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Learn Gurbani

Links to Online Learning Resources
  • Punjab University Online - Learn how to write and pronounce the Gurmukhi alphabet, as well as many other Punjabi learning resources.
  • Learn Gurmukhi Online - A great website developed by an American who learned how to read and write Gurmukhi.

   Jap Ji Sahib
Split up into individual audio files per Pauri (step). The Bani is pronounced very slowly and accurately to give an example to beginners of how to speak the Bani properly. These recordings of Giani Bachitter Singh are provided by

 Mool Mantar

 Pauri 10

 Pauri 20

 Pauri 30

 Pauri 1

 Pauri 11

 Pauri 21

 Pauri 31

 Pauri 2

 Pauri 12

 Pauri 22

 Pauri 32

 Pauri 3

 Pauri 13

 Pauri 23

 Pauri 33

 Pauri 4

 Pauri 14

 Pauri 24

 Pauri 34

 Pauri 5

 Pauri 15

 Pauri 25

 Pauri 35

 Pauri 6

 Pauri 16

 Pauri 26

 Pauri 36

 Pauri 7

 Pauri 17

 Pauri 27

 Pauri 37

 Pauri 8

 Pauri 18

 Pauri 28

 Pauri 38

 Pauri 9

 Pauri 19

 Pauri 29



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