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To truly be a Sikh, we need not acknowledge His verses by mere recital, but by holding His presence in our heart and practicing His teachings in our daily lives.
If I had only a few hours or days to live what would I do? Would I spend the next hours mindlessly traveling social media? Would I spend time reading and contemplating something philosophical and uplifting, or would I think and do something that would leave my footprints in the sands of time after I am gone?
“Let us form a partnership, and share our virtues; let us abandon our faults, and walk on the Path”. You can form a sangat with your partner, sibling, mother, father, friend etc. Let us find a person or two and form a partnership to become the best version of ourselves.
Not assisted dying, but Guru-guided living, is the Sikh way. "This body is the Lord's Temple wherein is revealed the jewel of Divine comprehension".
[VIDEO] In this short excerpt from a talk he gave in Gurdwara in September, 1987, Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji discusses the meaning of Gurmat. Includes a transcript in English and in Punjabi translation.
The lesson is not that this is an impossible task but that the engagement with the Guru never ends. We climb mountains not because they are climbable but because they are there.
A Word A Thought, or AWAT as it is known, has become a part of my daily routine, as it has for the many thousands of subscribers across the world of the free email service that began in June 2014.
Who wants to give their head? The circumstances were different, but the meaning of giving your head or carrying your head on the palm of your hand is the same. It means total dedication, total commitment to God.
When people ask me about prosperity from the perspective of the Guru, this passage by Guru Arjan in Sukhmani sums it up perfectly. We only have what the Creator arranges for us to have. Nothing comes to us just because of own efforts.
...I was a screenplay writer on the side, and he suggested that I consider making a Sikh character. My pension has always been for outside the box ideas...
What exactly is happiness? This is not just a rhetorical question. We think we know when we have it and also when it has been stolen or denied. The past can be instructive. Sometimes what seems wonderful at the time turns out not to be so after all, and what seemed to be awful at the time turns out wonderfully after all.
Guruka Singh Ji speaks about how Sri Guru Granth Sahib is the Living Guru.
Finally, Guru Arjan announced that the musicians were no longer welcome to the Guru’s court and anyone who suggested otherwise would have his face blackened with coal and would be paraded through the town facing backwards on a donkey.
The SikhNet Gurbani Media Center App is now FREE for a limited period of time, thanks to the generous support of Avtar Singh Dhamija, of Akal Engineers and Consultants Ltd, Canada.
There is no question that we need both a standardized translation and a transliteration of Gurbani and these are not processes that a single scholar, no matter how good, can or should handle alone.
For Sikhs, then, to reflect (do vichaar) on gurbani through music, dialogue, discussion and discourse is obligatory practice that finds expression through the institution of sangat. Welcome to KhojGurbani !
The Guru uses a phrase 'sooke kaasht hariaa' "The dry wood blossoms with greenery." Guru ji is not just teaching us about wood! It is about our own heart, body and mind. Guruka Singh touches on the deep meaning of Gurbani special for season we are in right now.
Gurbani refers to Kaam in several contexts. It can be a vice or a wish but can it also be a blessing?
From where did Guru Ji acquire this virtue that became his character trait and working style?
If we approach Gurbani’s message, Guru Sahib makes it clear that we are here in this world on a pilgrimage – from the time we were born, to aging and how it is progressing with the passage of day and night, month by month and year by year.
“The title comes from the main message of the Guru Granth Sahib,” Jawa said, “which is no matter what religion we belong to, no matter what race we belong to, no matter what color we are, it is the same light — ....
The Metro card of the soul is "GURBANI KIRTAN"! How so? Because the language of Gurbani Kirtan is Naad,...
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Guru Granth Sahib stands distinguished from all other scriptures as the holy Granth is Guru eternal for the Sikhs.
Everyone wants to be a teacher, but a disciple is rare. When we have grasped something, we need to act on it instead of teaching others without having practiced it ourselves.
The metaphor of the elephant-mind has been frequently employed in Gurbani to describe the nature of the mind. In fact this is a traditional term for the inflated ego, which has been in use for a very long time. The earliest recorded use can be found in the Buddhist texts on the nature of mind.
Gurbani uses metaphors to explain mystical concepts. The usage of the word buneay is fascinating. Whether it alludes to a synthesis with the teachings or transformation into the essence of the Truth (Sat Swaroop), it is essentially the same message: imbibe the teaching so completely that there is no difference between the teacher (Gurbani) and the learner (Student, Sikh).
The Sikh Clergy is facing flak from several quarters for pursuing legal action against those who tattoo specific Sikh symbols and verses of the holy Gurbani on their body.


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