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A Sikh security officer at New York’s largest airport won a $30,000 settlement against the Department of Homeland Security, which had forbidden him from displaying his kara — a wristband that Sikhs wear to remind them of the divine.
Though coming back has offered challenge and inspiration both. the most obvious cause is my adoption of dastaar. very morning before i wear it, i feel stirrings of terror. but once it’s on, absolute certainty. this is right. and i am me now. fully.
The zero, a halo and a prayer wheel - all circles - boast no unbroken lines, no beginning, no end, and the solar system offers a veritable festival of circles within circles, a plethora of round objects orbiting each other in a well-choreographed space ballet.
The element on my mind the most right now is - "outsidership." An uncertainty about how to enter in. I just recently began wearing the kara, and even that makes me feel so vulnerable...
It is also believed Sarika herself may have a cheque from the education bosses, who have been ordered to pay the student banned from wearing the Sikh Kara damages believed to be at least five figures.
An MP has strongly criticised school governors after it emerged that their decision to ban a Sikh pupil from wearing a religious bracelet will cost the school more than £76,000.
Sarika Singh and her high Court victory
When the Guru touched my hair and blessed me, how could I bear my hair being shorn? I nestle the fragrance of His touch in my tresses.
The bangle is a symbol of her Sikh faith and not a piece of jewellery, said Sarika's lawyers.
A Sikh schoolgirl who was excluded from classes when she refused to remove a bracelet worn as a symbol of her faith will take her fight to the High Court today.
The petition is handed in at Downing Street.
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