New Gurbani Website Just Launched
For Sikhs, then, to reflect (do vichaar) on gurbani through music, dialogue, discussion and discourse is obligatory practice that finds expression through the institution of sangat. Welcome to KhojGurbani !
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The Dry Wood Blossoms With Greenery
The Guru uses a phrase 'sooke kaasht hariaa' "The dry wood blossoms with greenery." Guru ji is not just teaching us about wood! It is about our own heart, body and mind. Guruka Singh touches on the deep meaning of Gurbani special for season we are in right now.
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Kaam: Virtue or Vice?
Gurbani refers to Kaam in several contexts. It can be a vice or a wish but can it also be a blessing?
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Event: UK Release: Patsahi Dasvee by Prof. Surinder Singh
January 27, 10:00 am
Listen to the Sacred Poetry of Guru Gobind Singh and merge with the Universal Sound Current
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Wahe Guru Around the World
We invite you to watch and listen to this beautiful garland of many colorful flowers in the Guru’s garden of voices. Just imagine how many different people are chanting Wahe Guru around the world right now! Wah!
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Event: Jap Tap Smagam Los Angeles (Thanksgiving Weekend)
November 28, 2013, 5:00 pm
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Gurus' Weapon of Humility - Part I
From where did Guru Ji acquire this virtue that became his character trait and working style?
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