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Please enjoy this in depth look at Guru Khalsa Panth. The Panth is considered as the twelfth Guru. This is part 14 of a series from Basics of Sikhi called '12 weeks 12 Gurus.'
A 15-year-old Sikh girl in Pakistan has emerged as the first girl from the Sikhy community to be among the toppers of the Class 10 examination.
Congratulations to an outgoing, passionate, resolute youth who is making a change for the future, named Harnoor Gill!
Amrita Singh, a spokeswoman for the SALDEF in Washington D.C., said the Sikh community is no stranger to encounters with law-enforcement regarding kirpans.
Everyone wants to be a teacher, but a disciple is rare. When we have grasped something, we need to act on it instead of teaching others without having practiced it ourselves.
One day it was silent, I was writing the thought of the day at the board at my school. Suddenly it happened. Silent got changed into music of happiness.
Prabhjot Kaur Gumber is a young Sikh woman living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, who has made it to the finals of the Dutch "Student of the Year" election. Please give her your vote!
I felt like my dastaar educated people in a way! A dastaar is a token/crown given by the Gurus and being able to actually wear the crown just gives such a better feeling to a person. I also got many Punjabis at my school to wear dastaars too. It was just amazing!
Whether it has been walking down College Walk to Butler or waiting in the pasta line in Ferris, heads fitted with cautious and questioning eyes instantly turn to look at what sits atop my head —....
Sikhs in Shimla are on a warpath over the turban issue that has rocked the city recently. Members of the community protesting the admonishing of a student for wearing turban to school have threatened an agitation if talks with the district administration fail.
Baljinder Kaur is a Graphics and Illustration student, enjoying the extremely exciting journey of discovering her very own personal visual language. Her collage-style art is both playful and inspiring.
Tension prevailed for hours in Rourkela College on Thursday after college authorities debarred a Sikh student from appearing in the university examination for carrying his 'kripan', a traditional weapon carried by members of the Sikh community.
For political science sophomore Abby Craft, wearing a turban on Wednesday evening was a first.
Hello my name is Pranav Singh; I am a finalist for the International Youtube SpaceLab competition sponsored by Lenevo and various space agencies from around the world including NASA.
When freshman Jaspreet Gill first donned the sacred Sikh turban—known as a pagri - at Franklin Elementary School, he was 13 years old. Instantly his friends began acting differently towards him.
STUDENTS at James Cook University in Townsville were rocked by the sudden death of second-year medical student Gurpreet Singh, 18, who was found dead in his college dormitory last Wednesday night.
Gursimarjit Singh received his award from Sheikh Hamdan on 26th April 2011, at Rasheed Hall, World trade centre exhibition hall at Dubai for the Distinguished academic excellence Students, from various cities of GCC Countries are considered for this award.
Everyone in the world has a right to call themselves a Sikh but the word Sikh holds a special meaning for the followers of Sikhism. The proper definition of Sikh is to be a student and in that sense, no one can claim that someone is a Sikh or not...
"After an extensive review of all laws and policies pertaining to this issue, we have developed an accommodation plan that will address the situation. While our school district is committed to providing a safe learning environment for all of our students, we must also balance the rights of students to express and practice their religion."
At least one classmate reported the incident to his parents, who raised the issue with school officials. After lengthy discussions between district officials and the family, the boy agreed not to wear the Kirpan until the issue was settled.
To provide education to the children related to the Punjabi language, and spiritual, moral, and cultural traditions of the Sikh religion. The educational curriculum will enable the students to read, write and speak Punjabi. In addition, this program will teach them the Sikh religion, its ethics, history and way of life.
As a child, I remember that she held my hand when I wrote my first ‘Oorra’, and then I went on to write my name. She held my hand as she placed my forefinger on ‘Sa’, and then ‘Re’, and then I went on to sing a shabad....a few teachers leave us with jewels so precious that we cannot repay them; only hold their teachings in gratitude, with our heads bowed.
For Sandeep, daughter of a peon employed in Morinda Sub-Tehsil, the journey to making it to the IAS was tough. But it was her determination that paved the way.
The Sikh Coalition is rapidly emerging as a leading voice in the post-9/11 civil rights movement.
A mother of boys aged 13, 14 and 15, who wear kirpans to school in South Auckland said the 12cm blades were under a shirt and "not hurting anyone".
Leading young scholars converged at Stanford University this past weekend for Sikholars, the first Sikh Graduate Student Conference. 
The Sikh Youth Scholarship aims to assist Sikh students on their path to academic success. We believe students with strong educational backgrounds have the potential to maintain their Sikh identity and become positive role models within our community.
To 12-year-old Suzannah Pabla, piercing her nose was a way to connect with her roots in India. To Suzannah's school, it was a dress-code violation worthy of a suspension.
A YOUNG Sikh has been removed from a Finchley school after he was banned from wearing a religious dagger.
National Heritage Academies has acknowledged that they will allow Sikh students to wear the Kirpan in their schools. Sikhs in the six states were pleased with the news.


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