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What is the gift? A set of unique recordings of some Nitnem banis by a wonderful artist - Siri Shabad Singh. These recordings combine straightforward recitation with a beautiful background musical soundscape. We hope you will download and enjoy these unique, uplifting recordings as much as we do.

May you be inspired on this #GivingTuesday to give your wisdom, kindness, wealth, creativity or time to help make the world a better place.

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Learn Gurmukhi - Free Online Tutorials
[VIDEO] Thank you to the Basics of Sikhi team for creating this free 28 part online video tutorial series. The final videos in the series is a repeatable and slow recitation of Jap ji Sahib. Very valuable videos to watch for anyone interested in Gurbani.
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New iPad App – Gurmukhi Phonics teaches Gurmukhi Phonetically
I wouldn't limit this app to kids. I think the app is just the thing that will finally help my father in law (who is in his 60s and wants to learn Punjabi) easily learn the language at his own pace but in an interactive and engaging way.
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Rebirth of the Calligraphic Aesthetic
The cursive touch was just out of the world, never seen in Gurmukhi. The surprise came when we shared it on PDL's Facebook page...
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Sikhs in Pak demand separate schools for children
Concerned over the dwindling number of children able to speak in Gurmukhi, the Sikhs in Pakistan have demanded the government establish separate institution for the community so that the language of their scriptures can be taught to the community members.
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Sikhism by Janet Lant
Sikhs don't waste time spreading Sikhism like other religions do because, one does not give away diamonds. I am lucky I came across this True Diamond, I only hope I have the IQ it takes to follow the Super Advanced Spiritual Teachings of the "Lights that Dispel the Darkness, our Gurus".
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Punjabi: The Umbilical Chord
There's a lasting link between the 35-character alphabet used to write Punjabi and the Sikh religion.
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New Calligraphy Style Gurmukhi Font
Just release! Beautiful new Gurmukhi Calligraphy Style Font (Prabhki)
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Gurmukhi Fonts
Instructions on How to install the fonts  
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Learn Gurbani
Links to Online Learning Resources Gurmukhi alphabet study sheet
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How to Install a Gurmukhi Font for Viewing the Daily Hukamnama
On SikhNet and on the web various Gurbani fonts are used to display Gurbani text on web pages. The Most common fonts in use are the GurbaniAkhar typefaces.
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