SikhNet Radio Gurbani Mobile Apps

You can listen to Gurbani audio on SikhNet radio in your car or wherever you go with your mobile phone or other portable device. If your mobile device has an internet connection then you can probably tune in!

Currently SikhNet radio is available as an installed application on the following platforms: Android, iPhone/iPod/iPad, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7:


More ways to listen to SikhNet Radio

  • Nokia Internet Radio App - On Nokia phones you can Install this app and search for "SikhNet".
  • Icecast / ShoutCast Directory - Any streaming radio app the supports these directories can be used to search and listen to SikhNet Radio. 
  • Wifi Radio Players - It is also possible to listen to SikhNet radio on many portable Internet radio player products. We don't have a list of products that we have tested but most any device that supports shoutcast / icecast radio will work. 
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