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When people ask me about prosperity from the perspective of the Guru, this passage by Guru Arjan in Sukhmani sums it up perfectly. We only have what the Creator arranges for us to have. Nothing comes to us just because of own efforts.
Yet this need to feel important and think that we know it all separates us from ourselves and each other. It can put you on your own little island and isolate you from truth and on this path isn’t truth the most important thing?
The new app plays SikhNet live Gurbani audio streams from Gurdwaras around the world that includes live kirtan from Harmandir Sahib, Amritsar, Punjab, India and also plays SikhNet radio channels (1-6) featuring different types of Gurbani music
If you're like us and many other Sikhs around the world, you've been using the windows mobile/iPhone/other device to read gurbani with. Although reading bani is a very healing process, reading it on a traditionally backlit TFT screen is not good for your eyes.

Read some of the NitNem Banis in Guarani, the native language of Paraguay and Uruguay. With Guru's Grace this translation was completed by Sukhdev Kaur.

I know that there's some kind of magic in Kirtan--my mother knew of that magic--that just can't be described by the mere words
Bhai Kultar Singh talks about what Bani is and the importance of music and singing with the Shabad Guru.
The last 2 pauris of Kabiyo Bach Benti Choupai are most often left out of Nit Nems and from the knowledge and practice of most Sikhs.
 DOWNLOAD BANI FILES -Microsoft Word Format

Jap Ji Sahib
Split up into individual audio files per Pauri (step). The Bani is pronounced very slowly to give an example to beginners of how to speak the Bani properly.

We looked on the Internet for ways of getting Gurbani downloaded onto PDAs (which wasn't much of a problem) but getting the Gurmukhi fonts to display correctly was.
To get the bani files on your Windows CE & Pocket PC follow the below instructions.

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