While you played KARMA: The Ogre's Curse, you were able to earn many badges in the game. Now you can continue your experience! We have badges that you can keep on earning for things you accomplish outside the game.  That's right! Learn new skills; perform new accomplishments, and you earn badges to post on your profile and your Facebook page. You can also share your work as well as your photos. How many badges can you earn?



Learn how to go deep inside of your self and meet your infinite self, or your soul. You can find a source of happiness that is always with you like a best friend.


Look at all of the different ways of doing seva. Seva is a really important part of a spiritual life. It means we do things to serve others with no thought of personal gain.


Become a fearless warrior. Learn gatka, and the banis that Guru Gobind Singh and his army did, so that you can gain confidence and projection.


Do seva that helps the planet, and learn how to be environmentally conscious in your own life. Then share what you have learned with your friends and family.


Use your creativity to make something unique and original that can inspire yourself or others.

Karma: The Ogre’s Curse

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