to do.
In grade 12, he earned 100 per cent in math, calculus, physics, biology and chemistry, and in 2009 received the Governor General’s Academic Medal for Excellence. Currently a second year business student at the University of British Columbia, he was offered full scholarship from the university.
“We want everybody to know these were world leaders. They wanted peace for the world, and they started in India, but they wanted peace for the world,” the Brampton resident said.
"India often lays claim to being the world's largest democracy, but the claim rings hollow," said Jatinder Singh Grewal, Youth Coordinator for SFJ Canada. "I'm not sure who said it, but the true measure of a democracy is the way it treats its minorities - whether they be Sikhs, Muslims or Christians."
Since 2005 many Canadian youths of Punjabi origin have been killed due to their involvement in the organized crime. During 2006 the Punjabi community convened various forms and focus groups to formulate the viable approach to curtail the drug and alcohol use involving youth. After a number of community consultations it was decided to educate...
Between 1905 and 1908 a little over 5000 Sikhs arrived in British Columbia. In the eyes of the British Columbians of the time this was nothing short of an invasion. After all, this was supposed to be a white man’s province and British Columbians were determined to keep it that way.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper appointed his party’s first turbaned Sikh-Canadian MP Tim Uppal to a bloated cabinet that also saw another Indo-Canadian newcomer from Toronto Bal Gosal make it to cabinet.
About a thousand people turned out despite sporadic rain to celebrate Khalsa Day, pouring through the downtown core in a colourful parade. But the day was about more than celebrating 312 years since the official start of the concept of Khalsa.
The majority of the teams sang their Shabads in the same Raag of the Shabad, many using multiple Raag (Guldasta) and multiple Tabla Taals (Partaal) and also used multiple String instruments.
The 7th Annual Coast Capital Bhangra Competition seeks the greatest talent from all corners of the Earth! Ranked as one of the most prominent competitive Bhangra events in North America, thousands will pack the seats at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre to watch Bhangra teams compete for $10,000 in prizes.
Though the number of Indo-Candians contesting Canada's federal election has increased this year but paradoxically the number of elected Indo-Canadian MPs has fallen from 9 to 8 as some Punjabi top guns failed to fire in these elections.
Vikram Johal and Raminder Dhaliwal will be completing the Centaur Subaru Half Marathon which is a whopping 21.1 km race. They are calling on the Sikh community to not only come out and support them while taking part in fun activities at Murdoch Park but to also sponsor them for this event as they have both decided to run for a cause.
SikhRI’s BC coordinator Kirpa Kaur said that she felt the way the events were carried off was monumental for the local community. “These events felt like they were a long time coming, and we are so happy to have created the programming to educate not only non-Sikhs, but Sikhs as well, on the significance of Vaisakhi,”..
The luncheon is a an annual inter-cultural event that invites the larger community to come learn more about the Sikh faith and participate in Vaisakhi celebrations, said Satwinder Bains, director at the Centre for Indo-Canadian Studies at the University of the Fraser Valley.
This article is part of community-wide centennial celebrations honoring the building of the National Historic Site Gur Sikh Temple (est. 1911). These centenary celebrations bring to the forefront the efforts of those first Sikh pioneers who helped to build our community.
In a colourful parade augmented by exotic tastes and music, Kelowna’s maturing cultural profile will be on display this weekend. The Okanagan Sikh community is putting on its first Vaisakhi parade Saturday, mirroring activities that have traditionally rolled out in larger urban hubs.
In an effort to decrease tensions in the community caused by misinformation about the large Sikh festival of Vaisakhi, Sikh Research Institute Canada (SRIC) has organized two informational forums on 14 April and other events over the weekend.
Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts has returned from a trade mission to fast-growing India, saying she's impressed by the power of the country's economy. "The potential is enormous," she said Tuesday. "What surprised me was the readiness of people to conduct business and move forward."
Hayer has worn the kirpan for 13 years and this wasn't the first time he invoked the Guru to bridge the chasm between the kirpan's physical look as a sharp-edged weapon and its spiritual meaning as a symbol of the fight against injustice.
GCCs were designed to engage the North American Youth. We believe that these are smart individuals who, when given the facts with correct references will reason themselves that they need to stand out.. not fit in. It is all the sharing game. What GCCs do is just share our rich history in the format of a a 3 day 2 hours reality show setting.
Many Gurdwaras do not follow common health and safety guidelines. At our Gurdwara we got together and came up with some policy guidelines that we want to share with other Gurdwaras everywhere...
Ron Banerjee of The Canadian Hindu Advocacy group is conveniently riding the wave of anti-Sikh hysteria being perpetuated by current ideological and political views of the Bloc Quebecios.
Several Sikhs were denied entry into the Quebec legislature Tuesday amid a heated debate over multiculturalism and where to draw the line when it comes to tolerating cultural practices.
Canadian Member Parliament for Brampton-Springdale Dr. Ruby Dhalla Tuesday said that investment in Punjab for NRIs was not safe since there is no security of their assets.
They say when it’s New Years day, the Polar Bears come out and play. Well, this year was no exception, as mighty brave Singhs and Kaurs represented the Toronto Maple Sikhs at the Toronto Polar Bear Dip on Jan 1, 2011 in the frigid cold waters of Lake Ontario.
Tears flowed from the eyes of a young Kaur. When asked the reason, she said she was amazed to see the history of Sikhs. She was never exposed to the history in such an impressive way as it is done in the Gurmat Crash Courses delivered by Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle(GGSSC).
Canadian MP Sukh Dhaliwal, who hogged the limelight this year for filing a petition in Canadian Parliament to recognise the 1984 riots as genocide, today said he would support Sikhs for Justice, a New York-based human rights advocacy group, in filing a similar petition with the UNO.
Start the New Year off by looking beyond and within. Connect with your soul through yoga, meditation, and enlightening discussion on topics that make you ponder day to day. Question reality, acknowledge totality, and inspire the soul within.
Brampton could well be ground zero in the fight between Liberals trying to hold on to the urban immigrant vote, and Conservatives, who are making inroads in heavily ethnic areas.
A designated national historic monument, the temple was completed in 1911 by struggling pioneers. The oldest, and longest standing building of its kind in North America, it is the only Gurdwara to have a national historic designation outside of India and Pakistan.


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