SIKHNET launches the first ever adventure game for Sikh youth – and it is FREE

SikhNet has launched an interactive adventure game designed to appeal to, and inspire youth around the world....

After hundreds of creative hours, the talented team at SikhNet has launched an interactive video game designed to appeal to, and inspire Punjabi and Sikh youth around the world.  “Karma Game - The Ogre’s Curse” is a decision-making adventure game that teaches spiritual values and Punjabi culture. It is illustrated and narrated with the same high quality expected from commercial video games.
The Karma Game does not boast of blood, guts, and gore like many top selling video games, but does promise a fascinating and positive storyline in a completely captivating environment. This is the first video game of its type, and is destined to be an enduring hit. SikhNet expects 300,000 players in the first month.
The game is set in an old-style Punjabi village, with entertaining graphics that allow the player to roam and explore the environment.  In the game, the player learns to communicate with others, to meditate, to be of service to the community, to defend the weak and poor, and to face the challenges of life with courage and conviction. Not only is the message positive and important, it is delivered in the modern and irresistibly attractive SikhNet style that speaks directly to the youth.
Karma Game was the inspiration and invention of Guruka Singh Khalsa and Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa, the leaders of SikhNet.  Before returning to SikhNet as its C.E.O., Guruka Singh was a Senior Producer for a major entertainment software company.  “Creating a values-driven Sikh game has been a personal goal of mine for a long time”, says Guruka.   “Young people spend an average of 7 hours each day engrossed in entertainment media, and I feel it is important to give them some positive alternatives. Karma Game embodies enduring and universal spiritual values and makes them understandable and accessible to youth everywhere.  I am very excited about the game, and grateful to everyone who contributed to this massive effort.”
SikhNet created Karma Game exclusively through the efforts of volunteers and charitable donations.  It is available for all ages free of charge.  Donations to offset the expenses of creating the game are gratefully accepted through the SikhNet site.  

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In addition to playing the game, your child can earn badges through real-world accomplishments at home and in the community. Special online badges can be earned by doing seva, learning to meditate, learning martial arts, trying their own turban as well as by original writing, artwork and videos. Your child can also share his or her accomplishments with friends and family!

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