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Sikh Nanakshahi Calendar 2017-2018. List of dates and events celebrated by Sikhs.
"One thing is for sure that our community will not get anywhere if we continue to turn on each other with petty infighting. Legitimate and constructive criticism is fine but we should also recognise and applaud the good that people do."

Do You Want to Join the SikhNet Radio Network and broadcast your local Gurdwara live on the internet?

SikhNet Radio is listened to by more than 70,000 unique listeners each month from over 150 countries!

You now can easily add the current Gurpurb dates to your calendar and other major Sikh events that are celebrated by Sikhs.
The world is changing very rapidly these days. What does it mean to live as a Sikh in the 21st century? How do we instill the values and the guts to stand out and stand strong with courage and confidence? Come join Gurumustuk Singh begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting and Guruka Singh of in this interactive workshop
The Sikholars: Sikh Graduate Student Conference will be held on February 20th, 2010 at Stanford University
Mark your calendars for June 18 -19 - the Kaur Foundation and the Asian Division of the Library of Congress have teamed up to undertake a unique initiative, to institutionalize knowledge by and about the Sikh community for future generations.
Time is flying by and the summer is in sight! Don’t let this awesome event pass you by. If you have been thinking about coming, stop thinking and just make it happen!
Please Join Guru Ka Langar November 27th at University College, London.
Honor the 300th Anniversary of Guru Gaddi by making a Pledge to deepen your own personal relationship with the Guru
Most of us have heard about the various Sikh Film Festival which are held every year in select cities. Well, now is your chance to host your own little "SikhNet Youth Film Festival" right in your, home, community or Gurdwara...

The 2008 SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival will be held LIVE online for the first time this year!

Thoughts about movie stardom, and how some people can overreact when it comes to meeting famous people like Hrithik Roshan.
Thoughts and pictures from the Summer Solstice Sadhana Event in the mountains above Espanola, New Mexico
Guru Arjan Dev Ji set the noblest example of courage and boldness in resisting the wrongs of the mightiest power on earth.
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