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Sukhdeep Singh Bhogal is an acclaimed Australian hip-hop artist, better known as L-Fresh the Lion.
Theka Khushiyaan da: This statement welcomes you at the entrance. So true; It's a 'Happiness Store' indeed. This upcoming store at Elante Mall - the best shopping Mall of Chandigarh makes it an ideal, convenient 'Must-Visit'
Gurmeet Kaur is back again, with three more wonderful, bilingual, Punjabi folktale books! The Rooster’s Wedding, Tales of The Mouse & The Snake, and Tales of The Parrots & The Berries take readers into a colorful world of animal adventures.
By soft power I mean the capacity to be used in private domains of pleasure, intimacy, relaxation and, thereby, promote bonding and help create a positive idealised Punjabi identity. Let us take male bonding first.
I feel that Punjab needs a free cancer hospital in Amritsar in the name of Bhai Kanhaiya. Cancer is curable only at its first stage. According to some reports, Punjab has more than 100,000 cases of cancer.
[VIDEO] In this short excerpt from a talk he gave in Gurdwara in September, 1987, Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji discusses the meaning of Gurmat. Includes a transcript in English and in Punjabi translation.
It was Guru who brought us together, and Guru would see it through. Yes, make a plan and get things done, but stop trying to control the outcome.
[VIDEO] Many youngsters study Punjabi now and it's an essential way of passing on from one generation to another the Punjabi culture.
[VIDEO] Keeping the Punjabi langauge alive: I’ve noticed that more and more people my age are getting disconnected with the Punjabi language and have a hard time with oral communication in Punjabi.
You can find folktales from around the world easily; all cultures have done a wonderful job in preserving and presenting their folk literature to their children in an attractive way; why haven't we? The question bothered me...
Organized by the Punjabi American Heritage Society, the festival was established to celebrate Punjabi culture. Mrs. Narinder Kaur Dhillon (, sister of late Kuljit Dhatt (from Shahid Bhagat Singh's family), struck an emotional chord with the audience when she talked about her perspective on Human Rights in Punjab.
For any Punjabi speaker interested in a resource to refine your language skills. In yet another attempt to promote Punjabi language, Punjabi University, Patiala, launches the first-of-its-kind online Punjabi encyclopedia...
Harnarayan Singh attempts to teach some Flames players how to speak Punjabi!
I wouldn't limit this app to kids. I think the app is just the thing that will finally help my father in law (who is in his 60s and wants to learn Punjabi) easily learn the language at his own pace but in an interactive and engaging way.
Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy a world-class concert and learn and learn about the all-important work of the "House" that Christel built to serve humanity.
Punjabi Singer, Anita Lerche is one in a million. Originally from Denmark, she has perfected Punjabi folk music to another level.
Sikh History is replete with sacrifices of its soldiers for the Panth. The saga of laying down life for the greater cause started from the Gurus and touched glory when the Tenth Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, formed the Khalsa.
In artist Neeta Mohindra’s works, where stage and canvas are an intrinsic part of the creative connect, Mohindra finds expression through theatre and painting.
Concerned over the dwindling number of children able to speak in Gurmukhi, the Sikhs in Pakistan have demanded the government establish separate institution for the community so that the language of their scriptures can be taught to the community members.
SOME 32 Sikh students were honoured by the Penang Sikh Association (PSA) for their achievements in their school examinations.
"Your kids were the highlight from the whole event for me...I learnt so much from them. Each of them had something new and interesting to say about Sikhism...please say thank you to them from me"
“The children of these unions did not marry into that community, and so now they are dying off,” explained Karen Leonard, a professor of anthropology at the UC Irvine who authored a book on California’s Punjabi-Mexican population. “So their numbers are diminishing.”
I've always wondered when/if someone was going to make a professional level Punjabi Learning program. I was really exited when I found out that the Pimsleur program just launched it.
A joke book that starts with a quotation of the famous German philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein. What next? A Sardar name for a Madrasi! Well, exactly that.
Unfortunately for you and our other LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) brothers and sisters, you are born into one of the most hetero-male dominated culture ever. And we thought our lives as straight men or women were tough?
When did a dude shooting a gun at imaginary birds become the thing to do?
The title to this article might have conjured up images of a cowboy-style shoot ‘em up between turban-donning, mounted riders, and whilst I would welcome development of such an idea into a film, sadly that’s not what i’m writing about.
UC Santa Cruz has received $247,000 to establish an endowed fund in support of the Humanities Division’s Sikh and Punjabi Studies program.
The first African Sikh MP, whose family was among a very few who did not leave Uganda, and was considered a favourite of despot Idi Amin during 1970s, wants Punjabi farmers to cultivate land in the east African country that is now becoming a passage to entire east Africa after South Sudan became a new country recently.
Having previously merged her music with sounds as diverse as Portuguese fado and Celtic fiddle, on this captivating new recording, award-winning Canadian singer Kiran Ahluwalia embraces her love of Saharan desert blues and collaborates with two Tuareg groups; the legendary Tinariwen and up-and-coming fellow tribesmen, Terakaft.


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