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“Sikhs have fought in both World Wars while wearing their turbans. 200,000 Sikhs soldiers sacrificed their lives, 90,000 died and 100,000 were injured. They fought side by side with other soldiers, while wearing their turbans” said Mulcair.
Palbinder Kaur Shergill, Canadian litigator, once stood in court and heard opposing counsel argue that lawyers and judges with religious “symbols" such as turbans should not be permitted. In 2012, Palbinder was appointed Queen’s Counsel, still donning her classic black turban.
It was during his first deployment to Afghanistan in 2006 that Harjit Singh Sajjan distinguished himself.
Quebec will lose public employees including doctors if the government insists on banning religious symbols in the workplace, says a physician from Montreal’s Sikh community.
Tagore adored Sikhism - didn't he suggest that the point of unity for Hindus and Moslems in a united, free India should be a common admiration the Sikhs - so if he did sleep in the basement of the gurdwara, it was by choice, a great spiritual poet's gesture of faith and love, an act of inspiration, not oppression...
"I feel very happy with how it went," Man Kaur, a 98-year-old athlete from India, added through her son and translator.
With only one year left to go until its funding runs out, the Thunder Bay Agricultural Research Station is showing the fruits of its labour in an effort to secure more provincial backing.
University of Waterloo Sikh Student Association celebrated Canada Day by crowning students and University Personnel with Turbans...
SikhRI Canada hosted a busy week of presentations and interviews in the BC-area from 26 June – 3 July. Programming focused on parenting and families and also on Sikh professionals.
If the recent act of vandalism against a Surrey Hindu temple turns out to be a hate crime, it will only make the local community stronger.
The Sikh community of Calgary and the World Sikh Organization of Canada have been reaching out to serve in the aftermath of severe flooding in the city.
In a press statement by the World Sikh Organization of Canada (WSO) has announced, in partnership with the Fraser Health Authority, the launch of a compendium on the Sikh faith and best practices for Sikh patients.
In the grand scheme of world events, the Quebec Soccer Federation’s short-lived ban on turbans may not seem like much. But this controversy is symbolic...
Quebec officials appeared to suggest Saturday that the controversy was the fault of ambiguity in the wording of the FIFA rules on headgear.
The Canadian Soccer Association’s recent suspension of the QSF may certainly help in pressuring the provincial soccer federation to remove its turban ban.
The newest intersection of soccer and cultural controversy has an unusual address — Canada.
Aneel Samra took up the Quebec Soccer Federation on its suggestion that he play in his own backyard. It didn't work out very well.
Windsor's Festival Plaza was a sea of mostly yellow and marigolds on Sunday as hundreds of Sikhs gathered to celebrate the 314th birthday of their religion.
“We are asking people to come out for the marathon. We want to motivate not only young persons from our Sikh community but children from other communities as well. You can walk or run,” said Jeev Singh.
The first well-known record of Sikhs visiting the Pacific Northwest was in 1897 when Hong Kong-based Sikh soldiers from the British Empire traveled through Canada on the way home from Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee in London.
Calgary's Sihk community flooded the streets in a Technicolour display of pride for an annual parade and festival commemorating the celebration of equality, freedom and justice for all.
The figures are among the data released by the federal agency from the 2011 National Household Survey, the voluntary collection of statistics that replaced the mandatory census.
As the decorated lead vehicle carrying the holy Guru Granth pulls in, Toronto’s annual Vaisakhi or Khalsa Parade culminates into a big rally at the city’s heart at Nathan Phillips Square. Panj Piaras who led the Khalsa Parade given prominence at the stage.
Canada's largest South Asian Broadcaster, will launch 2 more Channels, namely, Canada's first and only 24 hour Sikh Spiritual Channel, the ATN-SIKH channel and Canada's first South Asian Youth oriented Punjabi Music Channel, the ATN-BRIT ASIA CHANNEL.
Panjab Digital Library is gearing up to launch The Khalsa Raj: Banda, Battles & Body Politic exhibition in Surrey, British Columbia and is making every effort to impress by creating an interactive experience.
While hailing the decision World Sikh Organization (WSO) President Prem Singh Vinning told TOI on Tuesday, "The accommodation of the turban already takes place not just across Canada but across the world. There is no reason why the turban can't be accommodated.
The provision of religious services to Sikh inmates is an issue that hasn’t received much attention. When the Federal Government announced cuts to its chaplaincy program, it was reported that less than one per cent of Canada’s inmates are of the Sikh faith.
Saskatoon's homeless shelters received a special donation from members of the Sikh community.
With thunderous applause and support at the federal NDP convention in Montreal, a resolution to recognize Jaswant Singh Khalra as a defender of human rights was passed by the membership of Canada’s NDP unanimously.
When it comes to promoting religious freedom, the government could do with a little more fairness right here at home.


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