SikhNet Stories for Children

Children of all faiths and religions will enjoy these stories of spiritual principles and consciousness. Stories highlighting universal values of helping others, compassion, prayer, courage, sharing, and the oneness of all people capture the hearts and imagination of children of all ages.

Mother Hen and the Wheat

Guru Amardas Is Missing!

The Big Beautiful Light and Me

The Best Musician

Going Blind

Guru Tegh Bahadur And the Magical Land

The Crocodile and the Priest

The Greatest Superpower

The Yogurt Challenge

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Dancing Girls of Ceylon

The King and The Slander

Langar Disguise

Gold and The Injured Foot

Priest and the Fool

Young Heros: The Sons of the Guru Never Gave Up!

Guru Teg Bahadur Gives His Head

Vaisakhi - Birth of the Khalsa

Guru Har Rai and the Pot

Court of Guru Har Rai ji

Har Rai ji the gentle

Amar Das ji: Merging with the Guru

Amar Das ji: Farmers Miracle

Amar Das ji: Meeting the Guru

Amar Das ji: The Devoted Bhalla

Team Khalsa - Save The Langar

Guru Nanak and the Flying Carpet

The Crow's Hassle

God In Every Moment

Secret To All Happiness And Success, Part 2: Good And Kind

Secret To All Happiness And Success, Part 1: Jagjit's Mysterious Book

The Guru, The Emperor And The Grass-Cutter

World Play

Attitude of Gratitude

Listening to the Heavens

It's All Within

The Horse Mind

A Real King

Guru ji's Arrow

The Earthquake

Bhagat Dhanna ji

Gobind Rai and Shiv Dutt

Gobind Rai and the Old Woman

Gobind Rai and the 5 Taps

Bhai Taru's Life of Fearless Love

Bhai Sud

Death's Proud Messenger

The Clever Rabbit

The Thief and Kali

Guru Nanak and the Cannibal

Guru Nanak and the Queen of Black Magic

Guru Nanak and the Boulder

God Provides To All

The Honest Work of Lalo

Bhai Ghaneya Singh

The Sweetness of the Naam

Offer What is Yours

Bhai Gopal

A Truly Great Man

Bhai Sachan Sach and The Rani

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